It looks like Motorola’s follow-up to its popular DROID handset, cleverly named the DROID 2, should be hitting store shelves soon.  Cases have already begun arriving at Best Buy stores for the new smartphone, so we expect that the formal launch announcement can’t be far behind.

[via Engadget]

  • Alot of people think that the Droid 2 will make the original Droid obsolete. I can not really agree with that. I think that the Droid will have a life similar to the G1. The G1 carried on because regular non-tech people liked it. I think this will be true of the Droid especially if they cut the price.

    Plus if the Droid gets updated to 2.2 not even iOS 4 will have anything on it. This article ( ) explains it better then i can. Check it out.