Considering that Motorola is now owned by Google, the company has been somehow surprisingly AWOL in the Android device wars. With the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 already available, we are still waiting for any official word on Motorola’s next flagship device. Hopefully, Motorola won’t get stuck in a chronic case of “too little, too late” and lose sight of the race leaders. The same goes for the ICS update race.

Motorola announced a Q2 Android 4.0 rollout for the Razr and Razr MAXX, and with only nine days to go, it looks like the company is trying its best to meet the deadline. DroidLife reports that soak test invitations are being sent out by the company to members of their feedback network. Granted, the invite talks about a “new software release,” but at this point, any software update that is not Ice Cream Sandwich will be sorely disappointing. Another tip received by DroidLife suggests that the soak test will begin tomorrow, June 22, with a full rollout expected to begin on June 27.

Unfortunately, there’s no good news for Motorola Razr owners in Australia. Motorola Australia earlier today, stated on their Facebook page that they have faced some delays in the rollout of the ICS update and will not be able to meet the Q2 deadline. Obviously, the news was received with varying degrees of anger and disappointment by Australian consumers yearning for a piece of Ice Cream Sandwich .

What are your thoughts? How excited are you about FINALLY getting the ICS update (for US consumers)? How disappointed are you about STILL NOT getting the ICS update (for Australian consumers)? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ankit Banerjee
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  • denver

    Ill be glad when I finally got it

  • diariodoandroid
  • Orlando

    Believe it when I see it. Too many disappointing “leaks” already to get excited just yet.

  • Mark

    I had a Nexus( went thru 4) that I had to trade out for a Maxx due to signal problems. The thing o miss most is ICS, so I am definitely ready.

  • Scott

    I’m impatiently waiting… 6 more days? (holding my breath)

  • hey_zeus

    What about Canada? Any news on that?

  • Hey

    I’m in Canada with a Razr I bought in France. I suppose I’ll get Europe update I suppose.

  • I think this must be it, if Motorola plans on meeting the deadline. I have been awaiting ICS on my Maxx quite anxiously (here in the US) and hoping they release prior to June 30th (last day before deadline). What are the prerequisites for being part of the soak test?

  • battlegroundwa

    im getting impatient…

  • KLB

    After having a go on their customer “support”. I will have to say… F*C*K Motorola.
    After buing 2 Maxxes for me and my wife, I am close to return both!

    • balthuszar

      fucak? fucuk? fecuk? i’m trying to think of a 5 letter word, that could be a curseword, but has those three letters in it…

  • nsanebird

    Why don’t you guys try the gummy ressurection rom ? You can take screen shots and do pretty much everything you can in ics except for face unlock . That’s what’s holding me over until the official ota

  • David

    Not even worth setting a date… Every single date so far has been a lie, or a rumor, or a joke… I’m not even waiting anymore, and I’m not trusting anyone. I bought this phone because the Verizon guy said it was going to get ICS “any day now.” That was 2 months ago.

  • Ha! I am in Australia, and I just ordered a new Maxx 2 days because; yes I want battery life, and I want ICS.

    And then today, I find this crap out! I am replacing my Samsung phone because of poor update commitment. Now Motorola are giving me the same shit.

    Well, that’s just dandy. I tell you what, delay if you need to. But the result you deliver needs to be nothing less than 100%

  • thegooch

    Lost interest in ICS, where’s Jelly Bean or better still neither.

  • Got tired of waiting for the OTA so I downloaded the ZIP file to my SD card and installed ICS manually.

  • Chill out guys. I only just bought a Razr Maxx, upgrading from a HTC Legend – woefully underpowered for my uses. It’s running Gingerbread, it’s not the ICS that my Transformer Prime is running, sure but it’s better then the Froyo I was using on my Legend. Plus, even Gingerbread has a few things over iOS 4. I may root my Razr, haven’t decided yet. Anyway, my Razr is awesome, and I’m not waiting for ICS with baited breath, but I will be happy when it arrives :)

    • Razr Maxx’s aren’t even available yet in Australia – I got mine on import, I consider myself lucky.

  • Andrew

    Von Ungarn meine ich für Motorola : zu Spät,zu langsam,schlechte bisnis system.

  • robbie

    But if you download ics manually… isn’t that rootimg your own phone snd putying on a rom. Cuz i’m not saying yes to root. Ics come here fast… I’m dying of waiting :/