Motorola DROID RAZR vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus — The Ultimate Android Battle

by: Matthew SabatiniOctober 18, 2011

October 18 and 19 may just be ordinary, ho-hum days in previous years–but not this year.  With Motorola and Samsung set to hold events on the October 18 and October 19, respectively, these two days might just change the smartphone market forever.

Motorola Mobility, the recent merger company with Google, is expected to launch the “faster, thinner, smarter, stronger” Android smartphone yet–the Motorola DROID RAZR (a.k.a., the Motorola DROID HD or the Motorola Spyder)–on October 18.  A few hours after, Samsung and Google are expected to launch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in Hong Kong on October 19.


Both Android smartphones are expected to carry Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich right out of the box. To say that that is delicious is to completely understate things.  Yet, even if Ice Cream Sandwich sets an even playing field at the operating system level, what does each phone have over the other?  Read on to find out.

Galaxy Nexus Specs vs DROID RAZR Specs

Samsung Galaxy NexusMotorola DROID RAZR
OSAndroid 4.0 Ice Cream SandwichAndroid 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Processordual-core, 1.2 GHzdual-core, 1.2 GHz
CarrierVerizon and CDMA VerizonVerizon
Pricein line with current market pricesin line with current market prices
Internal Storage16 GB to 32 GB (estimated)16 GB to 32 GB (estimated)
Display4.65 inches (1280×720) HD Super AMOLED4.3 inches Super AMOLED qHD 960×540 (PenTile)
Camera5 MP, with LED flash8 MP, with LED flash
Video1080p Full HD1080p Full HD
Front CameraYesYes
Memory1 GB1 GB
External StoragemicroSDmicroSD
App StoreYes (estimated 500,000+ apps)Yes (estimated 500,000+ apps)
4G Capable?YesYes
Weight129 gramsunknown
Height123.9 mmunknown
Width63 mmunknown
Depth9 mmThinnest phone on the Market?
Battery1,750 mAhunknown
Unveiling/LaunchOctober 19October 18
Release/AvailabilityOctober 27 (rumored)no data

Pros and Cons

Display: The displays on both devices are relatively similar. The DROID RAZR is speculated to be packing a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display .  Therefore, whether or not the extra 0.35 inches on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus matters to you is purely your own concern. However, since the Galaxy Nexus is a Samsung device, it will most certainly be taking home the prize for best display.

Operating System: Both devices should be packing Android’s new version, Ice Cream Sandwich. Although no authoritative information about it is available yet, Ice Cream Sandwich has been caught on camera.

Camera: Originally, the Galaxy Nexus was rumored to carry a camera of 8 MP or more. Now, those rumors have moved down towards 5 MP. On the other hand, the DROID RAZR is almost certain to have an 8-MP camera. However, don’t count out the Galaxy Nexus just yet. Although megapixels are the only advertised quality in a smartphone’s camera, lenses are far more important.

And the Winner Is…

I swear Motorola and Samsung could not have made it harder for me to choose. Both phones are set to be announced one day after the other and the specifications are nearly identical. Ice Cream Sandwich, Super AMOLED, Verizon network, and dual-core processors are all characteristics that these devices share.

Therefore, we have a truly close battle on our hands that is literally unraveling  in a few hours. With Android taking the lead in the smartphone market, manufacturers are pushing technology to the limit to create the best smartphone out there. In the upcoming months, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola DROID RAZR, and the rumored Samsung Galaxy S III could be sitting in your hands.

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  • Jubjubrsx

    I thought super amoled screens were samsung not motorola, everything i’ve read says the razr will be a qhd screen LCD not super amoled+…granted nothing is confirmed i’d bet it will have a LCD 1280×720 screen

    • Anonymous

      a qhd samoled+ is entirely possible

    • We’re quite confident that it will be a Super AMOLED display, and that it will come with a resolution of 960×540 qHD. A first for Motorola – Samsung has ramped up production hard.

  • Fred

    Motorola for their build quality, battery life and Blur value-added

    • lqqmpp

      Did you see the drop test between SGSII and iPhone 4S? Also Galaxy Nexus is reported to have no bloatware. That to me is win.

      • Fred

        Build quality isn’t just about drop tests (SGSII is good at this, but Moto phones are quite good as well) ; the feeling in the hand is really important (for example, iPhone 4 without bumper is awful to me). For me in this area, HTC and Motorola are the best manufacturers ;-)

        About software, Nexus is obviously a great label with a pure experience :)

  • Anonymous

    If you want an ugly phone, get the Moto.

  • Blewis1041

    The Specs for the RAZR keep getting overwritten by advertising. Can you please fix that?

  • Josiah120

    Ummm author of this article the Droid Razr Os is not Ice Cream Sanwhich(android 4.0) what are you talking about??

  • Anonymous

    Uh, both are using PenTile, the RAZR is on Gingerbread until 2012, and the Prime doesn’t have microSD. Prime also comes in LTE and HSPA versions not “Verizon and CDMA” since Verizon uses CDMA for 3G as a fallback when 4G isn’t available just like Sprint.

    Additionally, you forget to mention the RAZR is using OMAP 4430 while the Prime is using 4460. Aside from camera and potentially the battery life, I don’t see where the RAZR is in any way better spec or software wise. Aesthetics are subjective, but Prime also wins in that department for me.

    Overall, this article is very poorly researched even though all the information is readily available.

  • L3jay87

    I use to use orb but now I am using the motorola zumocast and love it. The locked bootloader is a big downer so thats a major point for the prime

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