Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE with Scratch Wireless service Giveaway [U.S. Only]

by: Derek ScottJanuary 19, 2014


This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Scratch Wireless and is available exclusively to those located in the United States.

Up for giveaway this week is the Motorola Photon Q.  While this this device might not push the envelope in terms of specs, it’s certainly a solid offering. Being LTE enabled, it packs a stunning 4.3 qHD screen, has two great cameras, and is running Android Jelly Bean so virtually every app in the Google Play store will work. Remember though, this prize isn’t about the device; it’s about the service you get with it.  Scratch Wireless service includes completely free unlimited text, talk and data any time you’re on Wi-Fi and free texting even when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi. You can purchase passes for cellular voice and data on a pay-as-you-go basis and there’s no contract or obligation to speak of. If you’re on Wi-Fi a lot of the day (80%+ for many of us), do a lot of texting and are sick of paying a $75+ a month for service, then Scratch Wireless is perfect for you. Why pay more?

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*This giveaway is available only to those located in the United States of America.

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The winner of last week’s Nexus 7 giveaway is: Szigethy T. (Romania)

  • Andres Canache Gonzalez

    I actually use wifi as my primary network… it’s faster, better and in my case improves the battery time of my phone up to 16-20 hours so AWESOME!!!!

  • James Tufarelli

    I use WiFi as my primary network. WiFi is faster and more reliable. As long as I can connect to WiFi I will, mainly because I have a data limit of 2.5gb. But even if I didn’t, I will use WiFi as much as I can until data speeds become consistent.

  • ronald mendez

    hope i win

  • BillJude56

    Smart, a la Republic Wireless.

  • Kristopher Morin

    This could be interesting!

  • Alex S

    ok thanks.

  • S350

    Wifi as primary is what I use normally. I just don’t want to go over my data limit.

  • Vale

    Good Luck!

  • Dragos

    it seems very cool

  • Jonathan Sosa

    i use my wifi all the time so it makes a good deal

  • Thomas Su

    Seems nice. Wi-Fi seems to be more reliable than cell signals.

  • Rahmat Afriansyah

    ScratchWireless good

  • Marcellus1

    I think it’s a great idea. In fact, I have a wifi only phone that I’m using as a home phone right now.

  • ado91

    I mean i’m always on wifi anyways so it wouldn’t be a big deal to switch to it primarily

  • Kilgore Trout

    That’s how I use my phone now. :)

  • mArt Mooney

    I like the idea! It’s very interesting!

  • i agree

  • Adrian Torres

    Its perfect since I use Wi-Fi everywhere, at home (twc) at work (twc WiFi) so would benefit wisely.

  • kazul

    Thats pretty much what I do already – my phone’s on wifi 90% of the time

  • brock

    wifi is so much more reliable

  • Sammy Cullens

    This way is better because now WiFi if needed for almost everything

  • Rsanchez

    Perfect phone for my daily usage!

  • rzlearning

    It works fine, but I’m concerned about emergencies…

  • Maikel Bazov

    Im the average user, so ok for me

  • tirado17

    a great service because i’m on wifi 99.999999999% percent of the time

  • Em A

    smart choices from scratch, only pay for what i use from cellular


    I work from home and spend a lot of time in places where I have WiFi, so I think it is actually a great idea. As long as the wireless signal is strong when I need it and the price is good, I do not mind having to use wifi as my primarly way of getting the wireless signal

  • acashe42

    I use my secondary phone as a wifi primary device. My secondary phone stays home, and is used for media consumption.

  • Darius

    I am usually in a place with WiFi, so I think it’s a great idea.

  • George Rangel

    I think is great i need a phone and this is perfect

  • Javier


  • Erin Ellis

    I typically use WiFi all the time, so it sounds great to me!

  • William Powell

    Wifi used to be my primary network to use. But ever since some of my family members moved back in with me, my wifi has slowed down, very badly. Actually making it very unreliable. But it sounds like a great idea anyways!

  • Aki I.

    Sure why not.

  • Dante N

    wifi is great! my wifi is very fast reliable because even my 5 family members is connected its actually fast!

  • Cade Brewster

    Sounds cool

  • Bianca

    hope i win!

  • Rachine S Vernon

    I am not sure about this phone, for I already have the Moto G, and it is an excellent device.

    • Vasu

      Umm agreed

  • Amber Conaway

    I think that would be awesome to primarily use wifi when possible!!! def could save me on my cellular data!

  • Zakaria Elhassouni

    i wish i could win

  • Jonah

    It comes to a point were Im not really dissapointed when I lose, lol. :/

    • Hin

      I guess everyone has get used to losing every competition.
      Be hopeful bro!

    • ala slipknot

      lol, i know that feeling bro

      • That Guy

        me too

    • Keven

      But deep down inside, you’re still sad.

    • Keven

      But deep down inside, you’re still sad.

    • Dragos

      me too

    • fahrudin

      me too

  • I think it would be convenient to use wifi as the primary network

  • Jeremy

    Congrats to all the winners!!!!

  • Abran

    Free texting and no monthly bill thanks to WiFi? That’s great since all I do is text!

  • OBK1352

    did I win?

  • someguy

    I could use a new phone

  • Alex Trapini

    What a great idea

  • Jayfeather787

    Nice phone physical keyboard, but not entering because I can not use it on that network, and am too lazy to sell it, so good luck to everyone else.

  • devstar

    us onlu lol

  • Andrew

    I think that it’s a great idea, though Scratch Wireless needs a MUCH better selection of smartphones

  • Lee Wei Liao

    sounds cool and save money

  • Markymarc18

    I’ll take it!

  • miguel

    It will be incredibly fast and I could control my WiFi

  • Samik Parekh


  • benjdm

    Sure, I’ll give it a try!

  • Ben Grooms

    Only the best idea ever! I don’t know why this isn’t mainstream already.

  • Finn Evans

    It would suck because I don’t get wi-fi at work.

  • Jeremy

    I do use wifi as my primary network to download and update stuff both at my home and office. And i use cellular to fill in the gapps such as looking for directions or waiting for a friend to arrive, and especially when my gf goes for shopping and tries on new clothes.

  • Becky Lawson

    Awesome idea. I use wifi most of the time, and with Google Voice XMLL support going away, this will help a lot.

  • scubabumster

    this is good for most home-bound or starbucks/mcD folks

  • Miguel Saucedo

    I think it’s great

  • I think it’s a pretty good idea

  • Mitchell Hoeksema

    wow! nice idea

  • Les

    I spend most of my day in areas with WiFi including my home office. Thid would be perfect for me!

  • grop

    this phone looks crappy and the US is a crappy country.

