Motorola Droid Bionic ICS update now avaliable to all users

by: Andrew GrushOctober 23, 2012

Motorola Droid Bionic

Recently it was announced that the long wait for Android 4.0.4 was finally over for most Motorola Droid Bionic users. While the rollout originally started last Friday, it had yet to reach everyone. If you haven’t upgraded to ICS, you will be pleased to know that all Bionic owners should have access to the update.

Getting Android 4.0.4 ICS on a smartphone this late in the game is at least a little bit anticlimactic with the unveiling of Android 4.2 just around the corner, but it should still be a welcome enough upgrade for current Bionic owners. So how well does this build work? It seems to depend. While most Droid Bionic users are reporting a positive experience with no bugs or other issues, this isn’t the case for everyone.

Some comments have hit the net suggesting that the update is causing minor glitches, freezing and a few random problems. One user reportedly was unable to connect to his or her cellular network after the update. With that in mind, you might want to proceed with caution.

Have any of our readers upgraded to Android 4.0.4 on the Droid Bionic? If so, did you run into any problems or was it smooth sailing for you?

  • googalabosh

    I am currently upgrading. I will respond later with basic functionality review.

    • mare

      Updated this am and everything is great. Still learning some new stuff but so far no problems whatsoever.

  • Justin Collins

    currently upgrading my Bionic. Will post with functionality review when complete.

  • Arkie Bill

    I was fortunate to get selected to soak test this last week and I’m extremely impressed th the overall performance. This is a tough phone and has survived several drops, splashes and even took a run in my dogs mouth so it looks awful but the ICS upgrade is like having a new phone. It’s very quick, responsive and although I never had much problems with data drops, it continue to streams Pandora on my travels. Compared to my son’s Razr MAXX, I think I got a better deal as I’m missing some of the quirks his has.

  • Ambitious

    Mines still won’t update. In fact, as of about 11am, my network won’t stay connected when I connect to wifi!! The signal is strong, until I connect to the wifi (which has never happened before) And when I try to update over 4G, it just says it is not available at the time.
    I’m trying to remaine calm, but this shit is irritating. A year of nothing but nonsense, and I finally am able to get the update, 4 days after the supposid (sp?) release date and it still is not working.

  • bikerbill12

    Smooth as ice cream ! Works great made it like a new device

  • Michelle

    I’ve been having data connectivity issues since upgrading this morning. Also have had at least one instance that the phone stopped recognizing my SIM card. Obviously this could be a hardware issue but for now I’m proceeding with caution. Will probably be calling Verizon some time in the next few days.

    • Ambitious

      I’ve been having dta issues since this morning as well, but I can’t upgrade because of it.

  • Upgrading now, wish I could have been notified OTA, but glad for the update.

  • Mine will download the update but when i hit install now it shuts my phone off ,goes to the dual core screen,has a pic of the droid guy and a box with an arrow. Then the box turns into a triangle with a exclamation point in it. Then the phone turns on and says software update failed. Tried 5 times??

    • TJ Evans

      Me too … Hey, they only had a year to get it right … #Grumble

      (It sure would be nice if JB was right around the corner … )

    • Vanderhauf

      Are you rooted?

      • Vanderhauf

        I was rooted. I flashed back to .902, then took the .905 update, then took ics update. Thats how I got it to work. I think it has something to do with that root checker and being rooted…but I’m just guessing. Hope this helps.

        • tpkidd3

          Any luck? Similar issues. Though I never ROMed, was rooted. Unrooted, unfrooze apps, factory reset, nothing seems to work. Gets to about 30% and then fails.

    • jay

      keep 2.3 lol. makes life easy

    • I had the same exact problem. Verizon wants to just replace the phone. Is that what you had to do?

  • Sam

    From the soak testing community, i can tell you guys that if you are having problems with cellular reception after the update (Which most people have in the first hour or so), reboot your phone once or twice, then do a battery pull, should then be fixed.
    Also try toggling in and out of Airplane Mode.

    • Alex

      Thank you so much, works.

  • EP

    Not liking some of the changes. Appear to have lost the ability to toggle in between LTE/CDMA & CDMA only and there is no longer an option to ‘charge only’ on USB connections.

  • Justin Collins

    still need to play with some more functions though

  • I upgraded this morning. When I first turned it on it said no service it took a while for it to recognize everything, so I rebooted again, but now it all seems to be fine. The no 3g/4g lte choice was disconcerting because I’ve had data troubles with this phone. I found an app that turns off 4g lte and sets it to 3g. Works fine so far on the Bionic. Some of the widgets for turning on off for blue tooth and airplane mode, etc don’t work, but I found one that did. I wish toggle switches was part of one of the home screens, It is awkward digging for it in settings. Settings is much better organized however. I keep wanting to long press the screen but that only brings up wall paper choices. I finally realized the widgets are a tab in the apps section that drove me crazy for a while when I tried to install widgets. Overall seems to be working well, I think they messed up not including a choice for 3g only; given all the issues Bionic has had with data drops. Hopefully this means they fixed the data issue.

