Motorola Germany

Looking to buy a new Motorola tablet or smartphone in Germany? Good luck with that. You can thank the Microsoft patent battles against Motorola for the lack of purchase options being offered. In order to comply with injunctions against it, Motorola made the decision to pull most of its current inventory.

Both at brick-and-mortar and online stores you will find only three devices for sale right now: the Motorola Razr i, the Motorola Razr HD and the Motorola Gleam+. According to a Motorola PR person, this will give them time to rework the software and remove any infringing patents. How long the handsets will be gone remains a mystery for the time being.

A full-scale take-down of products is never good news for any company. Considering Motorola’s strong association with Google (considering they own it), it is even more embarrassing to see this happen. Motorola has continually lost several major patent battles in Germany against both Microsoft and Apple, so this isn’t that surprising for those that have followed the trials. Doesn’t mean it isn’t disappointing to see, though.

The good news is that the Razr i and Razr HD are both very capable and exciting smartphones that are coming out in the near future. At least the very best from Motorola will be represented going forward. Are you a German Motorola fan? What do you think of this new development, does it affect your opinion of Motorola or not?

Andrew Grush
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  • Motorola isn’t really popular here. Most go for Samsung or HTC, some for Sony. But Motorola? Motorola can do some nice hardware but Motorola was also treating Europe like a 2nd class country for years. They weren’t already good with updating their phones years ago even in the US, but here in Germany it was even worser. Sometimes phones in the US got an update and we didn’t saw it even a year later.

    So currently it won’t really harm them here since not many look at Motorola and they aren’t doing such big ad campains here as they do in the US. I’m looking forward to them in 1-2 years when we can hopefully see the first impacts of Google on Motorola since I really like their hardware but it will take some time to change something in this company and its strategies.
    About patents in general…this won’t harm any company if a products goes away from the market. Usually people buy it then even more since they hate the current patent system.