    • Ryan EWing

      Calm yourself a**hole

    • GhostRecon55


    • Carmelo Rivera

      You better be careful about what you say!

    • Simon Kenin


    • Joey Alessi

      There’s about 316,148,990 who disagree with you.

  • Ed S.

    Thanks to AA for another contest!

  • StargateNH

    Interesting idea. Not sure in rural areas though.

  • Franz

    At work and home, I always use Wi-Fi. I only use cell when I’m out and about.

  • jra716

    I think it could work. From what I can see, Republic Wireless seems like the better choice though.

  • John Hamernick-Ramseier

    I could for the most part get away with WiFi calling except when at work.

  • Aaron Korsh

    Looks like a very sturdy phone.

  • Brian Tehan

    the way it should be.

  • Hargovind Nagra

    I would still want this phone even though it’s not the best

  • sjgadsby

    At my work and my home, my WiFi coverage is good, and those two places are where I spend most of my time. So, for me, yes, just having a cellular network fill in the gaps would work.

  • Kathy R.

    It Sounds like it might give some other phone companies a run for their money!

  • Olan Lasquety

    I dont Really Know

  • Hayden Hamil

    Interesting concept. Hope their coverage area is good.

  • brandon

    i want a new phone

  • Rich Tran

    this is such a neat idea, and i like the fact that there are carriers that do this. I hope I win

  • Prince Kevin Caecy Guilatco

    i prefer cellular data since it can be anywhere not like wifi stuck in a specific place. the only downside of cellular data is the battery consumption.

  • Mr Mop

    Cellular is great to have when the Wi-Fi has a firewall that blocks half the websites.

  • RxGadget

    I am on Wifi 90% during the week. Nights and weekends I am in and out of wifi locations. So to pay for cell with minimal data and use Wifi primarily is perfect for me!

  • xzakkxsx

    Looks like an awesome phone!

  • Jose Romero

    I need free service

  • 9Johnnyn9ne9

    I think it’s a good using wifi as the primary network and only using cellular to fill the gaps between wifi this could work for a lot of people.

  • iliketoseeit

    That sounds reasonable.

  • Aidrock10

    intereasting hmmm

  • rock

    Definitely a positive move in the mobile market- pressure needs to be applied to the oligopoly that has given us neutered performance in favor of the almighty buck. Air time is like popcorn at a movie theater – cheap to provide in relation to how much we pay- WiFi is definitely the answer.
    …now to fix the u.s. network infrastructure…

  • joe

    Sounds great to use WiFi when available

  • Blame

    Looks dope.

  • Tabish

    Finally a winner in the U.S. can win

  • Jackson Lee

    looks like a nice phone

  • Richard

    This will sound great if the mobile network is reliable and has 4G LTE coverage in my area.

  • Pierangelo Munoz


  • Chris Graves

    i wanna win

  • Royce Tecson Sorosoro

    still hoping.

  • Sten

    sounds cool

  • GhostRecon55

    Wi-fi is the only way to go. 50-60 GB download speeds at my home. Faster than by brand new HP, Win8.1 laptop by leaps and bounds…..

  • Jose Manuel Gómez Ulloa

    pretty cool for me, wifi is everywhere this days.

  • Jason Wu

    The service is better than at&t is all have to say or actually any other services, phone…… not so much.

  • Sam

    This phone and services sound almost to good to be true! Using wifi for phone service is genius! I already have used my old phone which broke with text over wifi which saved me a ton of money. Plus that phones looks awesome.

  • Jesus Rosales

    Hope I can win this

  • The Jeffrey

    That’s how I already use my device!

  • Alex

    I think that is a great idea. Then, you would have to pay less and would use more of the wifi u are already paying for.

  • Soua Yang

    Its a good way of not using your data so that you can use your data in an emergency.

  • Joshua Hallinan

    I think it is a good idea, if there were more places to hook up to free wi-fi

  • Josiah Velichko

    Just keep shaking it

  • RanRu

    The only thing keeping me from being totally on board with this is the fact that I know old people who don’t text.

    Does Scratch operate on Sprint’s network?

  • L Williams

    While this isn’t the best looking phone to win, it would be better to win rather than lose, I guess.

  • Anthony Böttcher

    this is nice to see ;)

  • David Rodriguez


  • Nikolai

    :D great!

  • Jakub

    I think that a great idea and there is no gap between

  • Mohammed Osama

    I love doing that .. specially we haven’t wifi in Egypt except my router :D

  • Robyn Minor

    I think it pretty cool, its an efficient way to save money on your phone bill.

  • Raj Sekhar


  • Nolan

    I always use wifi when I can help it, limited data kinda screws you over. Also dealing with HSPA, which though my carrier is quite a bit slower than my wifi connection. Either way, never heard of this handset but I’m sure I would enjoy it, thanks!

  • Mel.K

    I think its a great idea!

  • Ryan

    This is perfection. 97.3% of the time I am on wifi anyways and I am so tired of payin so much for data when I use so little.

  • Nang Monin

    Wifi is faster and consumer less battery, not to mention much less expensive. Unless cellular get better with the above mentioned point, wifi stays as my primary connection.

  • Darwin MaD

    Since I have a prepaid sim card, wifi has become my primary network. Having this phone and the service would make it easier for me to put prepaid load rather than going to a specific store to put the prepaid load.

  • bigballs

    only in the US,well I dont care

  • Jimmy T


  • remdell

    Wifi gives towers a break, and saves a decent amount of money on cellular costs

  • Sam

    Can I win for once

  • Afana

    it makes sense,i’d like to try it

  • cory

    wifi will be awesome but it will affect the mobile phone industry’s economy

  • Guest

    good luck everyone !!

  • Nikki Chaffin

    I’ve never myself had the opportunity to use wi-fi. I only use cellular and all my other devices are tethered to my phone. I had this Photon a couple years ago. It was a good phone.

  • Raul Parada


  • William Taylor

    I believe that’s it’s a great idea

  • Mark Luna

    I think it’s a great idea. Although the phone would probably work better as a home phone in that case lol.

  • Jasper


  • koushik chava

    i think it is a good plan to use wifi for calling

  • Kian

    Good luck to everybody

  • Saule

    It’s good idea I think

  • Dave

    I dont know if i like it. I guess it’s an ok concept.

  • Sebastian Vordox

    I just hope that I win this phone..

  • giovanny

    I think it is great because my main use of my phone service is when i am at home, school, and work so i am always on wifi connectivity about 90% of the time and i hardly use my data, txts, or calls outside of wifi

  • Kathryn313

    I love the idea of using WiFi messaging… I live in the boondocks and it’s impossible to talk on the AT&T cell inside the house.