    • K

      Thanks for posting that app. Now I can just use the 3g network which chews up less battery and has a stronger signal. 3g is good enough for about 90% of what I use the phone for. Just a tip when you open the app hit the first little triangle and a pop up box will appear. Choose the CDMA auto (PRL) option. That is what I found to get it to switch to 3g only.

  • jimc100

    upgraded this a.m. and it went smooth. The main problem was the lack of reliable info with regard to the upgrade, a verizon and moto consistent problem (with no info the rumors start and they blow up the internet). I believe there was a limited release on 10/19, a survey was sent out to those who got the upgrade and then the upgrade was released to all today (all they had to do to defuse this was to tell us what was happening!). The install went smoothly (download and install was probably 45 minutes) and the phone works great, quicker with better connectivity, so far so good. As some have said, like a new phone!

  • rpmtrap

    Updated last night, my alarm clock would not shut off after 2 snoozes this morning I had to power it down, being it was the only thing that would work. Some functions seemed awkward at first but the phone seemed to smooth out the glitches on it’s own. It has been running smooth, it is like a new phone 4G is the best it has ever been.

  • Smooth as can be. Love it!

  • G3

    Mine updated this morning 10/23 in Maryland. Still getting used to the changes. Not bad. Battery performance is worse. Took phone out of cradle at 7:00am. Fully charged. By 2:00pm battery level was at 20%. Normally it is about 70% by that time in the day.

  • Vanderhauf

    I was getting the triangle of death too. I was rooted though. I flashed back to .902 and took both the 905 update and then ics update. It worked! So if you are having issues, try this method.

  • Chris

    It went really smooth for me, I am exited to say this has transformed my phone into a while new phone!

  • kennycrandall

    how do i update my phone?

  • Vanderhauf

    I was getting the triangle of death too. I was rooted. I flashed back to .902. Then I took the .905 update, and then the ics. Thats how I got it to work for me.

  • matt

    I got my update at 1123 am this morning in ocean springs ms

  • kbr

    Mine updated fine but the one issue I am having is with my lock screen. The only options it gives me are pin or password. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Bobwalski

    I am really enjoying playing on ICS. I am disappointed some of my widgets didn’t make the jump, but I am sure I can find apps to replace them or something. My folders of apps and email also didn’t transfer well. All in all I am quite happy. Everything seems much smoother and cleaner. I am really enjoying the smart actions as well as the new unlock screen.

  • Hooveda

    yeah it got rid of my adobe flash.pretty much pissed about that

    • AlienIlluminati

      Load Puffin browser and Dolphin browser, disable stock browser, then go to and reload flash from there. Clears your issue up.

  • djmatter129

    I just bought a lapdock, i hope it works after this update.

    • AlienIlluminati

      It will, but it’s no longer a desktop experience. Just a tablet now. No more making/receiving calls while using browser at the same time.

  • JayDee

    Got the OTA update on the 19th. Pleased overall. Here are my issues: Can’t change color scheme for, i.e., Tasks, calendar or Google Search; can’t discontinue/stop/hide Apps (wasn’t this supposed to be part of 4.0.4?); can’t figure out to send email to Groups; slight delay in screen rotation.

  • ambitious

    Updated almost two hours ago and the phone is still running SLOW. I have to force close EVERYTHING. I hate the 4G only.

    • RobG

      I ran into the same issue and posted the question about ‘’ using 40% plus of cpu…. see’s if yours is showing the same

  • ambitious

    It also wiped my contacts.

  • RobG

    Any having issues after ICS upgrade with ‘’ now taking up 40% plus CPU?

  • John

    Does being on an extended network prevent me from updating my phone to ICS?

  • george

    I havent had a single problem. Works great with my lapdock and my car dock so far. Its like my wife just got a boob job! Thanks Moto, it was almost worth the wait… almost. You’ll have my vote if you get jelly bean out on time.

    • AlienIlluminati

      Try making or receiving calls while using browser at the same time on your lapdock.

  • I began the upgrade at lunch time. For 6 hours, my phone has said “Android is upgrading… Upgrading Media database”.
    Is this normal, and how long should I expect to NOT have the use of my phone?

