Samsung gets bashed in Motorola’s most recent advertisement

by: Joe HindyDecember 12, 2012

OEMs go after one another in advertisements all the time. One popular marketing method is showing the opposition’s inferiority. Like if a device has a bigger screen, they’d show that their competition has smaller screens. That’s why Samsung always goes after Apple products. Motorola has decided to take some cheap shots at Samsung in a new ad.

You can see the ad above. It was posted on Motorola’s Facebook page 6 hours ago at the time of this writing. As you can see, Motorola is showing that their devices get faster download speeds on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. They do this by showing that Rovio’s Angry Birds were already downloaded on the RAZR HD while the Galaxy S III is at 60%.

Is that all Motorola has said about the Samsung Galaxy S III?

Nope, that’s just the beginning. On Motorola’s official webpage, they compare the RAZR HD to the Galaxy S III in several other areas. Included is battery life, protection, and design. What they don’t provide information on is where Samsung can get some Aloe Vera to soothe the burn.

Of course, Motorola phones have pitfalls they don’t talk about. Like no removable batteries, being available on only one carrier, and for the root users among us, locked bootloaders. Do these advertisements make the Motorola RAZR HD look better or is Moto just being petty?

  • Drizzt

    “Of course, Motorola phones have pitfalls they don’t talk about. Like no
    removable batteries, being available on only one carrier, and for the
    root users among us, locked bootloaders. Do these advertisements make
    the Motorola RAZR HD look better or is Moto just being petty?”

    More than enough for me to ignore motorola products

    • There is no tablet in market with removable battery so you are not gonna buy any tablet , huh ? . In future this feature is gonna go.

      • lalala

        dont talk rots,ppl use phones more than a tablet

        • But tablet sales are increasing rapidly. And even google flagship mobile nexus 4 has no removable battery , so it’s not an awesome smartphone you want to say , huh ?

          • lalala

            my point is ppl use phones more,and since they use it to call and all it also consumes more battery and regarding nexus 4 its more of an inconvinience,personal preference and certainly is a bum not to have one.i for 1 wont buy that kind of phone but since its cheap it can be overlooked.

          • ike woz

            nexus 4 is an awesome smartphone but I won’t buy it because it has no expandable memory and no removable battery.

            there, I say it. satisfied ?

            it’s personal preference btw, no hard feelings :)

    • medium temp

      yep, I see the same limitation on motodroid.
      hence I haven’t buy single motodroid phone so far, even though I’m tempted with huge capacity battery and kevlar :)

  • Ray

    What’s a Motorola? :)

    • skynet11

      It’s a gas-electric hybrid motorcycle :-P

  • tBs_Battousai

    I wish companies would talk more about how good their products are without feeling the need to talk others down…

    • Samsung is getting test of its own medicine

      • oliolio

        dont talk rots,ppl use phones more than a tablet

  • Fred

    ofc the motorola has 5 bars and the s3 has 3 bars lol

    • skynet11

      Not surprising, since Motorola is known for having superior radios. However, instead of taking a step forward into quad-core territory like the Galaxy Note 2, they chose to keep the same Snapdragon S4 dual-core that Verizon’s SGS3 had half a year ago.

      • Jared Persinger

        That kind of annoyed me but I did a speed test against the Note 2 and mine was slower, but not by much

      • Stephen

        The ad is flawed because they both share pretty much the same circuitry so the reception would not be different like the ad misleads us to believe.

    • The other question I would ask is “Since this is a still picture with a fabricated background (meaning they aren’t even necessarily sitting side by side), can we even be sure that these were done at the same time, in the same location?” A video of them sitting side by side would have gone much further towards demonstrating that the Moto phone has faster download speeds.

  • Motorola shmotorola pshhhhh . My Galaxy Note 2 downloads just fine thanks

  • Ben Edwards

    It’s easy to talk trash, but it’s the sales that count. Your move, Motorola…

    • So apple sales more mobile than any OEM so it’s better, nope you are wrong, sales doesn’t means its grt product.

      • gogO.

        samsung tops apple’s sales figures.

        • only galaxy s3 and only this year and it only overtook previous year iPhone 4s still we have to see iPhone 5 sales figure, but other Samsung galaxy phones are no near iPhone .

          • gogO.

            it overtook this year’s iphone5 too. hell, samsung galaxy ace overtook the iphone5 as well. the s2 also, and quite unexpectedly, the 4s beat the 5’s sales too.

            and what do you mean by “only this year”? i thought we were talking about nowadays, not last year, not two years ago, but NOW. who cares about the past sales? right now, samsung is king of the hill.

          • where are sales no. of other galaxy i only see from samsung total number of shipped no. of devices.

          • gogO.

            google it man, i’m not sure if i’m allowed to post links to other android news sites…

          • You said “So apple sales more mobile than any OEM”. That is incorrect. Samsung dominates the mobile market world wide. They may have only recently surpased Apple with the top selling individual model, but for some time they have sold more overall smartphones than Apple. Samsung makes many different models of smartphone each year, and they didn’t need just one of them to outsell Apple. Also, we are talking in the present right?

          • Ben Edwards

            You might want to double check your facts on that, Samsung have consistently outsold Apple for the past few years now. Hence why they are the number one mobile and smartphone manufacturer in the world.

  • Bad move by Motorola. Their devices look awful in comparison – it just looks bulky and outdated. Plus why would Google even allow this ad to be posted, I’m pretty sure Samsung is one of their biggest OEMs right now.

    • Yeah Samsung is their biggest OEM right now. Google also owns Motorola Mobility. Naturally they will stay out of it.

  • Jared Persinger

    obviously Motorola phones would have a better design and have better build quality then the s3, I think anything would

    • Derek

      No company makes fuglier phones than Motorola. Just look at the picture above in their own ad….the Motorola phone looks horrendous and barf inducing.

      • Jared Persinger

        The looks are an opinion. I like Motorolas looks but I also can’t complain about the way Samsungs design is

  • Jared Persinger

    ohh and I did a speed test with my droid razr maxx hd vs the s3 on verizon and mine won :)

  • CH

    Unless the non user removable batt capacity is 2x the capacity of removable batt, else i dont think thr is anything to brag about

  • FuzzyMeep TWO

    Did anyone else notice that the Motorola Phone has full signal, but the Samsung has half?

  • Steven Branigan

    i have a razr rooted and bootd, these devices blow the crap out of samsung and aple, plus mine is not a carrier device, i bought it phone only, no netwotk lock, so the journalist knows jack and needs to use the devices in question before saying they can or cant do x y and z…. LAZY journalism

  • mahkie

    this is cheap desperate advertising