We all have a love/hate relationship with updates. We want them fast, but when they arrive broken, we’re mad. We want them polished, but when they take too long, we’re sad. We can all agree there’s a sweet spot where we’re OK with an update taking a while as long as it arrives stable, functional and within a reasonable amount of time. So it’s no wonder folks are flaming up about Moto Germany’s recent tweet delaying the Nougat update for the Moto X family until May 2017: nine whole months after Android 7.0 first appeared.

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January 26, 2017

Now, it has to be acknowledged that the Moto X family is no longer Moto’s flagship line – that crown passed to the Moto Z family a while back. But Moto Germany also tweeted to admit the Moto Z Play update would also be delayed until March (two days after saying it was ready). Some other parts of Europe are already getting the update but Verizon’s Moto Z Play update is also delayed until March. Even the Moto G4 update has been delayed until February in Germany.

The reason these delays are so obnoxious is that Motorola has one of the most stock-like manufacturer skins of all, and the Moto X Pure Edition is so close to stock Nougat it’s not funny. And yet, Motorola, under Lenovo’s ownership, now seems incapable of rolling out Nougat in anything even resembling a timely manner. Even for the Moto X Pure Edition, which is still waiting.

According to some appearances on GFXBench, when the Moto X Style – or Pure Edition in the U.S. – does finally get the update, it might be to Android 7.1.1 which was released on December 5, 2016. But in the Moto Z Play delay comments, Moto Germany confirmed that device will updated to Android 7.0, not to 7.1.1. If the Moto X family follows suit, it will be nine months to get to 7.0 (or five months to get to 7.1.1). Taking anywhere near this long to essentially roll out stock with a few Moto apps and tweaks on top is nothing short of appalling.

Comments on Moto Germany’s announcement tweet are unsurprisingly hostile, especially in response to the company’s continued claims that Moto wants to “provide the best software for our users. Unfortunately that takes some extra time”. Sure, that may be the case, but practically every other other manufacturer has already rolled out Nougat updates with much heavier skins than Moto’s.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Motorola beat even Nexus devices to the most recent Android update. So if the second generation Moto G was capable of beating the Nexus 5 to Android Lollipop two years ago, how can Moto Germany possibly need nine months to achieve the same thing? The only answer seems to be that, short of some mass developer exodus, Motorola no longer prioritizes Android updates like they once did.

Even with the Marshmallow update, the Moto X Style got Marshmallow just five weeks after the update rolled out to Nexus devices and the Moto X Pure Edition was the first U.S. device to get the update less than a month later. This all happened a full year after Lenovo acquired Motorola, so what’s changed in the last year?

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Android Nougat does seem to have presented a lot of issues for OEMs trying to get the update out, with multiple delays, sudden rollout halts and bugs aplenty. But can it really be that radically different than previous Android releases? Maybe, but if that was the case it shouldn’t be too much to expect an OEM to throw additional resources at the problem. Again, plenty of manufacturers have managed just fine.

Moto’s restructuring under Lenovo, the issues Lenovo has had with the brand and Chinese New Year all may have a part to play, we just don’t know. It may take a while to get to the bottom of this bizarre situation, but rest assured, the more voices that are raised in objection to poor customer service like this, the greater the chance OEMs will do things differently next time. So even if you’re not waiting on the German update, go hit that comments section and let Moto know this is not OK.

What’s the longest you’ve had to wait for an update? Do you consider update performance when buying a new phone?

Kris Carlon
Kris Carlon is a Senior Editor at Android Authority. He is a half-British Australian who lives in Berlin, travels a lot and is always connected to a laptop, phone, smartwatch or tablet (and occasionally a book).
  • Kevin Davis

    Yeah, that would be because lenovo sucks. My moto x pure (2015) is in a freaking drawer.

    • Dude McDuderson

      Not mine. In hand as we spea…type.

  • SalParadise

    I’d been a huge proponent of moto before all of this – once my X play is dead, I’ll never go back to their devices.

  • Cakefish

    Still waiting for Samsung GS7 Nougat update. On my unlocked phone. Very frustrating.

  • RichSPK

    This from the site that hasn’t gotten around to fixing the Dec 5, 2017 date on an article.

