Motorola DROID Bionic’s 300-dollar Price on Verizon Could Turn Off Buyers

by: Elmer MontejoAugust 19, 2011
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When the Motorola DROID Bionic’s retail price leaked out the other day, we were relatively sure that its carrier-subsidized, on-contract price would leak out soon thereafter. And, true enough, we now have unofficial word for that: US$299.99 with contract and after rebate when the Motorola DROID Bionic rears its head on Verizon on September 8.

The info came through a screenshot of a PDF file showing an updated list of minimum advertised prices (MAP) for devices on Verizon Wireless. A tipster sent the screenshot to Android Central.

Despite the nearly 8-month-long hype surround the Motorola DROID Bionic, a lot of expectant folks were looking forward to a subsidized price around the US$250 mark. The latest leaked price, however, will surely break some people’s hearts.

Considered to be a high-end, top-of-the-line Android smartphone, the Motorola DROID Bionic carries a subsidized price tag substantially higher than what Android users are accustomed to for high-end phones.

Used to paying about US$200 for high-end Android smartphones, potential DROID Bionic buyers may turn their eyes to other upcoming devices that promise an experience more than the DROID Bionic can provide.

One such device is the Google Nexus Prime, reportedly coming out this October together with Android 2.4/4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Another possible scene-stealer for the Motorola DROID Bionic would be the HTC Vigor, said to replace the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon and is rumored to come with a 720p HD display and a 1.5-GHz dual-core processor–plus Verizon’s 4G LTE. Previous reports point to October 5 as the release date for the HTC Vigor.

Does the US$300 price tag for the Motorola DROID Bionic crush your heart? Or do you feel that the DROID Bionic is worth every penny of its minimum advertised price?

Image credit: Android Central

  • Joeblow

    The Bionic’s specs as currently known are 4 months+ old tech. It is in the decline of the top tech cycle, with a new cycle just about to begin. the $300 price might of been ok at the begining of the Dual core 1ghz, 1mb 540×960 cycle, but not near its end. I’ll have to pass on this one if the price or specs don’t change.

  • I agree joeblow, in Feb or Mar we would have gladly paid that amount but even HTC is dropping the Vigor 6 months after the Thunderbolt, it makes the Moto/Verizon stall tactics and revamp stupid marketing. This price tag makes buying this phone irrelevant for a 2 year contract. Moto should have doubled and tripled those specs at this date in time, but we see now that they were too busy being courted by Google for 12.5 billion.

  • Corymcnutt

    There are no dual-core LTE phones out on the market, so I don’t know how you can say this is “old” technology…The Charge was $299 (now $249) so price is in-line with its features. The “next” wave of phones may have a slightly faster processor, but still only dual-core. We will be lucky to see any of those until December…”doubled or tripled specs,” what are you talking about?

    • Joeblow

      Verizon was late in getting a dual core 4g phone to the market, but the world was not. that is why i said 4 months+ old tech, because fact is its not new to the world. I dont expct double or triple that is unrealistic. but if in 1 month or 2 there is a phone that is 1.2-1.5ghz and a 1280×720 display maybe even more ram, why would i want to pay top dollar for something that was matched in specs months ago. and yea i know stuff will always be beat eventualy, but if im paying top $ for something that is suppose to be the best, i dont want it beat in 1 month. 8 months or 6 months sure np, but one? nty
      can u seriously say the dual core 1ghz , 1gb, 540×960 spec era(cell tech eras are about 6-8 months)is not on its way out to be replaced by better? much sooner then later? and alot will be out in NOV cuz of the holiday season.
      Ive been waiting for the bionic since day 1, im still hoping to get it if the specs are better or the price is more reflective of the cell industry as a whole not just verizons slow pace.

  • rondo

    Maybe the next released phones Vigor and Nexus will cost just as much or more! You can’t win