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When Google bought Motorola Mobility, the thought on everyone’s mind was that Google would make some improvements. When Motorola Mobility didn’t get any better, the consensus was that it would take some time for Google to make changes. Now we are stating to see some of those changes.

They aren’t the changes we all expected. Google’s first order of business for Motorola was to shut down a number of their websites. As The Next Web reports, Google said they would be making cuts to Motorola Mobility. The websites going down was part of that.

Thus, the websites in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East were all cut off. Instead, visitors will see a message similar to the one in the picture above. They have closed down the product sites but the support sites are to remain open. They also link customers to a product page. Along with it comes a warning that products on the product page may not be available in certain countries.

So what does this mean for Motorola Mobility?

It means that Google is finally starting to reshape the struggling Motorola. As Chinese website Sina reports, Motorola Mobility was struggling long before Google bought them. The only difference between then and now is that now Motorola Mobility is costing Google money. Google didn’t get to be the second biggest tech company by wasting money.

The move definitely isn’t what everyone was hoping for. After all, we were all dreaming of Motorola Nexus devices. Meanwhile, Google was making strategic cuts to save the company money. The websites going down is likely just the beginning of these cuts.

Perhaps the worst part is that we’re back to the waiting game. It will likely be a long time before the reshaping of Motorola is complete. At the very least, we can say there was a definite beginning to Google changing Motorola.

Was shutting down the websites and making cuts to Motorola a smart move by Google? Tell us what you think.

Joe Hindy
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  • shaz

    Thats good to hear as no buddy buys Moto phones in India
    Even there hadware is outdated bring razr hd maxx with nexus4 spec

    • shaz2

      **nobody buys
      **their hardware

    • abir

      hmm yea true, motorola haven’t been competitive in the indian market since the moto zarr(flip) era, they have just too shy in my opinion, they have always made good products in my opinion but……….. oh well most mobile models dont make it to india anyway

  • HellG

    The problem is that the developing countries is where android sells like hot cakes i dont know if its the right move or not but i sure hope that these financial advisers who asked them to do so didnt fuck them over

    • Evan Wickes

      Even tho Android is selling like crazy in developing countries, many of these phones are a Gingerbread OS from a local Indian brand. I’m sure not many people can afford JB from a major US company. I think it makes sense to shut down these sites since they obviously dont produce very much revenue.