  • VenLouie

    It’s cool because wifi is practically everywhere. Sometimes, even on places wherein there are no cellular reception so that’s cool.

  • @nata

    pretty awesome concept! would be very beneficial to those customers who live in a city where they can connect to wifi for free!

  • ghassan

    It is good if the strength of the WiFi signal is excellent

  • link6155

    Good luck to all who enters!

  • Lukatico

    This could be an interesting service in some years, but by now the connections aren’t that Good

  • Saiprasad Prabhu

    Hope I Win !

  • Ismail

    wifi is cheaper and universal, lets do it!

  • Airell Almario Cidro

    why not

  • Julian RL

    Verizon is too expensive. TM and SP are the only networks with unlimited data and have below par service. Lets try the alternative.

  • James

    As long as you save money, Wifi calls most of the time should be OK.

  • Captain Spaulding

    That’s what I do anyhow.

  • paul

    gud luck to all

  • Nisarg

    This Is a pretty sweet Phone

  • BeggarBoy

    Cool, I want it.

  • Vlad Mihuta

    I think using wifi is a great idea, it’s just … we don’t have cover everywhere!
    wifi can malfunction while 3G/4G rarely does!

  • Yashi Lee

    If I could save on my phone bill, why not. I’ve texted through wife before it’s not bad

  • arra carrasco-odeza

    Well I think its ok but the Wifi should also be available anywhere. It will be a cheap way to call/text and chat anywhere and anytime

  • Yaqoob Muhamad

    I really need a phone & I think this service is pretty neat

  • Camille Aliane

    Not the best phone, but probably a good present for my mother.

  • Doğan Aktaş

    Looks sweet

  • Santhosh

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • [email protected]

    I wouldn’t mind the approach provided I don’t loose connectivity.

  • Yehoshua Deitel

    Won’t always have wifi access in some places…

  • Mark Anthony Sulleza

    Really like this one!

  • iCharlieDevice

    It would all have Wifi definitely better. Faster connection times and improved stability!

  • Tahir Bashir

    I love this phone

  • kitn

    I think using WiFi primarily with cellular to fill in the gaps makes complete sense. Why not leverage the wireless network you already have for free all around you? It’s a no-brainer.

  • yong xiang

    i love phones

  • Jack

    Its actually pretty awesome so you have really big fees to pay

  • Guest

    I wonder how much one ends up paying at the end of the month.

  • jordan_bridges6


  • Abraham Castro

    I wonder how much it ends up costing one at the end of the month

  • Jozsi

    it offers unlimited data ON WIFI??? It’s like saying “I offer you unlimited water at the ocean”,

  • saeed

    Lolllloool I really want this

  • Fluturas Catalin

    Really like this!

  • Jeffrey Leung

    Well, i am hong kong people, so not so attractive, but i dont mind winning something for free :)

  • Harvie Galenzoga Boles

    Giveaway :v

  • Kapil Kalra

    That would be amazing and could increase the average speed and usage of data. It will cost me less because then i have to only pay for my WiFi or even I could get free WiFi hotspots on cafe. so ultimately i would cost me less with more speed

  • Hisham Abu Salma

    I think its better to use wifi because its more stable, less expensive and faster than mobile networks and I will defiantly use scratch wireless as soon as it arrive to my country

  • jagdishg4

    i will win this giveaway

  • Adam Varga

    Absolutely amazing :O

  • John L.

    This would be more of a money saver to whom that gets access to WiFi moat of the time.

  • Maltaguy

    Back to those shitty US only competitions, it was good while it lasted :(

  • mikey montz

    I want 1

  • Chester Romina Cabahug

    yeaheyyy! hope i’ll win cause i never win on giveaways

  • omlet

    need it!

  • arief lazuardy

    Hit me…

  • Quan Bui Truong

    wifi saves battery! haha

  • Darren

    I would never buy a phone that doesn’t have LTE, it really is a lot better than 3G, unfortunately many networks like to charge a premium for it.

  • Zhiming Law

    I like it

  • Alexis

    Not a bad idea, WIFI hotspots are all over where I live. Shouldn’t be a problem staying in touch :-)

  • Deni Tigner-Anderson

    Thats what I do anyways when I can..

  • Rosalind Barnes

    Motorola are good phones I tell any one to get a Motorola

  • Andrew Daoud

    I guess at times scratch wireless could Be very useful, and if the phone minutes and data is cheap, im in!

  • Yves

    Great service and not a bad idea at all. For the phone, I’m don’t know much about it….

  • Shawn Roth

    Interesting…I guess I could give it a try…

  • seth

    Good idea..

  • Nenad

    i’m not in us, but i’d appreciate the phone…

  • Kostas Mockūnas


  • Exorbitant Trousers

    It’d be nicer if more places had wifi or if mobile internet wasn’t so freaking expensive. Internet is technically a human right (thank you UN).

  • Otto Chung

    would be great to have both wifi and mobile internet working at the same time.

  • Dominic

    i would like to win this

  • Shogo

    I think it is brilliant, I mean we pay for WiFi, why pay for it everywhere when you have scratch wireless.

  • Sean 陳偉國 Tan

    this device is old, right?

  • Scott Mackintosh

    I am surrounded by wifi at home and at work…this would be awesome for my monthly expenses!!!!!

  • Zec

    “what do you think about using wifi as the primary network and only using cellular to fill the gaps between wifi?”

    Honestly it’s great, although there would have to be a lot of overlap in wifi. But this is actually a great idea.

  • Rayray Cartucci

    I like the idea…sounds good to me! Thank you….have a great week

  • kalaiarasan.v

    Using WIFI as primary network makes mobile more convenient for browsing, downloading and watching Youtube.

  • I am an inspiring tech reviewer on YouTube ( and would love to have this phone to unbox and review. I have never heard of Scratch Wireless however I love how its voice calls are powered by wifi and you don’t have to have an expensive plan to use the phone.

  • Jimmie Hall Offame

    Sounds dame good to me, but the big guys probably won’t let that happen.

  • jajan

    fuck USA

    • jajans an idiot

      Funk you

  • Nick Zagame

    I think its ingenious!

  • Rui Abelha

    Sounds good to me xD

  • Lucian

    Motorola :)

  • Дмитрий Шолудько

    Love USA! Love Motorola!!!

  • sk s

    enter me in would be a awesome phone to win

  • Mehdi G.

    Cool how motorola makes it possible to not suffer from contracts

  • Cameron

    i have no idea what i think about the wifi as the primary

  • Jelani McCoy

    I think this is a great idea .

