Motorola Droid Maxx image leaks: capacitive buttons and Kevlar

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 6, 2013

motorola droid maxx leak feature

We know that Motorola is gearing up to unleash the Moto X, but that’s not the only device that the Google subsidiary is preparing to unveil this summer. In addition to a low-cost smartphone codenamed DFX, which is aimed at developing markets, Motorola is also continuing its collaboration with Verizon for the Droid line.

Previous leaks suggested that Moto and Verizon have in the pipeline the Droid Ultra, Droid Ultra Maxx, and Droid Ultra M. Now @evleaks, the prolific purveyor of inside info, came back and clarified that the actual names of the devices are going to be Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, and Droid Mini.

In addition, @evleaks also supplied what may be the first image of the Droid Maxx:

motorola droid maxx leak

Looking at the render, which, according to Android Police, @evleaks thinks is final, it seems that the new line of Droids will not be a major departure from Verizon’s devices from last year. We’re looking at the same Kevlar back, with the aggressive, industrial look that we’ve come to expect from Droid devices. The device features capacitive keys, which is odd, considering that Motorola used onscreen buttons for the Droid Razr Maxx HD, and that Google, the corporate overlord of the company, strongly favors onscreen buttons over capacitive or physical buttons.

Also interesting is the conspicuous absence of Motorola’s or Verizon’s logos. After the HTC One, the Droid Maxx would be the second upcoming device that leaks without a prominent Verizon logo. Did Big Red change its stance on liberally applied logos? We can only hope.

We have to keep in mind that we may be looking at a non-final render or an inaccurate one. With that said, are you satisfied with the design of this Droid Maxx?

  • baby

    That me ? I Nicky from jersey city? U r fuck up ? Nicholas Rosario i don t u share infrormation???

  • Capt. Crunch

    Damn talk about a step backward with those capacitive buttons. The on-screen keys on my RAZR HD rock.

    • Luka Mlinar

      People have mixed feelings when it comes to on screen buttons and off. I personally like them on :/

  • Laborin_HK

    Why move back with the capacitive buttons? WHY? First the galaxy tab series going back to a stupid home button when they’ve used onscreen buttons, now this…

    Sure hope that the rest of the other Motorola phones don’t do this. I want more onscreen button phones…

    • Beans12

      I have an idea! Why don’t manufacturers use two screens like the Samsung Continuum and use the smaller screen for the on-screen buttons?

      • Laborin_HK

        I actually agree on that. That was a good concept, but a flawed execution of it though. If android it self made the bottom navbar have more functions like the tab UI version (clock and notifications at the bottom) it would serve better IMO.

      • dogulas

        Because that is a nightmare for custom ROMs to work with.

  • tony cunlesan

    capacitive buttons are great, they dont cause screen burn like the on-screen keys do. Although I personally still like on screen keys.

    • Markus Ressel

      I understand that some people do like physical buttons, but I personally just want to use some kind of Pie launcher all the time. I just dont want to see any kind of button on the front, yet have all of the screen filled with awesome content.

  • Brian barley

    I hope Motorola’s new line will be easy to root

  • Luka Mlinar

    I never liked the Motorola design pree Google takeover and it looks nothing has changed. It’s kind of cheap and childish. The same as people putting carbon fiber stickers on their phones. Samsung uses cheap feeling plastic but the roundness of their phones is just right. Nexus shape works just as well. This i don’t like.

    • I heard that these are the last devices in Motorola’s agreement with Verizon. The Moto X will look nothing like this. This is Verizon’s childish idea of design at work.

      • Luka Mlinar

        This is good news as far as i am concerned. Thanks!

  • Cal Rankin

    For phones, I really don’t have a tremendous preference to either, but i usually prefer onscreen keys. For tablets, there is no question that I think onscreen is better.

  • I own Motorola razr and I am quite happy with it. The only issue is battery time. Hopefully in the new version it will be better.

  • Nicholas Rosario

    No , I got a huawei ? I dont know this person.