Motorola CLIQ Android 2.1 update delayed

by: Derek ScottJune 30, 2010

Motorola CLIQ

Motorola has decided to take more time to ensure a proper upgrade for users of its CLIQ and DEXT Android devices.  Originally Motorola planned a Q2 upgrade to Android 2.1 but has since stated:

“For those asking for an update regarding a software upgrade on CLIQ in the U.S., we’ve made a decision to take more time on the release to optimize the experience in some key areas. We will continue to work to deliver it as soon as possible and apologize that we have been unable to provide an upgrade to these users in Q2 as planned.

We are working hard to provide an upgrade to Android 2.1 as soon as we can. Our consumers’ experience is our first priority and we will provide an upgrade when we can deliver the best possible user experience.”

  • spyder

    Thats some bull. they should have told us this at least maybe 2 days ago instead of the final day of Q2. They are probably just punishing us for complaining so much. But, this has confirmed my decision im going to go upgrade to another phone i dont care if i have to pay for almost full price. its better then sticking with motorola. and as many other cliq and cliq xt users would agree, this is my last motorola.

  • Louie

    Is the CLIQ XT update delayed as well…

  • Lizandra

    Join the facebook campaign of disappointed Motorola Owners on facebook. Let us be heard by Moto!!!

    If you are any bit concerned about the way Motorola disregards its customers, please join. It only takes a ‘cliq’.

  • winjerone

    Ya know, I see all of these complaints about “motorola sucking because they aren’t getting me my android update fast enough” , or statements of that nature. But what I want to know is, who exactly was it that promised these people free software updates when they purchased these phones? I mean, back when these phones were purchased, did all these people say “this phone sucks right now, but as long as an update comes along I’ll buy it”? Software updates are not riquired by motorola. They do it to try and keep people happy with their products. But there seems to be a lot of people out there with a false sense of entitlement that, in my opinion, need to learn a little patience. Ecspecially with something they aren’t technically supposed to get.

  • This is an interesting point, but one of the things I would add here is that Motorola owners see HTC devices (even the Magic and Hero) receiving updates from time to time.

    The consumer is becoming more shrewd now and it takes more than a device at the store to satisfy a customer. They expect (and rightfully so in my mind) regular support and maintenance for their device in the form of rolling out updates as and when they become available. This is something which will become integral to the mind-set of the modern consumer when they consider buying a mobile phone.

  • Antonio

    When I went shopping for phones back in February, I wasn’t afforded the luxury of having the research time that I normally take prior to purchasing anything from beds to sofas to electronics. My previous phone that I had for 4 years unfortunately died just out of the blue one day and being that I am constantly on call as a developer and member of the support team, I needed a phone and needed one quick. So, I relied on the TMobile store employee to guide me correctly after telling her what I use my phone for. So at NO time was I told “this phone sucks right now” and at NO time did I think “but as long as an update comes along I’ll buy it”, I was lied to from the beginning.

    I initially was going for the G1. My brother in law has one and after playing with the phone for a while I liked the features it had. The TMobile sales girl informed me that the G1 is outdated and wouldn’t support the latest apps that are coming out for the droid phones. She then introduced me to the Cliq. She sold me on the Cliq stating that it would support the latest apps and the apps that would be coming to the droid market. She specifically stated that the OS is better on the Cliq than on the G1. At the time, I didn’t know that much about the droid software and like I said, I didn’t get the chance to take the time I normally do to do research. So based on what she said and that the Cliq has an external keyboard (very helpful when connecting to remote machines) I decided to go with it. Then I started playing with the phone, testing what it could and couldn’t do in a real world scenario, and reading tons of forums on what could be done with the phone. After about a month I came to the hard realization that the Cliq is in fact behind the G1, at least in OS standards. I started seeing all kinds of postings about how other phones were moving to Android 2.0, even the G1 is on 1.6. As for the Cliq? It’s on droid 1.5. Then I kept seeing posts about how Motorola “promises” to get droid 2.1 to the Cliq. Then they even posted that it would be here by the end of Q2. Why is Android 2.0 so important to me? Certain native Bluetooth functionality that 1.5 does NOT offer. There are other things like the navigation that are helpful for my map challenged wife, but that wasn’t the most frustrating lack of functionality. What was more sickening though is that it seems like pretty much every other phone (besides the G1) from every other carrier is at least on android 2.0 if not 2.1.

    So it’s not that I was promised any software updates, I was promised from the get go that the Cliq would have more functionality than the G1. Then finding out that the Cliq is being treated by Motorola as the red headed step child is well, just very disturbing. Why sell a phone that if from the very time it launches it is already far behind any other phone available? And, why sell that phone as being the latest and greatest when it’s clearly not. It’s kind of like selling a TV as the latest and greatest and then finding out that it will only play VHS tapes. But then promising that a software update that will allow it to play DVDs. But then that software update keeps getting delayed. But every other TV in the world has not only received that software update, but now is getting yet another software update that will allow them to view Blue Ray DVDs.