  • Also, why did it take one year to roll out Marshmallow to the Droid Turbo? It should have come to the Droid Turbo in Jan 2016, not Dec 2016

  • tyler_durden

    I have a Moto z play and I very much like how this phone works with marshmallow. This beast runs heavy apps without issues and still gives a two day battery on 4G. Moto mods aren’t that exciting but still is way better than those ‘trying-to-be-different’ phones from Samsung. (I have the JBL now, will buy the IR blaster + wireless charge mod when it launches) So I’d rather wait to get the perfect update. BTW my 2014 moto g is still working perfect so I still have lots of respect. Hope they deliver.

    • Eric Walker

      I have the play and I would really like to have received Nougat by now, since my Moto g 2015 received marshmallow in December, I’m surprised it’s taking Motorola so long to bring Nougat out. Also, my SD card reader no longer works on with my old Moto g or my new Z play.

  • Avi Rosen

    still waiting… Moto g4

    • legendlord4751

      Feel your pain man. Unlocked, on the UK retail software channel and Motorola can’t roll out a freaking stock update. The PIXEL even has a heavier skin for god’s sake

    • Sam McCormack

      It’s been over a month since Nougat was released to the Moto G4 in India, and still waiting in the UK… Do they expect us to emigrate or something!?

  • Motorola under Google did the same thing with the RAZR 2012 line (actually worst, they promised an update that never came).

    LG was the first to release the Lollipop OTA (with the G3) in nov/14 and took till oct/15 to release it for my G2 (one year delay).

  • Android king

    Moto fags smh. Nexus 6p last good android phone

    • Mohsin Javed

      Pure Edition over very badly built 6p any given day

  • legendlord4751

    I own an unlocked G4 and while I used to love Motorola, especially the original Moto G, I just won’t stay if updates don’t get better. I still don’t want to spend too much so I might switch to oneplus or honor devices if they get their update act together.

    • Confucius Say ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Both of those will pleasantly surprise you. I’m in love with my OP3 and the updates have been rolling through consistently since launch in July.

      • legendlord4751

        Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely give OnePlus a go when my G4 dies

    • Scooterch

      For this reason I start to regret buying my third Moto X Style in December (first two were for my kids) and not buying the OnePlus 3. The near-stock ROM and quick updates were a big draw for me, but Motorola / Lenovo seems determined to eliminate my reasons for preferring them.

    • Richard Gerard

      I bought a honor 8.. Puts moto g4 plus to shame..this was my 4th moto phone.. I paid $250 for it. Good bye moto..!!

  • Eric Wei

    I’m not at all surprised at this, considering what Motorola did with their 2014 flagship Droid Turbo. We didn’t get Marshmallow until December 2016, over a year after it came out.

    • cvm

      Wasn’t the x ’14 Motorola’s flagship?

      • Marc Perrusquia

        Most OEM’s have multiple flagships.

        • Jon Spang

          You are right, and the funny thing is so are the people arguing one flagship exists, because the definition is “the best or most important thing owned or produced by a particular organization.” However the way the word is being used for smartphones these days by news publications, and even manufacturers themselves, implies multiple flagships exist, even though it contradicts the meaning of the word. That’s why it is so annoying haha.

      • Casey

        The Moto X Pure Edition was 2015. August I believe and didn’t arrive (at my house) until the following month. So very late 2015.

      • legendlord4751

        The Droid Turbo was their Verizon flagship, similar in specs to the Moto X of the same year as far as i recall

  • BinRaleigh

    Never saw a major version update for my Droid Maxx. To get Nougat I can pony up over $500 for the small Pixel, or do what I did. Post $275 for the Moto X Pure, and I get to wait a while. My less expensive choice would have been to keep the Droid Maxx on 4.4.

    Personally 6.0 is a nice change and eventually 7.x will be better when it is released.

    • Richard Gerard

      Huawei phones are updated sooner.. Priced right.. They have cleaned up their act and heading in right direction.

      • BinRaleigh

        I’ve looked at them, liked them, even thought about buying one… but unfortunately my wife works someplace where only Verizon seems to work.

  • James Short

    I would never get a Motorola. my wife got the Droid mini, but it only got one OS update, even though they are almost add stock as a Nexis device. pathetic!

  • alex

    This has nothing to do with Lenovo firing most of the software development team that worked on the Moto X /s

  • HeyRadar

    I’ve had several Android devices that never got past the original build image. its an issue that Google has to address!

