Despite the supposed “death grip” issues that should have pushed back the releases of the Droid Razr HD and Razr Maxx HD until after Black Friday, it now seems that Verizon is all ready to put the duo up for grabs.

According to “several sources” close to Droid-Life, Big Red has “begun training” for both devices and will launch them as soon as next week, on the 18th. None of the two devices is currently listed on Verizon’s website as coming soon or available for pre-order though, so we wouldn’t get our hopes too high.

The carrier is also stubbornly keeping the old Razr and Razr Maxx prices high (despite “special deals” from other retailers), so there’s still a good chance that the rumors are false or that Verizon will only start taking pre-orders for the new Moto high-end phones on October 18 with the actual launch happening later on.

Another scenario would have only the Razr HD launch next week, considering that the phone is already up for grabs in Canada, so the antenna issues should have been solved by now. In that case, either the Razr HD Maxx encountered more severe signal problems than its “cousin” (although that doesn’t really make sense), or Moto simply needs more time to work on the monster phone.

In any case, Verizon’s pricing for the new Droid Razr duo seems to be almost set in stone. The Razr HD is therefore expected to go for $199.99, while the Maxx HD should start at $299.99 (both prices with two-year contracts). Rogers does have the Razr HD up for sale for as low as $99.99, but the Canadian carrier is asking adopters of the phone to pen a lengthier 3-year contract.

And talking about Rogers, we should tell you that the Razr HD is still only available from the carrier’s brick and mortar stores. No news on when the phone will become available online, but before anything you should know that Motorola Canada is currently holding a Twitter contest offering a free Razr HD LTE to a lucky follower. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is tell Moto how you would take advantage of the phone’s “all-day battery” by using the #Alldaybattery hashtag. Good luck!

  • Batman

    Oct18 that would be great news. I wonder though what will the full retail price be. Especially the maxx hd version.

    • Drew

      $299 for MAXX and $199 for regular

    • Robin

      I’m with you on that too. I figure to be keeping this phone for awhile so it would be nice to keep the unlimited data just just pay the full retail.

    • Jared Persinger

      Probably $650 but if you sell your phone you can probably get at least $250

      • Batman

        I have the HTC one x. not sure what people will pay for it on craigslist but you are probably right. Also haven’t found anyone selling their unlimited Verizon plan yet in my area which sucks. might have to go with page plus.

  • Drew

    just left the verizon store and the rep showed me an email confirming the 18th for all sales channels!

    • lio

      Are u serious!!!?

  • Jared Persinger

    Alright I’m getting this in a couple of weeks then

  • Mercury Rising

    $299 for the Maxx HD is kind of high.. It only has more battery capacity, no other special features.. $250 would be more reasonable.

    • Razr Maxx

      Razr HD has 16 GB and the Razr MAXX HD has 32 GB

  • Jason

    I got a MAXX HD on the 18th and it died two days later. Verizon replaced the it for me and the replacement died the same day! They obviously don’t have the kinks worked out!!!

  • Diamond

    my mom is getting the razr hd maxx but isnt sure any ideas on if she should or not??