September 15, 2009
Orange UK

Orange UK

We already know that the DEXT will be launched on Orange UK in Q4 of this year. What we didn’t know is when. The DEXT/CLIQ is the new Android based device from Motorola and sports two different names depending on whether you are stateside or not. Those living outside of America will become increasingly familiar with the DEXT, while those living in will recognize the CLIQ.

Orange UK have confirmed that the DEXT will become available in early October, with preorders going live on September 22nd. We are still holding our breath for pricing. Now, according to BGR, the CLIQ will land with T-Mobile and offers a leaked PowerPoint slide to ‘prove’ it. The only downside is the slide clearly shows the CLIQ launching in mid November. However, apparently a newer slide shows it hitting us in October. Well, it all seems a little fishy and wishywashy for our liking, but the October time-frame certainly aligns with the confirmed Orange UK launch of the DEXT. We will pay close attention, but in the mean time, images are available after the jump.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.
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