Motorola Atrix Vs. Samsung Galaxy S2

by: Darcy LaCouveeFebruary 14, 2011

This is probably one of the toughest calls smartphone lovers will have to make this year. Everyone wants to know which smartphone is better – the Motorola Atrix or the Samsung Galaxy S2? Really, it’s a tough call, and as you will see below, it will most likely come down to brand loyalty and user preference. Both are packed with high performance parts, and will be liked for different reasons.

Let’s take a peek at what makes them different, and which one is likely to be a safer bet.

Motorola Atrix Specs and Features

  • Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor, ULP GeForce GPU, Tegra 2 chipset
  • CrystalTalk noise-cancellation technology, which really works well in our opinion
  • Motorola is known for making phones that have excellent reception
  • A 4 Inch, 24 bit, high resolution screen with 960×540 resolution
  • Wide range of “smartdocks” to connect to screen to use it as a computer, or a unique laptop dock, among others
  • Excellent build quality
  • 1GB of PC Grade RAM
  • High capacity 1930mAh Battery, the largest of any smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S2 Specs and Features

  • Dual-Core 1.2Ghz
  • A Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen, measuring 4.27 inches with a WVGA resolution of 800×480 pixels
  • An onboard camera with 8-megapixel capacity, featuring LED flash and digital zoom, capable of 1080p HD video recording.
  • the front-facing camera is 2 megapixel
  • 16GB storage with support for a microSD card
  • WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, A-GPS and a microUSB port.
  • 1GB of RAM
  • NFC is reported to be there as well.
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Battery is 1650 mAh Lithium-Ion

It’s hard to say which one will reign supreme. Both are likely to be amazing devices, and we envy early adopters absolutely. Some in the blogosphere are saying that going with either the Motorola Atrix or the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a “lose-lose” situation. Motorola has been known to lock-down their bootloaders, preventing the user from putting custom ROM’s on their device, while Samsung is notorious for updating their devices incredibly slowly. It’s impossible to tell if either manufacturer will change their tune, but 2011 is looking to be the most competitive year for Smartphones yet. For the first time in history, smartphone sales have eclipsed PC sales, and with over 170 million Android devices likely to ship in 2011 alone, we are sure that each and every manufacturer will do their utmost to be as competitive as possible. Especially if this means allocating more of their resources to providing timely software updates, or to changing their policy about locking the bootloader. We are sure both changes would be well received by the world of Android Phone lovers.

Which one do you think is better and why?

  • tiger4j

    I don’t believe that is the correct processor in the Galaxy S2. During their event today, Samsung stated that the gpu is quad core. The only rumored soc that lines up with that statement is Samsungs own Exynos with its Mali 400. I might be wrong, but I am fairly positive.

    • CStyles!

      As usual these editors never illustrate apples to apples or the facts: First the “Samsung Galaxy S2” aka the “Samsung Seine I9100”. Second the Samsung Seine come with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) latest OS available so you don’t have to wait for the update like the Motorola Atrix w/Android 2.2 (Froyo) customers have too. Third let’s get the facts on the CPU & GPU issue straight. The Samsung Seine has a ARM Cortex A9 Dual-Core 1GHz Orion (Exynos 4210) CPU with a Mali-T604 Quad-Core GPU that produces 133Million Triangles/Sec vs. Motorola Atrix has a ARM Cortex A9 Dual-Core 1GHz AP20H CPU with a NVIDIA Tegra 2 ULP GeForce GPU that produces 90 Million Triangles/Sec.
      The Samsung Seine has a 4.3″ WSVGA Super AMOLED Plus w/Gorilla Glass and 2 Billion Display Colors vs. Motorola Atrix has a 4.0″ WVGA TFT LCD w/Gorilla Glass and 520 Million Display Colors. The Samsung Seine has an primary 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash w/Geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, image stabilization and [email protected] video vs. Motorola Atrix has a 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash w/Geo-tagging, image stabilization and [email protected] video. Samsung Seine has a USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0 vs. Motorola Atrix with USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.1. So in the end the Details do matter when you’re making a choice between these two top notch Smartphone’s. Personally it’s evident the Samsung Seine or as the editors call it the Samsung Galaxy S2 be the victor. As for software that’s a personal preference but the hardware facts don’t lie.
      If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you. If you really make them think, they’ll hate you…

      • BGP

        Incorrect on the displays there – Samsung doesn’t have WSVGA but WVGA, while the Motorola has qHD. Ignoring the display technologies, I’d definitely prefer 960x over 4″ to 800x over 4.3″.

