Motorola Droid Fighter spotted, 4.6-inch HD display goodness

by: Bams SadewoMarch 20, 2012

Motorola Razr Ice Cream Sandwich

Rumors of yet another Motorola Droid phone made their way to the blogosphere several weeks ago, thanks to a leaked screenshot showing upcoming Android smartphones to be released by Verizon. But, back then, we only got a glimpse of a possible name and release date. Dubbed the Motorola Droid Fighter, the third Motorola Droid offering in six months will be made available on Verizon’s network on April 12. Now, we can finally attach a face to Motorola’s feistily-named new Droid.

A grainy image of the supposed Droid Fighter has been uploaded to the Phone HK forum. The device in the picture clearly bares Motorola’s logo on the top and Verizon’s on the bottom. It does appear that Motorola will be sticking with the Razr look for a while, as the Droid Fighter resembles Big M’s super-thin smartphone, save for the missing soft buttons. Thankfully, we are spared from playing the guessing game of how big the screen size would be, since the picture comes with a note that lists it as a 4.6-inch HD display.

Note that the original Droid Razr, which, with its petite 7.1mm waistline, was hailed as the slimmest smartphone in the world, came out in November 2011. Just two months after that, Motorola Mobility decided to treat (or annoy) their customers by releasing the Droid Razr Maxx, which offers an improved battery life, at the cost a slightly thicker casing. Nevertheless, Motorola’s position in the US is a far cry from the glory days of the original Droid, which made Android look cool for the first time.

Motorola might be sharing beds with Google now, but it’s safe to assume we won’t see any drastic changes in the company’s Android lineup and strategy in the near future. We were hoping that the acquisition will help turn things around in the OS updating department, but, instead, Motorola customers will have to settle for a vague Q2 ICS release date (and that’s just for the global version of the phone).

Perhaps, the Droid Fighter will be the first Motorola Droid phone to run Ice Cream Sandwich? What do you think?

  • Guest

    Make the screen 0.3″ bigger… but then make it 0.3″ smaller again… by taking the buttons off the device… and wasting screen space by putting them ON the screen itself. (Even though the bezel has plenty of space for buttons.)

  • Stevious

    Cant wait 4 it to come out

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    They should have kept the off-screen buttons with the 4.6 inch HD Display or they should have put a 4.75 inch HD Display.

  • Tommycloutier

    The droid fighter is not comin out on April 12 on verizon i talk to a owner and they said he never heard about it

    • B!

      “A(n) owner” of what/whom? Owners/managers of carrier stores don’t always know what’s releasing until they get info & even when they have it they won’t give any dets about it because they want the immediate sale/upgrade/activation. And I’m quite sure you haven’t talked to “a owner” of Motorola.

      • sgtguthrie

        Does it matter? They were right. It’s April 12th without so much as a whisper ;-)

    • Snebbir

      No one that works at verizon knows anything more than others. They only hear rumors just like anyone else and dont know about the phone untill the day it is officially announced.

  • Awake0312

    who cares. motorola will put it out in multiple colors changing nothing. verizon gets dogshit once again.

    • Justin19

      Dogshit, minus the fact that Moto has the arguably the most reliable hardware on Big Red’s network. I’ve never had an issue with any of my Moto phones, but my S2 was a POS (the screen was nicer, but the phone was very unreliable), and HTC just cannot make reliable devices. Besides that, how many colors does the iPhone come in? Why would it make a difference if they release the phone in multiple colors. I do think they should slow down releasing devices in such quick succession, which they appear to be doing with this phone.

      By the way… A 1.8 Ghz dual core phone, Super AMOLED Adv HD screen, PowerVRU graphics is not dogshit (unless comparing it to one of Moto’s quad-core phones that hasn’t been released yet).

  • cnerd

    Don’t care what you say. I hink I want it

  • Liltortillaboy

    Im going to guess that this phone will eventually be named the Droid X3.

  • Snoop7bp

    still cant decide on what i should get! droid rzr ma xx…or the droid fighter!?! omg helpp