  • Lior Cherashensky

    i relay want this phone..i think he is amazing

  • jdsz

    wifi is king

  • Miko Yan

    Wifi is good, and for cellular i’d prefer 4G

  • Mitchell Germick

    Lot better than most carriers.

  • Devin

    i think it’s a great texting is free whether or not a wifi conection

  • johnnyttoxic

    I’m in WiFi about 80% of my life.

  • Rocco

    Sounds like a good option to try out at least.

  • Pavle

    Wow, so wifi, much fast

  • skylar jordan

    Let’s try and lose another giveaway

  • Awesome i use wifi almost all the time

  • Caleb Mermer

    I’m (not) gonna win this :D

  • Sergei

    I think it’s a brilliant idea.

  • Jason

    Would rather have wifi instead of data since I don’t have 4g…

  • It depends. If you’re travelling, WIFI is not great, however in your office or at home, it’s totally fine.

  • Tom O’Neill


  • Marcos

    Wish you lucky!

  • manohar k yadav

    this is not for me, haha

  • wildflower00

    wifi is so much faster!

  • Marko


  • sweet

    US only?

  • trident731

    I like this concept!

  • somedude13

    I would be interested to try a primarily wireless service, but I wouldn’t want to give up my current service until I was sure it worked well.

  • melikegarfield

    I’m fine with it since the vast majority of my calling is in a small corridor that could/should or does have the ability to be WiFied.

  • Robert Brinson

    Ok. Comment.

  • mohammad anjum

    love to use and win it

  • Krzysztof Zych

    It is good idea because wifi is usually faster!

  • Will Wells

    Worth a try…

  • samkar

    I agree that WiFi should be the primary network, as it comes cheap.

  • julio estevez

    I wand one

  • cristian j.

    Ok. Comment.

  • Levente Krizsán


  • This would come in handy as I use Wi-Fi a lot at work, at home, in the coffee shop…and my current phone has some serious Wi-Fi connection issues.

  • Jan Panek

    Fun xd

  • Borsch

    Hope it will be exciting

  • MaherAbd

    Good idea, I need to test!

  • Jonathan3440

    I’m in a WiFi area for the majority of my days so this would be sick

  • David C

    Why not :D

  • floger

    Winning this would be awesome.

  • Peter Blanco

    As always, would be nice to win!

  • Petre Turcu

    I dont think the cellular services can fully migrate to wifi: higher battery consumption, clearly not same range as gsm access points and terrain interferance. Not to mention recent health studies.. Good luck!

  • Zunex

    Another great giveaway! Nice! :)

  • Herman Schubert

    Good idea!!!

  • Anouar Sarout

    i think that’s what everybody do!
    using phone data only when there is no wifi.. saving money come first .. right

  • Ana Luisa Araiza

    I wish I could win, well I’ll keep trying

  • Kelman Guillen


  • Gonçalo Vaz

    In a perfect world, we’d have Wi-Fi everywhere and wouldn’t have to worry about data allowances or crappy signal.

  • I think that is a perfectly good way of doing things and it isn’t complicated as it seems. Most devices are wifi ready and cellular ready so keeping the connection should be seamless.

  • fenix

    We should have Wifi everywhere but filling the gap is a good step i guess!

  • Piotr Pawlik


  • Dominick_7

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • besher


  • Renata Lopes

    I always use wifi

  • tiggie

    wi-fi all the way any day

  • Tanel

    I think that wifi is a really good alternative when you don’t have a large 4G data plan or if you don’t have 4G at all. For me it’s wifi, because I’m running on Nexus 7 (WiFi)

  • DaEXfactoR

    I think this makes perfect sense. The critical aspect if this would be “the hand off ” from WiFi to cellular. It would need to be fairly seamless. Very interested, to say the least, to see if thus could work. Would mist certainly be an ease on the old wallet.

  • Sophie Cornish

    Nice competition, as usual!

  • rust

    i like the savings with wifi

  • VicMatson

    Sounds interesting!

  • sogajeffrey

    Great idea!! Hope i win the phone!

  • Agus hernandez

    i think its a great way to use the phone , most of the time people are on WiFi areas so its great you can use this to avoid monthly payments to the carries…

  • Chris

    I feel like this service is flawed since you don’t get Wi-Fi everywhere.

  • I wish I was in the US

  • Russell Ridley


  • Pablo15′ ♥

    ola k ase

  • Marie-Luise Orland

    It is a good idea as to save mobile data volume but it is also risky in public wireless networks.

  • I like the design of the phone

  • osbaldo ceja

    I like the look of the phone

  • Blingy Al-Araimi

    Thatd what i actually do. Use wifi s lot snd use cellular network to fill the gaps

  • Mat

    I think it is a good idea, but the functionality on WIFI has been limited to only some of the key items on the phones. I.E. Email works and Text do not. If we could still get phone calls via voice over IP when connected to WIFI it would be awesome. This would likely have to be built into a dual profile for the phones number.

  • Eric

    This will save me lotsa $$$

  • Jun Guan

    Relying on wifi to get other handful stuffs that we need is always good for saving money :o

  • Redisqovered

    So I’m entered if I just simply leave a comment here?
    “What do you think about using wifi as the primary network and only using cellular to fill the gaps between wifi?””
    > I think this would be perfect for an office style job where there’s not too much traveling. You’ll always have wifi available and it would also be good as a landline replacement too. I want to win this.

  • Alex Ohannes

    I prefer using WiFi because I get much bigger data limits. Of course, if I had T-Mobile, then data limits wouldn’t be a concern. :-)

  • Laura Janett Montelongo

    What a genius service! I’m always around WiFi

  • NYed

    I think relying on WiFi and using cellular only when you have WiFi gaps is great, in theory. However, last night I noticed my cellular speeds were 2.5x faster than my WiFi…

  • Andrei Damian

    I think it’s a brilliant idea

  • jordan coon

    This service would be awesome for someone with a limited budget like me.

  • Petra V.

    it is aweome to have a great wi-fi connection, however, when it fails to connect, i just grab my good old cell and use its net ^^

  • James Sarino

    Ideally, I would like wifi as the primary network with all the current and potential wifi hotspots, then cellular for those gaps. Unfortunately, it’s not as prevalent as it should be across the US (ie: rural areas), so those “gaps” are wide. So I care more about reliable all-around cellular service.

  • Yehoshua Stokar

    if there’s LTE no need but otherwise good idea

  • Johnny Danger

    There needs to be more wireless readily available.

  • Andrina Goetz

    I would use wifi and only use cellular to fill in the gaps. I already got rid of my home phone.

  • ndzyuba

    It seems like a great idea that is catching on with more companies – I’d consider it.

  • Zahid Uwais

    yes i did

  • Eric

    I already use wireless as a primary and cell to fill the gaps.