  • warlock960

    It took all day to dload but now this bionic is beautiful silky smooth like butter love it stll apps to run through but over all like a new phone with turbo apps. Never rooted ran spb shell 3d for bout 7 or 8 months

  • ambitious

    This update is the worst thing I could have done. At least with Gingerbread, my phone worked. I updated over two hours ago and the phhone is still only 20% responsive. It wiped all of my contacts, I can not send or recieve calls or text messages, I can’t change it from 4G, the battery basically won’t hold a charge because I had it on the charger for over an hour, before and during update and afterward and it’s only on 40% when I took it off the charger. None of my apps work, and I turned it on and off three times and removed the battery and toggled the airplane mode. Nothing. I’m close to throwing this damn phone into a wall.

  • JAson

    my droid bionic, bought on the first day it was released, has been fine… until now.1.Phone recognizes sd card/internal phone storage in settings menu, however all my music apps,(including the stock app, and my picture gallery do not work. the phone will not take new pictures, as it cannot save them. My prior downloads from the browser do not work if they are either an image or a song.
    2.Battery is terrible, will not charge fast and will not hold the charge for long
    3.the new dark interface sucks, its hard to read and this fancy blue color doesn’t impress me at all
    4. while it was updating the media part of the update as i saw someone mentioned, it got stuck. for fear of wanting to pullout the battery i went to the verizon store, where the tech did just that in the middle of the upgrade, she pulled out the battery.
    I’m tight right now, and my only hope according to the tech is to do a system restore.
    but you guys have said that it worked the kinks out.
    Should i be patient and just wait this thing out?

    • I am having same exact problems

    • Fishingmo

      Once the update was downloaded it took an hour and half this morning for my phone to complete its update/install and start “working”. Then my text messaging didn’t work – texting started working about 9 hours later.
      Still can’t get my folder shortcuts to my home page though.

    • spassmeister

      What a fiasco ICS has been for my Bionic. Took the compulsory 24 hours for the device to recognize my apps, download contact data,etc., and for the past several weeks i’m the frequent recipient of “application not responding” messages (no – I dont’ want you to report this to Google Herr Bionic).

      I’ve got the 1990s “PC for every new Windows version” deja vu big time now. Isin’t that what this feels like? Well – finally saying goodbye to MOT cellphones (again) and moving the the Galaxy Note 2 which comes out on VZW this week.

      good riddance droid bionic.

  • cmg

    Works great so far, like a new phone.

  • Howdy

    Downloaded the ics update this afternoon. Downloaded no with problems! I love my Bionic even before this update.

    • I’m on the phone with Motorola, they are getting all these calls, hopefully they can release “FIXED ICE CREAM SANDWICH” because this Ice Cream Sandwich is melting.

  • My Bionic updated just fine and is now an awesome phone again. My recommendation for anyone doing the update is to restart their phone after the update has completed. I love my Bionic once again. It also seems to have helped data drops that plagued it before, so far so good. It also runs smoother overall, so far I haven’t noticed any bugs and it works awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I waited a year for this!!!!:)

  • Buckyagamemnon

    This afternoon after taking the phone a couple of hours to down load the upgrade, I notice that it was extremely hot compared to usual. I also notice that it was acting very buggy, and it even crashed a few times. I took the battery out, and let the phone cool down for a bit, and then after powering back up, it seems to be running better then before with many things.

    Now about a year ago, I was having similar problems with the droid X2 from going to 2.2 to 2.3. To solve that problem I did a factory reset, re installed the OS first, then put on the apps back on. When I did that, it seemed to have fixed many of the problems that I was having with that phone. I know that I will be doing something similar if I kept on having problems with my Bionic. I’m not saying that it’s a fix all, but it’s worth a try.

  • thedude

    Smooth as silk.

  • ChaoticKiller64

    Just upgraded and its just awesome. Key board is kind of laggy though but im sure it will fix itself after i turn me phone off and on. Everything else is extremely smooth and fast.

  • dan

    Did everybody’s adobe flash disappear also?

  • droidlove

    Update and installation went smooth but now the text message app. doesnt open up, the phone freezes then shuts off. Took the battery out 4 times already. HELP!!

  • Kate

    Initial update the phone got stuck upgrading the media database. After three hours called verizon and pulled came up with no cell phone signal. Worked with verizon for half hour with no results….they wanted to wipe phone. I had to call back. Left phone alone for thirty minutes and cell phone signal came up.

    Then noticed battery drain 90% in one hour from Media process: or something like that. Another call to verizon… there is something running on on phone downloading causing process to misbehave.

    Right now i can only run phone in safe mode. I have uninstalled or disabled everthing i do not need. Problem still occurs when not in safe mode.

