Motorola brings us up to date with Android upgrade schedule, DROID Bionic finally seeing ICS

by: Brendan LynchSeptember 23, 2012

Motorola has been annoyingly silent when it comes to its Android upgrade schedule. As a result we’ve seen quite a bit of anger and frustration from Android users. Well, they’ve now broken the silence by releasing a refreshed upgrade schedule. While this is definitely good news, the information contained in the schedule may not be.

Taking the spotlight is the DROID Bionic. It was supposed to have its Ice Cream Sandwich update in Q3 of this year. Now Motorola is claiming that it will be a Q4 release instead. In addition, the DROID Xyboard 8.2 and XOOM Family Edition are also slated to receive ICS updates in Q4. While this is great, there are still some troubling facts about Motorola’s other phones. The Atrix, Atrix 2, Photon 4G and Electrify are all displaying a status of “Further Plans Coming Soon.” This is very disappointing as it appears these devices won’t be seeing ICS until at least next year, if at all.

While it’s no secret that Bionic owners have been left out in the cold, this news just comes as another hard blow. In fact, Motorola’s own executive has admitted that the company’s treatment of the handset has been less than ideal. But apparently, the same executive has stated that there is indeed a “plan” for the handset regarding future updates.

With all this buzz about Motorola’s update schedule, I find myself scratching my head. Why on earth is Motorola working so hard on getting ICS on these devices? By the time it’s actually released, it will be so outdated that people will immediately start itching for Jelly Bean. But still, progress is progress.

  • Carl

    No ics for ATRIX. 2. Motorola lier lier

  • Major_Pita

    How difficult is to get the correct image of the Motorola Bionic? Why do so many sites insist on using the dated, obsolete image of the Bionic that was shown at CES, then completely redesigned by the time it was released in September of 2011?

    • corymcnutt

      I agree, why is this image still floating around ANYWHERE? There never was a phone that looked like this…our Bionics are much “prettier” that this image, ha!

  • Jhelum

    atrix 4g…..further plans?? …VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

  • Sailor105

    absolutely right about closing comment-why waste time on ICS when JB seems to be everywhere except on MOTO. Google promised it for the Xoom wifi “in a few weeks” back in I/O and still nothing seen. Same with lack of JB in new Razr HD products? Too easily explained by fact that MOTO had to be taken over to save it from itself-great hardware, no software. Google seems to be doing little if anything to straighten it out, even at this date well into its assuming control.

    Unless Google is just going to write it off and save its patents for the Apple war, they have to clean it up soon or it will write itself off into oblivion. People are getting really fed up with constant disappointment and unreliability.

    • corymcnutt

      JB is “everywhere” but on Moto? What phones have been OFFICALLY upgraded to JB? Not many.

  • Motofan

    This post is a little winey for my taste. When I purchased the bionic I had no other expectations except to have a good quality device, and that is what I got. I have an iPhone 4s provided by my employer and am not impressed. I know people who carry the Samsung galaxy s III and again, not impressed. Thank you Soni for providing a solid product and for having the integrity to own up on the upgrade delay. I am a Moto fan for life.

  • PhoneCard Mike

    I have ICS on my Galaxy Tab 2 and it is OK. I would like to get it for my Bionic, but overall, I like the Bionic. It is just strange, I thought Google owned Motorola.

  • C.E. Barnes

    Motorola needs to offer some type of rebate or something. Android 4 (ICS) came out last October. How can it take a year to update a phone to the version of Android that was available when the Atrix 2 was released? iPhone has gone through to iOS upgrades in the last year. Never buying a Motorola product ever again.

  • butnpushr

    I got my bionic ics update yesterday