  • Ruben Zafra

    Its quite interesting that fact! ^^

  • Rokas Kurtinaitis

    I thinks it’s awesome :)

  • Lisa Brown

    I would prefer wifi as primary, i am always on wifi

  • Christos Tsartsalis

    It’s intersting

  • Adirolf

    Good luck to all!!

  • Sampath Cool

    why only USA?

  • Ian

    Man what a awesome giveaway i really hope i win because i really need a new phone and i think it great idea because when more people new phone they dont have to pay that much

  • Dustin

    I’ve got freedompop and I think the idea is wonderful. It lowers our monthly bill substantially!

  • Carlos Aderag


  • Edgar Barradas

    the concept its very interesting

  • shallamarshiska

    it’s an interesting concept, that I’d totally try since I’m on wi-fi 80% of the time

  • Tyrone Macedon Sr

    It would definitely cut down on how much you pay monthly.

  • curtis206

    great idea.

  • Anant Shinde


  • Michael John De Vera

    For me its better to use WiFi than cellular because WiFi is the better way to access all of your favorite social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and so on and so forth than a cellular. Hope to win Cross fingers. :)

  • ali


  • Tom

    I hope someone who can really use a new phone wins this. If I do I’m gonna find a someone like that for it.

  • Jacob Marsh

    It would be better at home, but would be horrible at work, as we don’t have wifi.

  • Sam

    Great to see another business model offered to consumers

  • Freddy

    Don’t have a phone whatsoever so yeah.

  • Karl Spaeth

    I mean I’d take it

  • Stan Ragets

    The idea is brilliant and something that I’ve been doing for quite a while now.

  • Patricia

    I like having both wireless and cellular…seems each has advantages and advantages, but both together make sure I will have the necessary connections.

  • Wesley Lai


  • Miguel Vega

    Sometimes is convenient other not so.

  • Tom Graber

    I think using WiFi whenever possible is a great idea! It’s more & more readily available in public, ti’s in most homes & workplaces, and it’s much cheaper than mobile service.

  • real_io

    always enter never win

  • You’ll never win if you don’t lose now and again. (m sutton 2014©)

  • Deena Vanbergen

    I think its a great idea

  • Christopher King

    Cellular data costs wayyy too much if I had a smartphone I would get minimum data and use wifi all the time.

  • M C

    That’s exactly how I use my data now. Mobile data is only used to fill the gap, as you say, between connecting to WiFi.

  • Mack Transit

    wow, that is pretty cool. hope i win

  • [email protected]

    it make sense especially we are almost always on wifi

  • Azeem Sharief

    I think it’s cool

  • Omar Anees


  • mohamed

    I think it’s cool

  • omarbhester

    I think this is a great idea that I would love to try once I win this device. I need a new phone bad! I am still using a samsung galaxy 4g and my wife is still using a dumb phone.

  • Santiago Calixtro

    I would love to win

  • Rebecca Williams Parsons

    I honestly do that now so it’s a great idea.

  • Allan

    It was a nice phone, but i cant say it’s worth as much right now…

    Im not a fan of using WiFi as a mobile network, given the reliability or lack of it these days.

  • ODLloyd

    if the connections are good and i can bring my own phone then im game for this network

  • manos

    I want it

  • Chris Monge

    I’ll just enter to see if I win.

  • jt

    That’s awesome. it makes sense to use for wifi. hopefully I win

  • manos


  • chuck bolster

    i would like to at least try wifi wireless

  • Chris

    All I want is android

  • manos


  • Adam

    I’m a fan of using WiFi as a mobile network

  • mbaratta83

    As long as my web connection remains smooth by a seamless transition between wifi and cellular networks.

  • chris carpio

    This actually sounds great! i would do this plan even if i lost. if i could use my moto G

  • oyunbozan

    in japan, there is only wifi but no gsm, so it would be great.

  • Mark Z

    I’ll give this a shot.

  • Zetty

    In some countries of the world (like mine) do not have a good connection for mobile data, the “3g” is very bad (It is a myth) and very expensive, so having a Wifi Connection helps to have a good savings data is consumed as faster.

  • Alexei Petrov

    I think it’s cool

  • Yaakov

    Please.., I wish I’ll get this one…

  • Jonathan Angeles


  • gerardo

    I want so bad

  • shivam

    WiFi allows much stabler connection and proves to be cheaper in the long run.Cellular can definitely be used to full gaps. Would love it.

  • gerardo

    Me want

  • Aaron Esham

    Wifi is what I use 90% of the time now and mobile fills it in from place to place.

  • slyder0244

    I think it’s a great and cheap way to do cell service

  • Adam Sido

    It’s the tits.

  • Jeffrey Wright

    what do you think about using wifi as the primary network and only using cellular to fill the gaps between wifi?
    It’s pretty much what I do now it’s great.

  • Conner Kasten

    Sratch’s business model seems really practical for the always WiFi surrounded types. I’m also wondering if it might not be good for people in rural areas who may have better internet than cellular coverage?

  • Daniel Hippolite

    I think it’s a great idea to use wifi for calling and data better than wasting money on minutes and data that you won’t even use every bit every month.

  • Adrian D.

    Good luck to all

  • Andrej Čuščak

    I just don’t know why this did not become a standard long time ago

  • Jimena

    That´s what I always do, as cellphone 3G is not as speedy as wifi in my area.

    • Philip Cohn-Cort

      I tried that out once, for a few weeks. My office and home both have good wifi routers so I really only missed music streaming on the commute.

  • Jason Unger


  • Nicholas Campbell

    This sounds like a pretty cool phone and phone company!

  • Repartee

    Not really reliable

  • ant ps


  • Kyle Horkley

    Makes sense.

  • nicholesmith

    I prefer to use WiFi whenever possible

  • Sergio

    I find it very interesting

  • Aleksandar Djordjevic

    WiFi whenever possible!!!

  • Baldo Sanfilippo

    partecipo e condivido

  • Matthew Muysson

    sure, why not? that’s what I do with my ipod and textplus

  • Arvin Mir

    It sounds cool!

  • Israel Ramirez

    usually always on wi-fi so this sounds quite interesting

  • Andyrx Jiang

    WiFi mostly is not my life, I usually have to use 4GLTE in the restaurant up to 10 hourS

  • Sean Boyle

    I have been looking into WiFi focused service for my kids phones and looking to give it a shot.

  • mE

    I am only using wifi on my phone, but luckily my town offers some free wifi in center and almost every bar, restaurant, shop,… has open wifi.

  • Shaunie

    I’m usually on wifi, so this service would be perfect.