  • Alex Therakathu

    Reason is simple. They are way too understaffed now, they can’t possibly release timely updates after they fired most of their employees.

  • tabguy2

    From a business standpoint it’s pretty easy to understand why rolling out a new version of the OS doesn’t happen quickly. Here’s are the reasons why…
    1. The good developers are working on the next phone. That has to arrive on time. No excuses for delays. It must be done. This holds true for the OEM and the carriers. Therefore it’s the lesser talented developers that work on an upgrade. They’re slower.
    2. There’s literally no revenue benefit for upgrading the old phone. Yeah, maybe it might be a decision maker for some buyers like us geeks but for the 99.99999% of phone buyers the version of the OS they have is meaningless to them. They couldn’t care less.
    3. A new version of the of the OS changes the way things work. 99.99999% of the phone buyers don’t like that change. Just changing the color of the icons is enough to irritate the masses.
    4. There’s a chance that something bad could happen. It could brick a phone, it could cause data loss, it could inadvertently do a factory reset. This drives customer services calls up and profits down.

    So, why in the world would an OEM or carrier be in a hurry to upgrade the OS unless they’re absolutely, positively sure that it will be as smooth as possible with as little disruption as possible.

    • Ivan Turgenev

      This is a string of apologist excuses that can be easily refuted.
      1 . Developers are deployed as teams to given products or support streams. The next gen phone developer would never work on a standard security release because that’s not why he or she was hired. What is most likely is that Lenovo termed must of their X team, and therefore bandwidth has been necessarily bottlenecked.
      2. Of course there’s revenue in keeping up to date with security packages and OS updates. Moto got its latest reputation by being first, or close to it, with OS and security updates. Once you start dropping support barely a year after hitting market… That resets your reputation for security. Lose that, and you lose a selling point that was previously earned by you.
      3. Made up numbers and conclusion.
      4. Of course something bad could happen. That’s why you put it through internal testing, like everyone else.

      My Moto X Pure’s last SECURITY update is from May 1, 2016. That’s inexcusable, let alone any hope for an OS update. Their press release last July stating “no one should expect these anyway” just cements the fact that this is now Lenovo culture.

      RIP, Motorola. I’m sorry what they’re doing with your body.

  • Anothermuse

    Had Nougat for a couple months now on my Z Force. Instead of guessing about shit why can’t someone just find some developers to explain what the issues are. That’s what journalist are supposed to do. Anyone can guess and call it incompetence.

    • Archer Livengood

      I now consider Motorola as The Edsel of the Industry!

  • Darcy

    I was really hoping Motorola would be good for their word regarding the Android 7 ‘Nougat’ update, sadly they, or their Chinese masters Lenovo, seem to be incapable of that. Marshmallow has not been a good experience for me and my Moto X Style, and I’m keen to be rid of Android 6! Moto X Style is an excellent device, it deserves better treatment than what it’s had from Moto under Lenovo. Motorola Australia don’t even feature it or the Moto X Play on their website, they have the Moto Z’s, the Moto G’s, the Moto X Force which took ages to be released in Australia, and they have the 2014 Moto X, but no mention whatsoever of the Style or Play, which I think is strange as they are not that old and are very good devices!?! Motorola’s support has deminished a lot since Lenovo took over. At this point I’m seriously considering putting my Moto X Style onto LineageOS!

  • Harley

    This is why I got the Pixel over any other phone. And i really liked what Motorola did with the X Pure, but they haven’t been the same since. Im not a fan of delayed updates, the rumors about Lenovo’s own skin being implemented, and no new Moto X for 2016. I’ll have the Android O beta before the Moto X has Nougat.

  • Christian Hernandez

    I own a Moto X Pure Edition and I agree on that this delay is apalling to us customers. Its as if OEMs are working hard to take their products value from the customers.

  • Oliver Ward

    This is the exact reason i didn’t buy a Moto device last year. As soon as Lenovo bought the company and every exec had a different story on what the plan was it was perfectly obvious this was where things were heading. Couple the update issue with just hideous (and getting worse) handset design, and this is one quickly sinking ship. With every OEM seemingly intent on shooting themselves in the foot, i can see Oneplus having a very strong 2017.

