Motorola Droid Mini official: All the power of a Droid, in a ‘mini’ package

by: Andrew GrushJuly 23, 2013


As previously expected, Motorola and Verizon have now unveiled their next-gen Droid handsets!

Not only do all of the latest Motorola Droid handsets feature solid specs, Motorola also seems to understand that not everyone wants or needs super-sized handsets. Besides the Droid Ultra and Droid Maxx, Verizon is also introducing the Droid Mini.

Unlike most “mini” handsets on the market today, the Droid Mini promises to be “compact without compromise”.

This is a refreshing change of pace, because it means that getting a ‘compact’ phone finally doesn’t mean getting a piece of junk.  The only possible ‘compromise’ here could be the display, which trades the 5-inch 720p display for a 4.3-incher. Of course if you’re looking for a smaller phone, that’s an obvious and expected trade off.

Unlike most “mini” handsets on the market today, the Droid Mini promises to be “compact without compromise”.

The Motorola Droid Mini not only has the same 10MP camera as its brothers, but even boasts the intriguing Motorola X8 mobile computing system.

This new eight-core unit that consists of a quad-core GPU, a dual-core CPU, a single-core contextual computing processor and a single-core natural language processor.

The Mini will also feature a voice-based Touchless Control system, as previously hinted by a leaked ad storyboard. This feature allows you to get directions, search, open apps and make phone calls – totally hands-free.

The Droid Mini will launch for $99 on August 20th, alongside its pricier brothers. All three handsets will also be available for pre-order starting later today at

  • Jean-Claude

    This is all I wanted from a phone my whole life… I’m sold for this

  • Joe Martinson

    Everything I have read has stated that all 3 phones have AMOLED 720p screens. Can you confirm that the Ultra and Ultra Maxx have 1080p?

    • Andrew Grush

      This was an error on my part. All three handsets are in fact 720p devices. Sorry for the confusion!

      • Joe Martinson

        Thanks for clearing it up. Definitely understand how difficult it is to get all the details right when you get 3 phones thrown at you all at once. I’m sure all the details will get nailed down in the next few hours or days as more hands-on experiences are shared.

  • ballac

    “compact without compromise”.
    that’s very good. I hope other companies will follow suit soon.

    it’s an eyesore to see all those “Mini” handset out there with puny spec that bears nothing resemblance to its flagship counterpoarts, except the looks. meh.

  • Ryan Castle

    Samsung, HTC, THIS is what a Mini device truly is. Not a toned-down flagship that only shares name and design with its bigger counterpart.

  • Reaper

    Would be perfect with at least 3000mAh battery. I hope there will be something like Mini-Maxxx, that would be mine phone, I really want a full extra phone, with at least 2 days battery, and not with the size of a pool table… I hope Moto will create it…

  • stuart bennett

    this is the phone I want…finally somw twch designer gets it! full power an specs in a usable phone size,
    ive got a nexus for vids and games, but i want a good phone..
    now i dony live in america so i cant get it via verizon, are these only for verizon or will they become available in the wider world market unlocked a bit later on ?