  • Adam

    Wait for it.

  • Arnout

    I just use Wifi

  • Diana Klein

    sounds like a great idea. i’m glad to find out about Scratch Wireless.

  • Ryan Wells

    I always stay on wifi. Cheaper that way.

  • Ahoura Minaian

    I use wifi most of the time, it sounds great

  • tatiana

    I think it’s a great

  • Spawn20

    Pick me!

  • biboka

    wifi+cellular data (and switching) consumes a lot of battery. i rather use cellular all the time, but it requires a good plan

  • Scott McLean

    That is how I use my smart phone now!

  • Konan

    wifi is good,free,fast and mostly safe so i totally agree that regural network connections should fill gaps between wifi time :)

  • Anderson Santos

    I still here

  • Viliami Tuanaki

    I think you need to change your terms and conitions:

    “Only 1 entry per person”

  • Jonathan Chemla

    Wi fi goes a lot faster in my regions, so I only use other network when not available !

  • stuart

    hope i win

  • devstaff

    I never win anything at these giveaways, but lets see what happens this time.

  • devstaff

    I use WiFi most of the time and I don’t really need to use 3G anyways so I have to say I agree with the fact that 3G is only to be used when there is no Wifi avaible.

  • Wes Ramírez

    Well if I win is still something

  • kristian


  • melia whyte

    makes the most sense.. why use precious data when there’s WIFI around?

  • PNTBLDan

    Basically doing this now with an iPod touch but, the texting and option for data/voice would be a huge improvement.

  • Wifi for me is reliable

  • Precious

    Well it differs; because some wifi runs quicker than others but i like using wifi just because it runs fast and the cellular is good to have if you dont have wifi , so you are pretty much good on both sides of the situation.

  • John

    There isnt enough wifi around to use it primarily.

  • Patrick Cloutier

    good luck ;)

  • Ruben Silva


  • Chances over 9000

    i can feel the luck comming from this one ;D

  • K9kazoo

    Looks nice!

  • Jamez

    This seems like it could be a good phone depending on how well the battery holds up.

  • admir sehic

    Hope i win.

  • TOmmy

    lookslike an awesome phone

  • Howard F

    Never heard of carrier….are they in Romania???

  • Jreamer

    When you don’t have a phone and desperately want one, any phone will do.

  • Matthew Diamond


  • Ace

    That is how its should be. secular networks are slow and pricey

  • Corey Deane

    I actually prefer 4GLTE over wifi

  • Dan Sisler

    It might make sense for some people who are on Wifi for most of the time to use that as their primary source, instead of data.

  • Денис Красько

    Its’ a great idea, I wonder why it been implemented only now?

  • the awesome one

    I want this badly :-(

  • Yovani Carrillo


  • Willy Ju

    Ya. i love the concept. the phone is not really a big factor honestly.

  • David Smith

    Using WiFi as the main access would be good as long as you have access to WiFi. I can see if you are at home or in a place that has free WiFi, but running around town, you would have to have access to 3G/4G.

  • ej

    That’s an old school

  • chri1

    I would not be able to get wlfi at my job only at home so having a photon G would help with text cost if at home

  • Steve D

    Works fine for me…. I already do it with a few of my phones…

  • Thomas Cole

    I do that already using google voice and it has worked well for me

  • Alex nuno

    I prefer WiFi than 4g lte

  • Leon

    yay phooone

  • Hamza

    Thanks for this :)

  • Francois Foote

    Looks similar to the droid Razr…

  • Elliot

    : )

  • LRHdoublemint

    This service may fit my needs, since I’m in WiFi 80% of the time


    I already use google voice for 90 % of my wireless usage. So I think they are on the right track!

  • chris trak

    I prefer the other way…….my 4G with help from my WiFi

  • John Bauer

    I think that’s the smartest idea I’ve heard on awhile… duh

  • kw

    Sounds like a good alternative

  • Brenda Hughes

    I think It would be a hard thing to get use to. Like unless you use hotspot there is no guarantee that you’ll wifi all the time.

  • JeffHsiao

    Totally agree with that!

  • Eric JingPop Mockler

    Looks cool..

  • Qliphah

    it’ll at least make a good spare to keep around the house.

  • Mohammed

    I never won any giveaway in my life and i dont think i will win one .

  • Linda Nguyen

    Sounds good because sometimes I get bad reception but have great wifi.

  • Paul Voinescu

    This is actually what I am doing right now… :-)

  • Ben Schoon

    I think that’s its actually a very good idea

  • tfrankson

    Hope I get picked

  • Jay Hu

    Wifi is usually faster and cheaper than cellular, so I think we should rely mainly on wifi and use cellular as a second alternative when wifi is unavailable.

  • Matt Gweon


  • rob

    Wifi is not everywhere. Doesn’t really work for me.

  • Luis Miguel Gutierrez

    hahaha @jonah so true!

  • malik

    Well using WiFi networks is now the main method of connecting to internet as old days were through Ethernet cable.. I prefer WiFi cuz it is more convenient and if Google success in their project loon to distribute internet to every one than it is way awesome…. I hope I can win and gift it to my parent.

  • Eddie Hewgley

    It will be interesting to try it out….if I win

  • Jesus

    i think it’s good.

  • NaiKang He

    too small chance as it has too much entries!!!!

  • Guest

    this one is mine

  • Dan Ha

    With fiber-optic home internet being so much faster than 3G/4G, at least where I live, that indeed has gotta be the case. As for public WiFi, I think it’s better to use your cellular service as it may be more reliable, and obviously it has the advantage of being a private network.

  • hope I win

  • jlafount

    I worry about the quality of wifi signals outside the home

  • Jason Grooms

    What do you think about using wifi as the primary network and only using cellular to fill the gaps between wifi?

    I’m on my home network most of the time, so I love the idea!

  • Jared Stanley

    I think it would be interesting to use and i would be very grateful if i won

  • Kalieb


  • William Wong

    looks old

  • hankhank96

    I currently have unlimited data on Verizon so I rarely use WiFi on my phone. It would be fairly difficult to use WiFi as the primary network for my phone since I live in a rural area with few hotspots around.

  • Ian

    Hoping to win this time, however unlikely it is haha

  • Chanakya Volam

    waiting for results

  • James

    what is life?

  • zeferd

    WiFi is better in certain areas than cellphone signals so it depends on the area.

  • Bhupinderpal Deol

    I am using Cellular data as primary connection.It depends upon location to location and service provider.

  • Hariss Luqman


  • Hami

    This Motorola Photon Q looks so manly.