    Next step is to remove all media files. If that does not work let Verizon clean phone. I would rather not do this as i will loose stuff even with backups!!!

    I was really happy with bionic before uograde. I am disappointed in now because I cannot use the phone. I understand motorollas delays with update. You would think they would have fixed them… i see posts a year ago with same upgrade problems.

  • brad b

    I Lost all my widgets and the ability to locate them. Its like they totally erased the software to use or run them. They are nowhere to be found!

  • The upgrade sucks !!! I crash something within 10 mins of usage !! RIDICULOUS !! How do I revert back to the original state ??

  • olbp

    ICS? They still have that?

  • HomebrewerNJ

    My phone updated during the night to 6.7.246.XT875, Android 4.0.4. Some of the old widgets are gone, no big deal, and Contacts, now Favorite Contacts, displayed the same person numerous times with the rest at the ‘bottom’ of the drop-down. Otherwise similar to my Nexus 7.

  • MikeL

    Car Dock no longer works as on Gingerbread. If you docked the phone in GB then the car dock application would come up automatically. Now you have to unlock screen each time before it comes up. Other issue is that if you use the “hard” home button while docked it brings you back to the non dock home! King of crazy that they want you to reach for your phone and pull down on notifcation bar to find the car dock home screen! I have seen both these issues posted on other sites also. I am going to contact Verizon about this since I bought the car dock mount from them!

  • Pete C

    Ughhh…this sucks. Why can’t I get my contacts to show up????

  • jt

    I’m in Twin Falls idaho, and received the update from y droid bionic very late Monday night. It took some time to download and install, but I have not had any problems whatsoever. I also have the Lapdock 500 Pro, and the new update makes it feel like a brand new toy. It is now very responsive, like my laptop, and 100% functional.

    • AlienIlluminati

      But did you notice that you no longer have a desktop experience. No more split screen and multitasking while docked? Firefox is gone, which means no more HULU+. No more using lapdock browser while making a call or using your mobile functions at the same time. I thought the update was better and that I just had to figure out how to split the screen, etc, until I realized it’s no longer a desktop experience, but rather just a tablet. The lapdock does nothing extra to or for the phone now other than projecting it on a bigger screen and made it look different. With the webtop 2.0, there was way more functionality and it truly transformed the phone. I have the ICS update on my Razr Maxx, but I blocked it on my Bionic because I think ICS sucks for a power user and webtop. Also, no flash! half of youtube can no longer be watched, BUT you can load Puffin and Dolphin browser and disable the stock browser, then go to and reload flash.

  • George

    Mine updated and lost all my text messaging for about 2 hours, after I removed the battery and rebooted texting came back, however I now cannot access my gallery for photos and videos or any of my music. Has anyone else had problems with this. All media is stored on my SD card, but I can’t access them, seems to be a problem with the media library. Any help would be appreciated. Verizon gave me the standard “reset to factory default” to see if that helps

  • adam

    this is awful. worst thing i could’ve done. I loved this phone for a year. Apple here I come.

  • CK

    I had one issue with downloading when the update was pushed to my Bionic. It stuck at 8% downloading for about 5 hours. I pulled the battery, went off of wi-fi and it downloaded and installed just fine after that. So far it’s been great. No issues, including connecting to my UConnect via bluetooth. Didn’t have to pair it again, it’s like the update never happened. I’m very pleased so far.

  • angry

    Update took nearly two hours to finish.everything is laggy. Swype gives me even more incorrect words than before. Battery life is atrocious now. I hate not being able to toggle to 3g. Interface is hideous. Won’t stay connected to my wifi. This update is full of fail. Can i have my gingerbread back?

    • steve

      thanks for reminding me. Yes swype seems less accurate than before.

  • Buckyagamemnon

    Yesterday I made a comment that if my phone kept on acting up that I would set it back to factory data reset, and clear out all apps that I had added. Well I ended up having to do that, and now it seems to be running pretty smoothly, actually I have notice that apps that I originally had installed under Gingerbread, are performing better after I have re installed them on ICS. To do it, you have to go into Settings, Privacy, and then Factory Data Reset. Also when you do that, you need to wipe the internal memory. The phone will install ICS as a fresh start, and then follow the on screen instructions.

    From working with several OSs for many years, I have discovered it doesn’t matter which one it is for what ever system, when upgrading they tend to be very buggy at times.

    • John Ousterhout

      My upgrade ran smoothly, but then had problems with volume settings and sounds that locked the phone for a few minutes each time the alarm was to sound. I was upset because I rely on the alarms and I only had vibrate for incoming calls.

      Bucky’s suggestion worked for me and I’m now happy with ICS.

