Motorola DROID getting Android 2.2 Froyo?


  • Joest

    Not surprising. It’s the best selling Android phone by far. Verizon is still pushing it as the ‘need-to-get’ phone.

  • James Tromans

    Especially since HTC are upgrading their recent offerings.. Motorola would look silly if they didn’t. The consumer is become more and more shrewd and no longer settles for buying a device and stopping there. They expect regular software updates and support. Without that consumers now get very angry!

  • Mike Schulman

    I’ll be amazed if Verizon releases it before Labor Day.

  • Mark Conquest

    I’ve been waiting for my frozen yogurt to be delivered for too long. I hope in the future updates are delivered in a more timely manner. I’m hoping that I don’t have resort to rooting my phone in order to obtain 2.2.