  • Yassien Mohamed

    Its pretty cool calling in wifi for free because wnat if you dont have service at home or work you got free calling when you connected to wifi so thats cool

  • Alex Denver

    I would love it, if I had wifi everywhere I went…

  • Gerald Jr. Basco

    Amazing phone free call and texting!

  • e


  • Shaheer_kv

    I uses WiFi all the time. Mobile are used rarely.

  • Robert Crosby

    this is pretty nice considered how much i pay for Verizon wireless

  • Surya


  • Nasry Matamoros

    I use WiFi every time I can rather than the cellular cruz is faster

  • B.R Parekh


  • Matteo Antunez

    I would love to use Scratch Wireless and it looks fun to use.

  • Rodrigo Brücher

    I think this is a great idea and the phone looks really good. I hope I win.

  • Aidan S.

    A mostly wifi cell phone sounds like a fantastic deal to me

  • Shyamprasad K A

    Wifi should be primary & mobile data is only when I am away..

  • James

    Wouldn’t be too bad relying mostly on wifi since the majority of my timr is spent covered by it whether work or home. Would need cellular data and voice though for some occasions.

  • Isis


  • MGray

    Would love to win!

  • Lucas Misciato Hartmann


  • michael ha

    WIFI is great when it works.


    This is going to revolutionize the way that we connect with the world if done correctly and other carrier’s jump on board, it just makes sense!

  • Gerson

    This phone is for me!!

  • victor cazares

    Well It comes to a point that technology goes way farter that what we know n because of that scratch wireless took it to another level that would save us alot of money and that y thank you for making this cuz it would really help me cuz it would be one bill lest from what I will have to pay

  • Dakota


  • Christopher Hamilton

    I think It is a great idea, this will help with network traffic and allow for less congestion on towers.

  • Omar Alsadi

    Honestly, all i use is wifi, i only use my 4g data when im stuck without wifi or a prtable hotspot with me haha

  • kannan

    just waiting for the chance to win……….

  • Chris DCruz

    It’s a pretty cool concept. Sounds like someone took Republic Wireless plan and ran with it.

  • Arwin Cobar

    WiFi is better in certain areas than cellphone signals so it depends on the area.

  • Ada

    This is it! :)

  • Harjot

    I want this phone!!!!

  • parth

    India ..! Not eligible.!

  • Edgar

    It’s a great tactic and saves money.

  • Melvina

    I only use wifi. My kids use cellular internet and wifi. I love not paying for internet, when I already pay for wifi.

  • Abhiek Biswas

    I dont know why am I doing this because I already know I’m gonna lose……

  • aj34

    I would be ok with it

  • Saeed Subailey

    The statistics are against me, but someday….I WILL WIN!!!

  • Gabriel Ortiz


  • Allen Lopez

    Awesome deals!

  • T.V.J

    I want this phone!!!!

  • Cuong

    New hope :)

  • Andrew

    It’s an interesting idea, but I’m unsure how well this would work for most people.

  • Miro Markarian

    Using wifi ia better and more stable

  • OneHead

    I want to win :-D

  • Jay D Sal

    depends on the wifi service and where you are

  • lantonis


  • Evgeniya

    I only use wifi

  • Mladen Davidovik

    Awesome and fair deals… Hope to win one!

  • Sumir Swarup Kapur

    Desperately need one!
    Make it a Happy New Year for me, Android Authority

  • Rene Rankin

    Looks good

  • jun bernardo

    This thing is the bomb :D

  • In Motorola we trustIn Motorola we trust

  • Arvin

    have you ever given anyone in africa?

  • Cơ Tung Trương Trần

    Using wifi instead of cellular help me save money every month

  • Max

    I think it sounds really smart

  • raymond

    i know there will be a lot of glitches at first, but if the experts think its for the better, then we must adopt to changes

  • Жека


  • Nikola Tomic

    WiFi is much faster

  • Jared

    Phew !

  • Neil

    Awesome giveaway! :)

  • Scott Breitbach

    I’m for it!

  • Ferrari Berlinetta

    Wifi is faster = WIN !

  • Rashpreet Singh

    i always lose why?

  • valapsp

    If it only had lte speeds…

  • Steven Atter

    I think it’s a great ideal IM always around wifi even in my house and I am always home. Hope I win

  • raja

    meh! its okay

  • Badrul Sotsot

    It’s awesome because you are able to have more benefit of using Wifi and you can save more money without spending a single cent on text msg. and what more is that ITS ON 4G!~

  • Gayle

    I would love being able to use wireless everywhere. That would be awesome!

  • Aazim Hassan

    only if the signal and speed are okay


    Lol that’s so sad

  • Arun Patyal

    I want to win :)

  • Prathamesh

    it will be great to use wi-fi for calls at home and use the cellular network outside

  • james heenan

    I love the idea.

  • TheSakizu .

    Gonna be interesting

  • Izwan Rahman

    But its US only…..

  • tony

    awesome deal alao like the wifi deal

  • Mando Flores

    I like using my unlimited WiFi at home for data and calls.. and then just very little data usage when on cellular network. WiFi calls have been greatly improved as far as reception and sound quality is concerned.

  • brutalpanther

    Ive been curious about trying a moto product,but not enough to sign a 2 year contract.So this would be a perfect chance

  • Kunwoo Lee

    Free device

  • mrsthelens

    phone dont look a bad un

  • James Eka


  • Gundars

    Good Luck to All :)

  • loop6719

    I do not have constant wifi here in cfla, so this would have to be a 2nd thought for me.

  • Reed Marshall

    sounds like a plan

  • Kodoka


  • Veljko

    Hope i get it :)

  • Brian Ramos

    I’m not gonna win, but never hurts to try, amirite?

  • Minol Chutra

    I don’t know how to answer this since I’m in a country without 4g :( Wi-Fi always comes first..

  • Shaya

    Never heard of scratch wireless but it sounds cool

  • Mohamed A. Sherif

    gonna be good

  • Funch Màster

    I wanna it

  • Izar Muhamad Zarkasih

    I could use this phone while I’m in USA next year :)

  • Rafael Valentin

    Can’t beat Free service.. Wifi is everywhere.. Texting is Free no matter what. That’s great because I rarely talk on the phone anyway. Wouldn’t mind paying for minutes when I need them. Im really a Texting type anyway. Phone doesn’t look to bad either. Good Luck to All but I hope I’m the Lucky One. #ScratchWireless

  • Pitur

    Gonna be mine

  • Uly

    I think scratch wireless is pioneering a revolutionary new service. I am around wifi all the time. this would help me control my cell phone costs greatly.

  • Pedro Ewors Adamkovič

    I agree with all the terms -_-

  • caleb vredevoogd

    In some senses, it’s revolutionary, although not necesarily the best. It’s budget friendly though

  • jan flats

    Looks nice!

