Motorola BACKFLIP for AT&T gets Android firmware update

July 8, 2010

    Motorola has pushed out an update for its BACKFLIP Android smartphone on AT&T. The update is expected to improve overall performance on the device’s display, camera, messaging, and Bluetooth functionality.

    After installing the software update, you should see:

    • improved text messaging
    • improved display clarity and color
    • camera correction repair for application shut-down
    • improved Bluetooth audio and connectivity
    • removal of ringtone size restrictions
    • improved 3G connectivity
    • improved performance of downloaded Android apps
    • improved phone stability
    • improved battery life
    • improved streaming audio and video playback

    BACKFLIP owners should download the update in order to experience optimal performance according to the manufacturer. Instructions for installing the two-step update are available on Motorola’s website.


    • Joaquin

      Did you updated it? Does it realy “improved” your phone’s performance?