Motorola rolls out Android 4.0.4 ICS update for Droid 4’s soak testers

by: Bams SadewoAugust 13, 2012
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Remember that Android 4.0.4 firmware soak test for the Droid 4 we told you Motorola was preparing for last week? Apparently Verizon has now given its blessing for the update, which means that those who have registered for the soak test should be getting the notification update today.

Upon installing version 6.16.217 of the new firmware on your Motorola Droid 4, you’ll be bringing your phone that much closer to the latest Android OS. Here’s the full change log that Verizon has posted on its website:

  • Device is enabled for global roaming
  • Integration of new version of Backup Assistant Plus
  • Mobile IM removed, color for Facebook app preloaded
  • Verizon Remote Diagnostics preloaded
  • Improved stability and connectivity with Email
  • Successfully download and save ringtones
  • Improved Mobile Hotspot connectivity
  • Reduced device resets and power cycling
  • Improved camera quality
  • Improved My Gallery performance
  • Fixed Voice Mail notification
  • Updated Mobile Hotspot icon
  • Clear Contact Pictures for phonebook contacts

With the soak test finally being rolled out, it shouldn’t take long before the ICS upgrade for Motorola Droid 4 become available for the general public. We could be seeing ICS coming to your handset as early as the end of the week if the soak test goes without a hitch.

Any soak tester for the ICS update out there to share the experience?

  • Matthew Matone

    i don’t know what a soak tester is, but my phone just got pushed 6.16.217 and restarted. Everything looks different. I hope everything works. The bullets above aren’t all that exciting. Except for the camera. Would be nice if that is improved.

  • Sam

    I can no longer toggle between 4g and 3g

  • Destiny

    The texting is sweet. It looks like a real conversation. The new lock screen is different but you can unlock the screen directly into your texting as well as the original camera option. I like it so far.

  • Benjamin Hayes

    Mine didn’t work. Trying to update, and it fails on SlackerRadio with an “assert failed”

  • Paul

    Got mine yesterday, and found to my disgust that Adobe flash not only no longer works, but is gone from my device. Ain’t that a laugh? I get the most advanced phone, and I’m right back to staring at boxes on my browser!

    • DemolitionGirl

      You can download adobe flash from the play store for free.

  • John

    ICS was pushed to my phone and it seems that it has created more bugs than it has fixed. Standard email seems to be having the same problems that were experienced by other Droid products when ICS was pushed to them. Mailbox synchronization just doesn’t work. I can get it to work if a remove and the add my email account back, but subsequent sync’s just plan don’t work.

  • DemolitionGirl

    My phone updated yesterday. The new layout sucks. What is the point of the lock on the screen when I can drop down my notifications and tap the Facebook one that is there and it opens right up.

    Also had to get adobe flash from the play store.

    Text messages look like crap.

    Browser is super slow….and why does it keep displaying the keyboard icon in the upper left corner, asking me to select a language when I have done that about 10 times already.

    Why do developers insist on trying to fix things that aren’t broken?

    I really hate this update!