  • Kyriakos

    This one is mine, good luck everyone.

    • Joey Alessi

      Good luck to you too, my friend!

  • Jose Santiago

    Scratch wireless sounds interesting.

  • Joey Alessi

    I had this phone on Sprint a while back. Loved it and wouldn’t mind having it again! I’ve never used Scratch Wireless, but I would definitely love to try it out. Seems affordable and useful! Both my job and my home have fast WiFi networks, so I don’t think that will be an issue to me as long as I have a way to call triple A if I’m in an accident. Would love this phone again!

  • Craig Lawrence

    thats not a bad idea, though it would seem lagging between the switch for some devices

  • Craig Lawrence

    cool, but seems like it may lag when you switch from one connection to another

  • Terrell Grant

    Just keep trying, Just Keep Trying…. (to win) #InMyDoraVooice

  • francesco


  • okiwa002

    This could be very cool! I would like to win such a device!

  • cesar ruiz

    All networks should do this!

  • rash

    sure I am with using wifi if its will provide a good speed and make the lte or 3g as back up for it

  • Michael

    I think using wifi primarily is a great way to only have to pay for one service and still get good speeds.

  • Carmelo Rivera

    I want one!

  • gary075


  • Tyler Polcawich

    going to lose again

  • Toto Fernandez

    I would text the rest of my life

  • John Miller

    I regularly use wifi over data services saves batter and on data plan

  • Christina

    I love that idea!!

  • fernando martinez

    I want it

  • Samuel Morel


  • Chris Mmfwcl Sparks

    I feel like Company’s should have been taking this approach to Cell Phone plans a Long Time Ago!!!

  • Nurji Afwan

    semoga beruntung

  • R. Iyer

    I use WiFi most of the time anyway, so it makes sense to have a device that takes advantage of that.

  • Brett R

    I would rather use WiFi than rely on any carrier network.

  • Brandon Frederick Bruhn

    I don’t know if I could use this kind of service. I certainly wouldn’t sign up for it on purpose.

  • rhenford

    I have never heard of this. I’m thinking this is going to be the first phone my kid gets.

  • anish67

    wifi works fine 4 me and cellular when no wifi :)

  • ori


  • Erdossy

    don’t know why it wasn’t thought of years ago.

  • Zuell

    Using WIFI mean to stick on one place. Cellular is everywhere as long got coverage.

  • (Neone) [MeoW] Vaults

    this is dope

  • swadhin

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  • Vikram Poddar

    Lets try it once more and again hope to win :D

  • Christophe

    Nice idea, but the wifi network is not as much expanded as the cellular network in different countries!

  • tat2jr

    Count Me in! I already do as i have a freedom pop 3g hub.

  • Matt Anderson

    I really hope services like Scratch and or Ting continue to get market share the Cell industry has been to entrenched in screwing the consumers for a long time!

  • Akash Rao


  • Todd Troutt

    Looking forward to this!

  • Biggs

    Much better since cellular reception in most locations are spotty. WiFi will be a much better alternative.

  • just wondering

    More texting…less talking to save a dime? What’s that say about the direction our culture is going?

  • David

    Sounds like a good deal hope I win. Goodluck to everyone!

  • Maribel Juarez

    I want to win :)

  • Tammy Woodall

    Wow, this is the first I’ve heard of “Scratch Wireless Service.” I’m definitely interested. The Motorola Phototon 4G LTE looks like it has some good features, especially for the price.

    • Joey Alessi

      I used to have it. It was a wonderful phone. Same specs as the Galaxy SIII. I kind of miss it!

  • Richard Gao

    i think cellular will be great based on wifi, especially since texts are free and you can pay for minutes extra

  • Myth

    I always use it that way

    • Joey Alessi

      Same here!

  • Denise Adams

    Looks like a decent phone for the price. If using wifi makes for better service, I’m all for it

  • ewilliams1009

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  • tweetyscute

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  • melan26

    Wifi at home, yes. Unknown? Not so much,will use cellular.

  • Gus

    good luck

  • Steven Cash

    wow this would be useful in the long run cause at&t, verizion, ect. are way to expensive in this economy do to the fact you have to work two – three jobs just too pay bills and keep food in the house

  • dnano91

    i’m already using wifi whenever i can. but i’m not from the us (and would never move there)

  • DJ Kim

    Wifi needs to have wider coverage, especially out in the streets.

  • Flip Jumpman

    If it gets me better reception at my house then I Ok with it. ..

  • The7

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  • Jorge E. Barragan

    It’s a good deal if you want to better your data plan.

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  • Matt Homes

    I use wifi as my primary internet source as i find most 3G or lte connections are really slow, well that’s how i feel anyway oh and THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY the odds of me wining is like next to nothing but hey you have to try so yeah :D

  • Cabro

    I could really use an upgrade, I don’t use wifi much

  • Safwanul H Chowdhury

    Signed up for about 30th giveaway now in A.A. I have never won one. Hope I win this one inshallah <3

  • Maia Bageant

    what do you think about using wifi as the primary network and only using cellular to fill the gaps between wifi?

    As free wifi becomes more common I think that this will become really more and more feasible in populated/dense areas. I’m not sure it will work so well for less densely populated areas until wifi and cellular data “converge.”

  • Abby Matic

    Wifi as a primary network is very convenient specially if there are many users

  • Michelle Robinson

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    I already use wifi as my primary network where its available, i rarely use cell data so this is perfect for me.

  • Mikhael Ramirez

    wifi is only as good as the connection strength and download speed, so help it out with cellular service for the extra boost in speed when you have full bars



  • luck :|

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    Thanks android authority and Scratch wireless! this is awesome

  • damien bckel

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  • stevenjhorton

    I’ve been interested in Republic Wireless for years, this seems like a better option, because it seems to be unlimited while I’m home, and pay-as-you-go when I’m not. ^_^

    And I only very rarely make calls while at home.

  • Skyler Cowley

    I really like the idea of using wifi as the primary connection and celluar as secondary because I think it would be more reliable of a connection more often. My wifi signal is usually a lot stronger than my cellular signal.But it is still important to have cellular data on the go.

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  • st crago

    Absolutely, as long as I am on my own WiFi or a trusted friend or family member I always take advantage of using WiFi has my primary source. Too bad aosp doesn’t have WiFi calling

  • Blahblah

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  • Don Jason

    Think that using wifi as a primary network would be a lot easier and more fun!

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    I like the idea of saving a TON of money, but I really only have access to wifi at home. While it’s where I primarily use my phone, my ability to research on the go might be a little restrictive.

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    Me too ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥↘

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