  • lcallan

    ICS installed 2 days ago on my bionic. So far so good! Before the update, I was having constant data issues- data issues started last July and it was driving me crazy. I live in a strong 4GLTE area, but could no longer use my phone in 4G & to get any data at all, my phone had to he set at 3G only. From what I could find online, many users had the same problem. Now my 4G LTE is working very smoothly! There were little minor bugs at first, but they all seem to be working smoothly now. It is like I have a whole new phone! I am loving it!

  • Bobsr85

    This upgrade changed about 80% of my phone. I had NO IDEA this was going to happen. a 10 minute download is now into day 2 and I still can’t get all my yahoo email accounts to download my mail. I am pissed.

    • Shannon

      My yahoo mail isnt updating when i get new mail. I have to manually refresh. Also notice a lag in several apps

  • Jack

    My update began installing around 11 this morning. Took about an hour. After it installed it took until 2:30 converting media files. It finally rebooted and immediately overheated. I let it cool and inserted my spare battery. On my 15 minute drive it drained 70% of the battery and overheated again. I let it cool again and turned it on, it drew the battery down to 5% in a few minutes. I turned it off and put it on the car charger. After an hour it was only up to 10%. I turned it on while on the charger and the battery went down to 5% and overheated again… I think ICS killed my phone. I have yet to really use it today. I am not sure if it is better, worse or DEAD…

  • lisa

    mine updated yesterday with no problems, i like the new look, only complaint i have is that the battery drains way too fast

  • Frustrated

    It messed up my phone. I can’t “dial” my contacts on the phone. I have to go through a 4 step process now to try and complete a call, if only that! Have to go into people to call. Phone app is worthless except for new numbers & speed dials.

    • steve

      agreed. That was a stupid decision on their part

  • steve

    installed ICS a few days ago. Today, my power button became unresponsive. I had to remove the battery and replace it to restart the phone after which the power button began working again. Undoubtedly it was a software problem.

    Also, I hate that you if you click on the phone icon, you cannot access your contacts through there. You have to choose the “people” icon instead.

    On a positive note, the browser does seem a little faster.

  • lcallan

    We own 3 Bionics in our household. All 3 now have ics running all seem to be running smoothly..

  • Dougles

    So far, ICS sucks. totally changed my phone. I cannot find a way to view files on my SD card, as the Files widget is gone. Colors suck. What used to take a few key strokes to do now takes a lot more. What dipst!t thought this was an “upgrade” and approved this.

  • tarikel

    I don’t understand all the problems people are having. Update has been grate. More responsive, fast and stable. GPS. Works in seconds instead of minutes. Only issue is that my heart rate monitor quit working. No problem though, just installed an older version andall is good.

  • Harmon

    Download went smooth but now phone is horrible! Much slower, scrolling is not smooth, FB barely works, battery goes down faster than I can recharge it almost, phone feels hot a lot of the time. Phone was all original never did anythig to it, not happy at all about upgrade.

  • Smoothest large update I’ve ever done…took about 30 min. I had a full battery and a good wi fi connection. The screen colors and battery problems all settled down in a day. Had to redo the ring tone and I now have two contact lists but everything else is smoother, faster and I love the new lock screen.

  • Unhappy6

    I absolutely hate the new update. With the same usage as before, my phone is now at 20-30% battery at the end of the day. (I have the extended battery). Before this update I could go 2-3 days before the battery got that low. I have checked and all of my settings are roughly the same.

  • Gordon Bush

    Mine freezes and reboots randomly about 10-15 times a day
    Not rooted

  • The verizon pushed update FAILED for my Droid Bionic. Any help available?

  • Frustrated

    This update pretty much destroyed the usability of my phone. The cahrge won’t hold anymore .. I’m lucky if I can get 6 hrs out of the phone (This is with an extended battery, keeping data OFF and 1/2 hr of talk time on the phone). The other day I mistakenly deleted my quick contacts, and I cannot get them back now. Cell service is now HORRIBLE. I cannot get cell service in 1/2 the places I used to be able to, and if and when I am lucky to get it, its 2-3 bars at best.
    Is there a back button? Seriously!!!

  • Big T

    I Updated Recently And My Key Board Keeps Messing Up. It Makes Every Word Start With An Upper Case Letter, Won’t Let Me Type On Most Internet Sites Like Google Etc. Doesn’t Make An Automatic Space When Swiping, And About A Dozen Other Small Annoying Problems. I Highly Suggest Waiting Until They Fix The Bugs Before Upgrading. Good Luck To Any One Who Has Already Done So.

  • When I updated my phone it erased my media file app. I am pissed be caused Pandora is charging and I don’t have a working antenna on my car. So no more music in my car.