    So, don’t assume that people are buying the Cliq knowing that the phone sucks. Blame the sales people for misleading and blame Motorola for dangling the carrot in front of the horse and never delivering. Not everyone does the research that I usually do, not everyone is able to do the research that I usually do, and for the third time, I was not able to do the research I normally do because I had to act quickly. Bottom line is, Motoblur is the problem. The open source community is doing more for the Cliq than the manufacturer is. A version of 2.1 has been released (without Motoblur) and they have done more in about a month and a half than Motorola is doing at all. They set delivery dates and even if they miss them, it’s only by a few days if not only a few hours. Motoblur is the biggest and most useless handicap that I’ve ever seen. If people really need to keep that up to date on their “friends” twitter, facebook, myspace, etc. postings that they have to have it with them everywhere they go, then what a sad life they live.

  • Antonio

    By the way, I have since ditched the briq as well as TMobile and have moved on to the Motorola Droid. 2.1 is definitely the way to go and I’ve even put 2.2 on there already and it’s running like a charm. In a year, I’m eligible for a discounted phone already at which time I will probably go for whatever is out at that time if not something like the Incredible or Droid X. At some point I’m thinking Google will stop releasing multiple versions of the OS in a year and will move to more of a yearly release. That may help bring more timely updates to the phones, but who knows.

  • james

    Funnily enough, I was promised updates by a tmobile salesman when I bought this instead of getting a droid and verizon. Of course thst was the 1.6 update that never happened.

    Maybe the motorola / google team really does want to provide the Microsoft experience.

  • Dave M

    I have an HTC My Touch and a Motorola Cliq (I’ve had each over 1 year). Neither has been updated. I don’t have a problem waiting a while if the update is stable. I mean most of us are using a Windows machine right now. Are most of you switching to Mac or Linux? Well from what I read here you must be because Microsoft has NEVER came out with an update when they said they were going to release it. If you are frustrated in not having some feature that you would really like, then change phones. But for some people to rant a rave here like you are being ripped off is plain immature – you were never PROMISED any upgrade. But companies like Motorola and HTC would like to keep their customers and try hard to provide reliable updates even if it means missing a date. And even then some of the updates have problems. I for one am going to wait a few weeks and see what comes out. I may even buy another Cliq if I like the update. Lets put things in perspective and move on with our lives :)

  • david

    I think that it is so unfair to cliq owners that we have not received the 2.1 update when even cheaper phones like the droid aries etc. Have. And older phones than the cliq atleast received 1.6 and what not. Cliq is still stuck waiting anxciously for 2.1. I’m almost to the point of giving up on my cliq and staying away from motorola products

  • brian

    Motorola is notorious for promising support and updates for devices without any follow up. I paid a premium price for a product that I would HOPE would keep up-to-date. Motorola has given its consumers another reason to lose trust in their product. I will join the thousands of alienated consumers. I guarantee you their spokesman is just blowing smoke and there won’t even be an update.

  • BABii.DAwL

    ROOT IT!!



  • joshua

    Waiting this long for an upgrade is ridiculous. I bought this phone assured by the “no phone left behind” principle and believe Motorola and T-Mobile owe Cliq owners who paid full price should get a free phone upgrade instead of a mere software update after being so patient. If these companies don’t deliver on their false promises again, I will be switching to another company for both. I guess I should have bought an HTC but I wanted to stay with an American owned company-my mistake I guess. Make things right soon, or I will drop this piece of outdated garbage in the toilet daily where it belongs and get my moneys worth through insured replacements until Motorola’s profit margin is well into the negative on me for sure.

  • Jazmine

    I just have to say that I still love my Cliq despite the wait for the upgrade. At least Motorola is not like Apple who released a phone they knew had problems. I say my phone was well worth my money and I will continue to wait for the upgrade.

  • rossi

    I have been a fan of android since the start….but watching all most every other android besides the cliq to upgrade (same time or even before) is freakin crazy….hell yes I expect to get upgraded…. what is winjibroni talkin about??? He must be a jackass or work for moto to say what you said.. I want me update,the cliq is not even a year old yet what the hell is going on moto!!!!! Rooting is no no….it sounds like a cure but the side effects are not worth it. A social networking phone that doesn’t take pics or video will make it worthless..let’s turn or anger on moto and not eachother. Cliqs have to stick together

  • rossi

    I’m so pissed at moto…my spelling was terrible on my last post. Where is that f##**&& upgrade

  • jason

    Meanwhile, everyone else is getting the 2.2 OS and we still haven’t received this 2.1 update which has been being promised for 6 months now.

    I will never purchase another motorola product ever again in my lifetime.

    Fu motorola.

  • J Baywatch

    Hey Dave M

    Your analogy is nonsense.

    I mean most of us are using a Windows machine right now. Are most of you switching to Mac or Linux? Well from what I read here you must be because Microsoft has NEVER came out with an update when they said they were going to release it

    Umm, no. It’s not like that at all. It would be more analogous to say Dell computers can upgrade to Windows 7, but HP computers have to stay on XP.

  • Brian A

    Cliq is one of the worst phones I’ve ever had. Its a nice handheld computer but a terrible phone. The voice dialing has never worked correctly and it unlocks itself and pocket dials all the time. I don’t even care about the update anymore, I just can’t wait for my contract to be up so I can go back to Blackberry.