  • George Serpa

    I think this is taking much longer than it should for the new os. I get that Motorola thinks that the Moto Z series is a better phone than Moto X Pure but that is flat out wrong. They should make new internals and keep the same form factor with the stereo speakers same industrial design. It truly is a close to a perfect hand phone as I have ever owned. Better than iPhone, and better Samsung S series. The Moto X Pure is something Nokia would have done… Anyway just my two cents.


  • I switched from a Lumia 535 to a Moto G4. Since then, I have not even received an Android update on the Moto G4. I think I better go back to Windows 10 Mobile, my old Lumia still receiving updates.

  • Balde Aguirre

    My Moto G4 plus is already updated to Android Nougat.

    • Shoaib Ashraf

      It’s been a month for me. Even recieved a further update.


        Same here on Moto Z too.

    • Sam McCormack

      Well, the UK is Nougat-less (in other words, no update), and I’ve got no carrier to slow it down.

  • forever

  • Bruce Woodworth

    Although my Moto G4 play is a nice step up ( except for the audio) from my HTC that had Android 4.4, I will never buy another Lenovo product.

  • Michael Mahon

    still waiting on Moto g4 play, it was a consideration when purchasing for me. Still a big fan of Moto overall but I’ve been evening axon 7 and honor 6x or 8x.

  • Thomas Ewers

    I just got Android 7.0 for my Nexus 6 so it ain’t just the other. Yup Jan 28 it finally showed up no matter how many times I checked. Had not received monthly updates since Nov. Is it Google or Verizon? I don’t know. But this update to Nougat has been painfully slow even for Nexus. The same day they announced my phone won’t get 7.1.2 and 7.1.1 will be the last non security update. Wonder how long till my 7.1 or 7.1.1 shows up. Still showing no updates available. Lol.. I love my Android phone but the update schedule rollouts plainly suck even for Nexus products. Could not imagine everyone else.

  • Motorola is bought already. Don’t expect updates

  • Jorge Manuel Hernandez

    I have a Moto x, and I patiently wait till now. I’m pissed with them, this is not fair, how can Samsung have nougat first? When this is almost stock Android? . I bought the Moto g4 for my wife. Now I regret it, I should have chose the honor 6x


      G4 got Nougat. In Asia.

  • Casey

    My wife and I moved from Moto X Pure Editions to Pixel XLs. Motorola really cut the price of the Moto X since it was released, killing the resale value. The slow N update is unacceptable!

  • Scott P Egan

    My Moto X Pure will be my last Motorola. How is a unlocked phone slower with updates and even security updates then a carrier S7? Disappointing Lenovo!

  • Harisankar Sony

    Lenovo effed up Moto.

  • Piyush

    Wow, well done Moto.
    Initially I hated you for providing faster updates that too to ALL of your devices even the cheap E series ( I recall one of the E got faster than the nexus). Now come on who does that Moto? I hated you for putting up eventhe minor Android updates like 5.0.1, 6.0.1 etc in line with Nexus. Ehh..
    It was only this “hate” that made all of my smartphones Moto.
    I hated it damn badly when my Moto G³ got marshmallow update within 2 months of 6.0 release. I got pissed off.
    I was so pissed off that the next year I bought Moto E³ Power at 12 am mid night (1 among other 100K pissed off Indians who bought this device on the first day itself).
    My head was burning, I was waiting for the disaster as Nougat had been released by google one month prior to the launch. I got well prepared for the disaster of update that’s gonna fell on me (this time on two devices E & G) real soon.
    But to a bit relief, 15 days after the release Motorola released the list of devices that are going to get the update but the good news was none of my devices made the list. But still I was prepared for disaster because I thought at some point they are gonna push the disaster on atleast one if not both the devices. And then FINALLY, finally (as The Rock says) in February Motorola confirmed it won’t be pushing Nougat on the E³. Woo.. a big relief.

    That’s why now I’ve started kinda loving Moto. No updates, no headache, no updates to even the latest device, nor for the most selling device.
    Bonus: My dad loves his Motorola Walky-talkie (he’s Loco Pilot). Can you guess the reason??.. yes you were right, “No Updates” ;) !

    • legendlord4751

      Have we reached the final frontier of sarcasm? We have? Brilliant!

    • Kunal Narang

      ^That was good man! 😂😂

  • BMan65

    Bought a Moto X-Style at the end of 2015 of which I endured a torrid time with a faulty device. Upon which I went through a 5 month battle with their tech support to get the phone replaced of which they continuously refused even after sending the phone for 3 repairs. That entire farcical episode sealed the coffin of me never buying a Moto phone again in my life, ever. Despite getting a replacement handset, this second episode of extreme slow updates just seemed to add more nails to an already sealed coffin.

