I’ve posted my full review of the Motorola BACKFLIP for AT&T on MobileBurn. Oddly enough, I like the device more now than I did originally, which bodes well for how real world users might react to the phone.

I still dislike the large keyboard, and I think the BACKTRACK directional controller’s a bad idea, but the camera is solid, the touchscreen is nice, and the signal reception seemed really good.  MOTOBLUR is good, too, though far from perfect.  But what really bothers me is the fact that you can only install apps that come from the Android Market.  That likely bothers bleeding edge types more than it will the average consumer, but I’m still baffled as to how AT&T thinks that will help anybody.

In the end, I think the BACKFLIP will make Android-craving AT&T users happy enough.  There are better Android phones available from other carriers, but this one is a reasonable enough first effort for AT&T.

You’ll find plenty of live photos of the phone, videos, and photos shot with the BACKFLIP itself on

  • just some dude

    Im going to go out on a limb and say they where pressured by Apple to limit the capabilities of this Android phone to give it a bad rap. In turn Apple will say to AT&T :how great they are and there relationship is doing fine”.

    But in the end Android will come out on top, and take Apple by surprise.

  • just some dude

    And I think the phone is childish.

  • just some chic

    I got the phone, first smart phone I’ve ever had, and I like it. Yes I ‘m a low-end user in that I’m not a sales guy or business person constantly on-go in meetings, I’m chained to desk at work at small firm so smart phone has never been necessity and I’m 40 something so I’m not a crazy social networker tho I do some FB and and come around to texting for personal contact.

    But hear me out, I have spent plenty of time on friends Blackberries (including Storms) and lots of time on spouse’s Iphone and I think this phone compares very favorably and is especially a value considering price. While real gadget geeks are complaining about the phone apps being limited, I have found almost all the apps I have ever used on Iphone in Android market and I would imagine when that that the Android market will be more than enough for vast majority of users.

    The author disses the backtrack, and I too was not so impressed with the idea, but in-use, I find the backtrack great and now would consider any phone without as substandard. The other day grabbed Iphone to find business phone number and found myself clawing away at back of Iphone trying scroll thru site with backtrack and was annoyed when I had to go to touch screen. Iphone screen is a bit bigger and multi-touch is a bit nicer, easier interface than other phones screens, but its still hard to get my relatively small fingers on right hyperlink without touching to zoom in and out, but with backtrack, higlighted location easily jumps from link to link, and once you’ve tracked to needed link, a quick double tap anywhere on trackpad and you are off to right site everytime, does not take precise touching…don’t dismiss the backtrack until you’ve used it heavily for at least a week, even biggish touch screens lack precision of mouse-on-big-display, but bactrack gets you close.

    Also this phone gives you choices…when you want to quick look at weather or dial a number or tap a short text, you can just keep it vertical/folded mode and use touch screen and electronic keyboard. When you want to do a lot of navigating/surfing/reading or texting, open it up, go horizontal, and use nice big physical keyboard to tap away and use the back track to accurately navigate.

    Personally I think I got alot of the goodies that made the initial Iphones intersting (a good apps store in Android, intuitively set up, nice google maps/gps) plus a physhical keyboard. No not everything is quite as pretty as Iphone, no it does not have multi-touch, and no the Android market it allows does not have every app in the world, and yes phone is still currently on Android 1.5, but it will be updated and there are a whole lot of cool free apps on Android market. But it has a nice roomy physical keyboard, it has backtrack, it has Android market going for it, you can sirf and talk, it has a nice camera/flash and video, so it has more than enough to make it competitive to pricer phones.

    And you may dismiss it but MotoBlur is nice for both small business people that use twitter, FB for a lot of their promotion and also for hardcore social networkers. It dumped all my Facebook friends into my phone contacts, so autmoatically had profile pics of them all, nice.

    Several people with Iphones have messed with my phone and grown to really like the physicals of big keyboard and backtrack just like me…you may think it looks like a kid phone but it is perfectly acceptable for adult work and needs, gadget geeks can go get a Nexus or whatever…I like this phone, and physical functionality matters!

  • Michael

    Thanks for this info this been the best evaluation I have read . It good to get someone that is not with acompany are been paid to be a spoke person . I again thank you for your honesty . Now I can go and purchase this phone .

  • EJ

    I would almost say the exact same things. It is my first smart phone and I love it. My g/f has an iphone, and the lack of the physical keyboard is what made me decide against an iphone. I agree 100% with your review. Excellent job…..

  • logan

    good phone. i like the flip out option so i don’t have to text on the screen. processor is fast enough for my business and the recorder and camera are good enough to catch my family up on my business trips. pretty good unlocked gsm phones. wifi, email, web browser are great for my business and company and my partner loves his for the gps helps us get around new york. my wife loves hers for the games and facebook, a lot more fun than our old unlocked verizon phones. also got our unlock codes and htc unlocking for free! speaker phone is loud enough for our meetings and web browser is great for my fantasy football and espn. got our last couple unlocked android phones at 2 thumbs way up I really like my backflip

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