Motorola revises its Jelly Bean and ICS update timeline

by: Bams SadewoDecember 7, 2012


Those darn Jelly Bean promises. Sometimes manufacturers and carriers surprise us by rolling out the latest software update for our Android phones and tablets ahead of schedule, but most of the times we have to take a long, deep breath due to delays and more delays.

In case you’ve been keeping a watch on Motorola’s Android software upgrade schedule, you might be interested to know that the list has just been updated.

We have to say that this time it’s not that a drastic of a revision. The three new Droid phones have gotten their Jelly Bean updates, while the Atrix HD is going to get upgraded to Android 4.1 this month — so these are reflected on the new timeline. As for the Motorola Electrify M, it’s now set to receive the jelly-flavored software in Q1 2013.

Here’s the full list for U.S. customers:

And for folks in Canada:

Do you see your device up there? Looking forward to get the new update – ICS or Jelly Bean – soon? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Shubham Aggarwal

    I have a Canadian Razr XT910. Good to know it will be getting official Jelly Bean! :D

    • thartist

      FVCK YES IT IS!!!!!!! I’m from south america and have been depressed to find out that it wouldn’t get an upgrade, but with the canadian list it’s a fact; it will be flashed with whatever semi-compatible leaked rom i can get my hands on!

  • mallish kumar

    I hav xt910 of indian version made by china (motorola). Stil i am not getting update for jelly bean. Wen wil it come for my model

  • Denny101

    I have a droid maxx xt912 and still have yet to get the upgrade. Motorolas schedule started in June… is now almost Jan 1 ,2013

  • The June Date was for ICS. Q1 of 2013 is when Jelly Bean rolls out to us RAZR folks