  • Sai

    Atleast they are giving the update even if it is late !My Moto g turbo indian version which is not even 15 months old not getting the update!They just delayed it!Not fair at their part:(

  • Alex De La Rosa

    I’m beyond done with Moto phones. My Moto X Pure still has 6.0 with a march security patch which is beyond pathetic for any manufacturer. My Honor 8 is arriving tomorrow thankfully

    • Richard Gerard

      Funny, exactly what I bought.. Honor 8 to me, so far is a lot better.. Definitely better looking too.

      • Alex De La Rosa

        I actually got the Honor 8 two weeks ago. I love it.


    I already running Nougat on G4+ and Moto Z, So No Complain…..

  • Noufal Tariq

    Going to throw this moto in trash bin and switch over to samsung or apple maybe they are supportive with thier customers moto didn’t reply to my tweets and yold me to wait for the past 8 months

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Yes updates matter when buying a phone, and yes Lenovo has put me off buying a moto phone ever. I’ll rather stick with Samsung who at least is making an effort… Rather the devil you know… Until something better comes along.

  • Shubham Raghawant

    Hey, I have been using Moto X Play and I’m enjoying the phone. But when the launch of android NOGUAT was done, I was so happy that my phone will get the update quicker than other company phones. But reading this article I’m not sure about the update. I’m waiting since 5 months. I really felt very sad because I live pure stock experience. Motorola what are you doing???? 😥😥😥

  • rngwrm

    i’ve had a friend’s g4 play sitting on my desk since december to set up and play around w/ until he decides he’s ready to ditch the iphone. i’d hoped the nougat update would roll out before he switches, but instead it’s still sitting on 6.0.1 and the july 1 security patch. that’s pretty bad. the crappy zte that at&t gave me for free is patched up to november 1.

  • X-Moto Engineer

    I will assume that no one writing this article or posting comments has worked in smartphone hardware or software development using Qualcomm SoCs, supplying these updates to multiple network providers? If you had, you would have an understanding that software updates is very difficult and resource intensive. Having worked for Motorola for a very long time, I have direct experience with doing this. First of all, a lot of help is needed from Qualcomm to provide software for the updates. Second, engineers are needed to integrate, build and test the software. Testing is not trivial. You can’t just boot it up and call it a day. Third, it must be cleared to ship to customers by each and every network provider that it goes to. This all takes people, time and lots of money. In case you didn’t know, Motorola has gone from 2500 people to 600 people no less than 2 years. You can thank Lenovo for this.

    • Richard Gerard

      Agree.. Lenovo destroyed the Motorola name.. They have enough workers to put out a new phone every other week but no OS support.. Saving a penny today and losing a dollar tomorrow doesn’t work. They won’t be a major player anymore.

  • Daishi

    Here’s the thing – how many people out there that have purchased a phone outside of tech enthusiasts even care about what OS version their phone is running? Does the phone still do what it’s supposed to do? Me, I’m in the same boat as the rest of the gadget people. I like and look forward to updates. More often than not, I’ve been underwhelmed by each version of Android. None of the updates left me with a *whiz-bang* feeling of excitement. I have a feeling that I’ll have the same experience with Nougat if and when my Moto XPE receives the update. Lollipop gave crackly noise from my OG Moto X speakers. My phone is working perfectly fine on Marshmallow. I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything…

  • Omraj Karekar

    I own one Moto X Style and ya it’s truly very disappointing for me. I use love this brand Motorola until Lenovo took over it. They just spoilt it, which once was among the great brands.
    Before buying this phone I had two choices, Oneplus Two and this Moto X Style. My main focus was on camera and stock android experience which was claimed by Moto to this phone when it was launched. But sadly that’s not d case anymore. And processor compared to oneplus 2, I had no issues as snapdragon 808 had done great on LG G4.
    Motorola had designed this phone as their higher end flagship with very premium like finishing with great built quality, and there was Moto X play which was launched just before that and comparatively way cheaper, slower processor, poor looks, etc., That phone gets OTA update for VoLTE and Moto X Style/pure didn’t which makes me even more disappoint.
    I totally lost my craze or that respect I had to the Company and this is my last Motorola phone and because lenovo took it n just spoilt it, I won’t even think of buying any lenovo phone in future. Unless they take some great step to do something great in coming future which will change my and many Moto X Style owner’s mind, who feels the same. But for now and for me that’s very disappointing.

