October 12, 2010
Motorola Droid Terminator

Motorola Droid Terminator

There are rumors floating around regarding a new super-smart-phone from Motorola, running by the name of Droid Terminator. This device is alleged to offer a dual-core processor running on NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 platform. Indeed, if the rumors are to be believed, this device will be the flagship device for the upcoming release of Gingerbread. Part of the reason why this device is receiving so much attention is because of the non-disclosure agreements everyone has signed. Big deal. It’s a new phone that’s faster and cooler than the others, so Motorola do not want to cannibalize their holiday season sales by banging on about it now. This is the same deal as every other year form nearly every other manufacturer, to be honest.

Matt Wuebbling, Product Marketing Director of Mobile Business at NVIDIA, is quoted stated ““Yes, we are working with Motorola. If you have questions, please check with Motorola, as we’re under NDA.”

[Source: Android and Me]

James Tromans
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