        This – other than Samsung’s Galaxy history with updates, file system bugs and GPS (all of which has hopefully been resolved) – is the biggest drawback for the Samsung. 800×480 screens are 2009/10 (Nexus 1) technology, not what I’d expect in 2011 and six months after Apple released their display.

        • yo

          800×480 is all the resolution you need, and it’s fairly standard. It’s a POCKET device, remember? The apple resolution is a pointless figure as Steve Jobs himself admits it’s more than the eye can see.

          • ChezDavid

            That is really false. The iPhone density is more than you can see IF your eyes are really far away from your phone. But for a standard phone use, this qHD resolution is brilliant (maybe not for the iPhone 3.5″ screen, but for 4+” screens it changes everything, look at the awful WVGA 4.3″ on a DHD) ans is going to be the standard very soon ;-)

        • CStyles!

          Well it appears that Samsung Galaxy S II Android Smartphone will have two different chipsets. Samsung targeting for important markets will sport the ARM Cortex A9 Dual-Core 1GHz Orion (Exynos 4210) CPU with a Mali-T604 Quad-Core GPU. An ARM Cortex A9 Dual-Core 1GHz AP20H CPU with a NVIDIA Tegra 2 ULP GeForce GPU powered Galaxy S II Smartphone may only be available in non-critical markets. So doesn’t that say enough about what their thoughts are on which is the better chipset? Come on let’s use common sense from a leader in the semiconductor business…

        • james

          They both look awesome but I love the looks of that Sammy and that contrast ratio I love…if they could pair that with the same screen size to screen resolution ratio as the iPhone ya know? Then there could not be any more to demand other than that blue hue in the whites of the super amoled screens and battery consumption to be fixed/ improved. The phone does much better at graphics I have to say though motor/90mil tri a sec and the Sammy at 133mil (ish) tri a sec.

      • Jnaneshwar

        Nice tech assessment and a very cool quote!
        Don Marquis US humorist (1878 – 1937)

      • Whatever

        Pretty much everything the article said, right there, turd.

      • TNUE

        wow, you did your research.. thanks, i tend to lean toward S2 anyway..

    • Andre

      Um idk how would a phone have a quad core gpu if its not even available on computers even a quad core CPU on phone would be way out of technology’s lead atm.

      • JadeEyedWolf

        No quad-core GPU’s on PC’s? What decade did you come from? nVidia’s latest chips have up to 512 cores! (They’re called SPU’s, but essentially they’re massively parallel processing beasts!) Having a GPU on a phone or mobile device which has 4 of these cores/SPU’s is neither surprising or unusual for the tech available today.

        • Apocalek

          I have motorola Atrix running CM7 custom rom and its awesome.

          • Anonymous

            Same, here I´m so happy I got the new custom CM7.
            Android rocks even more with it!

    • Hank

      Hey, y’all,
      i already own GS2!
      I’m telling u, the phone is amazing!

      • TNUE

        I want it too.. but not released here in the U.S yet..

  • Atrix, hands down. It has nothing to do with the docks either. Samsung is currently showing off Gingerbread on the S2 and the S1 customers are STILL waiting for Froyo. I would never put my money into a company that spent so much effort on their “next” phone and so little on current customers.

    • MC

      The Froyo delay on Galaxy S is not Samsung’s problem. Samsung has released Froyo on Galaxy S. The delay is caused by the network provider wanting to customize the firmware and add their own apps on it. By the way, I have the official Froyo release on my Galaxy S.

      Also, there are phones from Motorola that are either waiting for Froyo or stuck at Eclair, too.

      As others have mentioned, Atrix will come with Froyo and Galaxy S2 will coming with Gingerbread.

    • David

      You have to be kidding, Motorola has a history of promising Android updates to their customers and then announcing after everyone has being hanging out for them, that they are not coming. For example, the Dext (or the Cliq for US owners) and Backflip never received updates outside the US even though they were promised in all geographies and the Cliq 2 wasn’t any better. I purchased the Backflip for my wife and daughter and the Dext for my son.

      My son has decided to stick with the Dext, even though he desperately wants Froyo. I then ended up having to payout the contracts for my wife and daughter and got them both Samsung Galaxy S phones (which are now running Froyo which has been officially out in Australia on most carriers for several months).

      I had a Sony Ericsson X10 and also gave up waiting for Eclair and went and purchased a Samsung Galaxy S phone.

      For those waiting on Android 2.2 for Samsung Galaxy S variants around the world, you need to ask your carrier not Samsung. The first carrier in Australia released their Froyo upgrade in the first week of December, the next two weeks later and a third 2 weeks later further.The last carrier still hasn’t. No guessing which carrier has the most crapware on it, yep the last carrier!