  • Peter

    We should stop calling them motorola. Lenovo should be named and shamed in the headline.

  • Brent Isaacs

    I’m already over it. I wanted to love this phone, but it has only disappointed me. Between the slow updates and piss-poor battery life, I just upgraded to the MI Max for 200 bucks. I get 9 hours of screen time instead of 2. Way to kill the dream Lenovo….

    • sdrgsd

      2 hrs? Wow, I get 4,5 easily.

  • Paul Russell

    Levono needs to get their shit together and get Nougat update out the door. When I was deciding on what phone I was going to upgrade to last year, the two front runners were the Nexus 5X & the Moto X Force. I chose the Moto because I felt that I would get quick updates like a Nexus but with OEM features like microSD storage expansion. And while Marshmallow was available when it arrived in February, I’ve yet to see Nougat. Now I might be going with another OEM for my next upgrade

    • Richard Gerard

      Tell me about It.. When I heard that moto g3 wasn’t getting nougat, I bought a new G4 Plus.. It was due for update end of 2016. Had enough with a lying Company.. Sold my G4.. Now I have a Honor 8.. A much better phone and nougat update is sooner than motorola / Lenovo crap.

  • Richard Gerard

    Because motorola’s is almost stock Android is even more of a reason it should’ve been updated right after Nexus and Pixel.. Motorola /Lenovo are too busy putting out a new phone every other week.. I just sold my moto G4 plus. They can keep their products and broken promises.. Buy a Huewai Honor.. They are up and coming and improved tremendously.

  • Celly C

    Meanwhile I’m still here on my LG G4, waiting for AT&T to release MM 6.0.1…

  • Kevin Potts

    The last 5 phones I bought were all Moto. Always enjoyed the quick updates and features. Was thinking about the new z…Guess I will be getting that pixel after all.

  • patrick

    Spending that extra $100-150 on the Nexus 6p over the Moto X Pure was a good choice.

  • Benjamin Haube

    I used to be a big fan of Motorola, but now, under Lenovo, it’s gone to crap.

  • Ronald Sims

    Time to root and install TruPure. At least it has 7.0.

  • Tabrez Nagaralli

    Lenovo is really ruining Motorola.
    Time isn’t so far it will become like Sony.
    no one will buy their products. specially after sales service sucks

  • Bob

    Although Motorola is by the best, most superior manufacturer of ’em all, their upgrade, update reputation isn’t upto scale. I waited a full one year and more in India to receive 5.0, 5.1 from 4.4.4 in Y2015 after 5.0 got released – happened during the takeover period. But I blame the fragmented nature of Android itself .. it still is despite the Pixels so why point fingers at Lenovo only?. I hope Lenovo’s bureaucratic ways don’t make it worse – thats my one hope for the supreme Motorola.

  • sdrgsd

    What I dont understand is, ALL @Moto_GER’s tweets say “we’re working on it”. Then, HOW do you tell that it’ll take another FOUR months? Like, what is that based on? If you’re working on an issue, you either say 2 weeks, or that you don’t know. Already postponing the update by 4 months basically says that they’re working on jack shit and are using their man power for different things. Come on man, they’ve had 9 months already. NO MORE MOTO FOR ME EVER!

  • Allison Warburg

    This is what I would like to see in a Moto X 4th Generation:

    Keep the dual speakers

    Dimple with finger scanning


    More RAM for course

    Expandable storage still available

    Better battery Life

    Wireless Charging

    AMOLED (If the price is right)

    Stock Android (No bloatware)

    This wouldn’t stop me from getting the phone if it had all the features above: REGULAR UPDATES!!!!!!!

    In all honestly not all of us want the Moto Mods and love the Moto X. You would definitely keep my loyalty in buying your brand, as long as you listen to what your customers want. THIS IS WHAT WE WANT!

  • Big Steve

    Yep, I don’t understand it, Moto X Pure runs a virtually pure version of Android. Lenovo should have no problem porting it to the Moto X unless they are trying to load down Android N with a lot of new proprietary features and junkware, in which case I’d rather stay with Android 6.