Android 4.0 ICS is now finally available for Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx

by: AdrianJune 30, 2012

After way too many delays and broken promises, as well as a fistful of rumors and speculations that proved to be inaccurate, Motorola has just (barely) made it on providing the much awaited Android 4.0 ICS update for the Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx by the end of Q2.

Moto promised its customers to have the upgrade live “sometime in Q2” more than a month ago, and, with just a few hours before the official beginning of the year’s third quarter, RAZR and RAZR Maxx owners can now taste their first scoops of Ice Cream Sandwich.

The update’s rollout was announced on Twitter yesterday by Scott Charlston, one of Verizon’s PR representatives, and, based on feedback from several RAZR and RAZR Maxx users, ICS has in fact hit phones a few hours after midnight.

To take the software leap, you’ll have to manually update, so don’t wait for an automatic prompt message from Moto and instead go to your phone’s settings menu. By clicking “about” and then “system settings” you should reach a juicy new software package, which will bring you a whole new UI, a bunch of new and exciting features (including Face Unlock), but also a number of very important bug fixes, improved stability and performance (more details in the video below).

The Twitter announcement from yesterday did however mention that “beginning Saturday, June 30”, RAZR and RAZR Maxx customers will be able to update their phones to ICS, so if there’s nothing new when manually checking for an upgrade, you might still have to wait a few days more.

Have you received the Android 4.0 update? How does your phone feel now? Are you happy that the upgrade finally took place, or are you still disgruntled with Motorola and Verizon for all of the delays?

  • bob

    Got it by manual update 2:00am est in Eden NC. Took around 45 minutes from update available to running.

  • vincent

    I <3 ice cream

  • Waiting

    Still not available in the Tampa Bay area.

    • Randy

      I live in Lutz and got it this morning.

      • Doug

        Received in Tampa 30 Jun @1300 local. Failed install after two download tries. Kept getting a “validation error” after each download.

        Found other blog posts recommending FDR (factory data reset), and then the download. Worked like a champ after that..ICS up and running and looks great on my Maxx.

  • pedroskitty

    Nothing up here in canada…

  • We are smartphone users. Believe it or not, we know how to run these phones. We also know and understand when there are problems, delays and issues surrounding any upgrade. What is harder to swallow is the lack of communication from the companies involved in any upgrade but this should be a template for what companies shouldn’t do in the future.

    The lack of communication from Motorola and Verizon leads to customers (who were promised ICS at purchase and needless to say looking forward to being some of the first customers with it, as it is we are some of the last) creating rumors and fostering expectations that were not valid. When these rumors indeed turned out to be false it leads to customer frustration.

    All Motorola and Verizon had to do was simple. Update their websites a couple times a month. Motorola saying at the beginning of the year, it will come out in Q2, does nothing but be vague. You can still be vague and communicate. Something like, “We heard the rumors, they are false, we are still on track, thanks for your patience” would have gone a long long way.

    Then there is Verizon. If they would have just explained what the wait was, that would have gone a long long way too.

    We can have patience, we can have understanding, but if Motorola and Verizon could have just talked to us, we would have applause for ICS instead of “It’s about time.”

    By the way, my update came and it is fantastic. I’m very pleased with the product, just not the road to get it.

    • Tbarner

      “looking forward to being some of the first customers with it, as it is we are some of the last ”

      You are still one of the first to get it. Before this release only 7-9% of Android devices had it available. So you are among the first 10-15% to get it, not the last.

      Yes, it took longer than I anticipated too, but dramatic inaccuracies destroy credibility.

    • js6571

      I agree. Not professional in replying to customers.

  • d

    go into settings and look for a update. it should be there

  • Got it at 3 am in MA, up and running clean!

  • Leo

    Got it at 6:00am Pacific time, looks great.

  • RazrICSny

    Got ICS @4am EST. Pretty awesome so far. :)

  • SuperStew

    Haven’t got it in Mobile, Al. yet :(

    • mike

      Did you go to Settings>About Phone>System Updates? im pretty sure its there waiting fro you

  • Anthony Sadler

    Got mine @ 1am this morning and love it!!! ICS cools down the 100+ degree weather here in Nashville, TN

  • Daemien

    Hey guys I need help, so like after I got the ice cream sandwhich update for my DROID RAZR my phone has been acting up like just freezing randomly, and it won’t let me get into my messages so can you guys help me out, please? :)

    • kento812

      I had the same issue. Went to Verizon and got another sim card. Huge help.

  • Michael Man

    I got it at about 9:30 pm in Colorado! Love it! My phone runs great!!!!!! I love ice cream!

  • Lance

    That was the longest 2 weeks ever i was told by Verizon on January 26 I would have the update within 2 weeks and I got it this morning June 30

  • BeAnn

    Got it! My camera roll was erased! And my screen keeps shaking badly. :(

  • panazer

    what about in middle east??

  • js6571

    I miss the old scrolling. Ics scrolling is a little slow.

  • stimp490

    i got my update at 11 am cetral…. it’s sweet! Little Rock,AR

  • Krim

    i got mine this morning around 11 am, cincinnati ohio .. love it its like a whole new phone

  • Kevin

    Don’t like the scrolling at all in ICS, its slower and more choppy. There used to be an option in gingerbread to long press on a phone number on a web page and select “send SMS” text message and this function is not present in ICS.

  • Help

    I got my update downloaded flawlessly, but when i installed it my screen went black… going to Verizon in the morning. Any ideas

  • jerseyg1rl

    still haven’t received mine in CT.

  • IN

    I updated manually. Love the layout but the scrolling is annoying and choppy.

  • wsomar

    ICS update OK, but lost some settings in the process which made it a bit annoying. My biggest disappointment is the vehicle dock app. They added more capability / more customization, but it’s buggy. 1) It sometimes fails to launch when docking; 2) Would launch Verizon Navigator automatically – which I did not want and had to permanently disable; 3) Display turns off automatically while in vehicle mode – didn’t happen with old one; 4) Compass heading is now very small and very difficult to read while driving. 5) Different voice on the turn-by-turn instructions (though this might be Google Maps and not ICS). I have not tried the home dock yet, but I will find “features” don’t care for.

  • Bryan solo

    ics 4.04=fail, flash problems crippled my favorite browsers, constant roaming problems. Someone said ‘like a new phone’, yah a new crappy phone, I liked my old phone much better. Thinking about rooting phone to try to fix OS issues.

  • atif hussain

    Got my razr maxx gsm ;updated to ics last night took abt 3 hours getting the update ota .Instaaled it slowd down my phone. Then i cleared the cash and every thing is ice cream sandwich now.

  • atif hussain

    If u r not getting the fluid performance or having problems after updating ur razr maxx gsm to ics.
    Then pls try the clear cache process it really does wonders.

  • Daniel

    This update screwed up my phone. After the update my phone freezes on boot up and freezes on the android logo and ive tried several different ways to try and fix it and it doesnt work. this update ruined my phone