Motorola bringing two new phones to Brazil – a low-end Razr D1 and a mysterious mid-ranger

by: AdrianMarch 13, 2013

Motorola Razr D1

It’s been a while since we last saw Motorola unveiling a new smartphone, and, as much as we’d like to think otherwise, the X Phone won’t be out for a couple more months. But that shouldn’t stop Moto from enriching its low-end and mid-range classes, especially in emerging markets like Africa or South America.

The latter (or, more specifically, Brazil) is apparently going to receive two Motorola phones later today, based on a little teaser posted on Facebook. Both new members of the Razr family are wrapped in mystery, but at least one of them seems to have been leaked early.

Dubbed Razr D1, this is a smaller and more modest cousin of the Razr M and i. According to a number of local retailers, including Walmart’s Brazilian branch, the D1 is to boast a 3.5-inch 480 x 320 pix res display and an undetailed dual-core 1 GHz processor (probably a Snapdragon).

That definitely puts the little guy at the base of the Android food chain, but hey, it could have been worse – that chip could have been single-core. Other “known” features include a 5 MP camera (meh!), 4 GB of on-board storage (bleah!), but also 1 GB of RAM and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (wow!).

Motorola Brazil

The 1,785 mAh battery sounds pretty sub-par, but given D1’s petite low-res screen and probably not very snappy CPU, it should perform at least decently. There’s also talk of “guaranteed” software support, but we’re unsure if that includes an upgrade to the next major version of Android, 5.0 Key Lime Pie, or if it only refers to 4.2.

In terms of design, the D1 is not only a tad unrefined, but also quite chunky, reportedly weighing in at a full 120 grams while measuring 10 mm in thickness. Oh, well, at least it’s probably going to be relatively cheap, at no more than R$600 (US$300) in an unlocked flavor.

Meanwhile, that second phone teased on Facebook remains a very tough nut to crack. Basically, we know nothing about it, but rumor has it it’s going to be a little more technically impressive than the D1.

Brazil has already received the 4.3-inch Intel-powered Razr i, so also bringing the M wouldn’t make much sense. In which case we could be dealing with a second entirely new handheld.

Anyone from Brazil excited about this new Moto duo? Disappointed?

  • The cheap smartphones are not popular because the population is poor, but because the high-end prices are exorbitant. For example iPhone 5 – R$ 2,600.00 ~ 3500.00 (US$ 1300.00 ~ 1750.00); Samsung Galaxy S III / LG Optimus G / Nokia Lumia 900: R$ 2,000.00 (US$ 1,000.00 ). Now, want to see a smarphone cheap? LG Optimus L3 II: R$ 549.00 (US$ 275.00); That is, our LG Optimus L3 II sounds like a Nexus 4 for you; And a iPhone 5, like Google Glass for developers. See the difference? I am really very angry because of this large amount of taxes on our products.

    • Magneira

      Yes, you are correct, people have the money and the will to buy high end devices, but the prices are exorbitant, this is why I imported through a friend my beloved Nexus 4!

  • Flavio

    Smartphones here in Brazil are always much more expensive than in the US due to higher taxes charged by our hungry government. Because of this, the Razr D1 price tag is a bit lower than its equivalents in brazilian market. In addition, Jelly Bean and 1 Gb Ram for a low end device here is something almost unheard of. I think it’s going to sell quite well if well marketed.

  • Naga Appani

    I still do not understand why Motorola makes devices exclusive to Carrier and Country, It obviously makes the whole process a lot slower.. Come on Moto, be the change we want to see, and grow up… I though this would die under new Google’s leadership, but still I read these articles!!!! huh!!!