Low-cost Motorola DVX coming to Republic Wireless next month?

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 23, 2013

Motorola X Phone Ad

Just last week, we learned that the Moto X was on its way to Republic Wireless for an impressive price of just $299 with no contract. While this alone is a pretty solid deal, what if you are looking for an even cheaper handset to use with Republic Wireless? If a new leaked image proves correct, you’ll get your chance with the upcoming Motorola DVX.

First spotted by Android Police earlier today, a photo released by Republic Wireless’ parent company (Bandwidth.com) spills the beans on the company’s plans to offer the DVX sometime this October. The slide also mentioned that the Motorola Defy XT will soon see a price cut, as early as this Thursday.

Not at all surprising, Bandwidth.com has since edited the photo making the slide unreadable. Luckily, the original is still floating around the web, as seen below.


So what do we actually know about the Motorola DVX? First, it is said to be a “low-cost alternative” to the Moto X, and so it will likely offer at least some of the Moto X’s special features. Second, the handset is believed to have recently passed through the FCC, which at least proves the handset is real. Beyond that, we know little about the Motorola DVX in terms of specs or even pricing.

If priced right and spec’d right, would you be interested in picking up a lower-cost version of the Moto X?

  • wezi427

    They should have been doing this kind of pricing from the get go.

  • It really depends on what they cut to make the cheaper price. I really like the Moto X, but can’t justify the $600 to get one unlocked for T-Mobile. If the main difference is a smaller screen, say 4.3″, I might even prefer the cheaper model.

  • NTD

    I’m really wondering the price. I recommend RW, but they take a bit of ‘work’ due to the wifi offload. Moto X is only $299 on RW and plans start so how cheap will the DVX be?!? With cellular, at $10/mo and you may switch which plan you are on 2X per month (pro-rated)! ($5 to ‘park you number’ on wifi only per month or $40/mo for 4G throttled after 1/2GB.)

    Downside is there is a delay to call initiation. I’m so looking forward to the new Motos. The Defy XT was out of date when new…

    YellowRex, the differences include the screen, probably (but not certain) the processor/GPU, and loss of the 4G (and probably 802.11AC). If you are on Republic Wireless, the wifi matters…