I’ve posted my full review of the Motorola BACKFLIP for AT&T on MobileBurn. Oddly enough, I like the device more now than I did originally, which bodes well for how real world users might react to the phone.

I still dislike the large keyboard, and I think the BACKTRACK directional controller’s a bad idea, but the camera is solid, the touchscreen is nice, and the signal reception seemed really good.  MOTOBLUR is good, too, though far from perfect.  But what really bothers me is the fact that you can only install apps that come from the Android Market.  That likely bothers bleeding edge types more than it will the average consumer, but I’m still baffled as to how AT&T thinks that will help anybody.

In the end, I think the BACKFLIP will make Android-craving AT&T users happy enough.  There are better Android phones available from other carriers, but this one is a reasonable enough first effort for AT&T.

You’ll find plenty of live photos of the phone, videos, and photos shot with the BACKFLIP itself on

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