Motorola Looking for Photon 4G owners to test new Software Update

by: AlexanderJanuary 22, 2012
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That’s right, Motorola is calling all Photon 4G owners for a new “soak” test for a new software update. Motorola is looking for testers, also known as a “soak” group, to test out a pre-release software update to help Motorola make sure the update is close to perfect by getting the update out to more people before official release. This is very common with Motorola, they begin by rolling out the update to a small “soak test” group then continues to roll it out to the rest of it’s users.

No world on what’s in this update, but I am almost positive that the Photon will be getting it’s first taste of Ice Cream Sandwich with this update. Maybe Motorola will surprise us and bring ICS to the Photon with this update? But as we all know any update is good, as long as it doesn’t bring more bugs to the device.

Hit the source link below to go sign up to be a tester for this update. What do you think is in the update? Just some bug fixes or maybe something more like an update to get your Photon 4G ready for the imminent Android 4.0 update? Let us know in the comments.

  • That’s from September 29th. Old news

    • ricardosuavenelli

      we were replying to a then new article commenting that photon4g customers were being seeked out, we called B.S. on it. Someone regurgitated old news and it spread like wildfire, except there was NO fire. :(

  • There is however an Atrix 2 test that we are recruiting for….

    • You may want to visit a few other sites that have written about this then and let them know. I commented on Phandroid’s article linking them to your comments here and they deleted my comment. Just so you can get the word out that Motorola isn’t looking for testers for the Photon, but the Atrix 2 instead.

  • ricomann

    so what is the legitimate news people, I can’t find any proof that Motorola is seeking pre release testers for the photon 4g whatsoever, just folks saying they are and posting up dead links, if any at all. I’d absolutely love to try ICS on my photon, would love it. trying to get as close to the better points of the beloved webOS and gingerbread leaves so much to be desired.