      • Justin

        Too bad you couldnt wait fpr the x10 since it’s now running gingerbread with multitouch and everything else and more then the galaxy s :) Sony FTW

        • nick

          are you stupid? the galaxy s always had multitouch…..the xperia has shitty graphics and screen and is fat and ugly

    • Craig B

      Yeh, well maybe you should look at some of the motorola forums – and all the users disgruntled with their lack of updates. I’ve got a motorola dext (same as a cliq in the us) that motorola said would be updated when I signed the contract – but no: I’m still stuck on android 1.5 over a year later (and still 6 months of contract to go)… and recently found out they won’t be updating it (even though they updated the US version to 2.). No multitouch for me :-(

      Just about every hardware manufacturer I’ve ever seen spends most of their bucks putting out the next new thing and spending as little as possible on supporting stuff they’ve already sold…

      Next time I choose a phone I won’t be thinking about the next version of android – which may never come – I will just base my decision on whether the phone has a version I’m willing to live with til I change phones the next time.

  • RR

    Atrix is on Froyo. So it should be a no go.
    An absolute insult to the consumer because there is no reason why it can’t eb on Gingerbread.
    So I am thinkin Samsun s 2 for me.

    • doesnt take but 2 seconds to upgrade it to gingerbread

  • Chuck Angel

    Both appear to be nice devices, but having felt the pain of Samsung’s penchant for dragging their feet with upgrade to Froyo with the Samsung Captivate , I would certainly consider the Motorola Atrix over the Samsung Galaxy S2…this from a previously loyal Samsung user – Blackjack, Blackjack II, Epix, now Captivate. Add to that the dual processor and the laptop dock for the Atrix and its not even close. I’ve already jumped in when GPS was available on the cellphone to allow me to replace two devices with one. Now, the possibility of combining the cellphone with laptop and eliminating data transport issues is huge to me. All that being said, I won’t be the first in line. I will wait for others to be the “beta” testers of the first production release and wait for the bugs to be ironed out before jumping on the bandwagon.

  • Luthien1

    galaxys2 is by far superior, trust me i have a galaxy s vibrant, and nothing even now comes close to it, so just imagine the s2…… brainer, samsung galaxy is the future, period.. and my choise hands down, but i wish they would get it for sale quicker, i cant wait to get it…

  • Daniel

    I currently own a Samsung captivate, and i have a bad taste in my mouth from the faulty Gps and the lack of software uppdating. both devices sound great and i would love to have the atrix for the simple fact to try another manufacturer to see if their components are better. The tegra 2 is a fast little processor. I have been watching this chip for some time now and it is finally being put to use, if the gps is fixed on the galaxy s2 then yes it will be a good choice

  • Jnaneswar

    will either of them take the Mozilla browser?

    • seely

      well i know that the motorolla atrix is using mozzila firefox

  • Do you people not see what these manufacturers are doing to us???!!!!
    They are feeding us in bits and pieces so we keep asking for more. Let’s take the “dual-core” hype thats going around like a bad flu; A ton of consumers will fly out and spend their tax returns on these devices and will come to find out that some tech manufacturer which I’m not going to name, that already has a “quad-core” ship date ready to go with some “newer” devices. Now, explain this to me..Some bloggers and editors keep advertising and cheering for these manufacturer of technology on what they call “new technologies” that are released every 6 months(but our contracts are signed for every 24 months). They say that competition is good for us consumers. They call it “competition.” I call it the way it is..We the consumers are getting milked like cows(herd mentality; we see we buy, no questions asked). It’s like buying a 2011 car for $30,000 in February, and the price of the car drops down to $13,000 in September. That is f*cking ridiculous. And anyone who happens to think that this supposed “competition” between manufacturers is good for us, is probably on the same wagon with the rest of the herd.

    just my two cents. keep the change.

  • The Motrola Atrix is supermo no doub’t, it pretty much wins in every aspect.

    • DD

      It may take me, as a dealer, several more years to get over the extremely bad customer service I have had to deal with from Motorola on behalf off my customers, concerning their line up of not one or two VERY bad models, but many. I just kept coming back thinking that any company can produce a lemon, once in a while, so I should give them a chance. After all, they produced a great, dependable phone back on the 90’s, didn’t they?

  • eduardo martinez

    heh you clowns. the galaxy s2 will massacre all other phones. the device is practically “maxed out”. there is nothing else you can do to it to make it better. i now believe in love at first sight

  • Richi V

    I am going nuts and hopefully someone can answer this for me.

    T-Mobile reps keep telling me that the Samsung Galaxy S 4G is the same as the Galaxy S2.

    When you look at the specs for the Galaxy S 4G you will see is not as good.


    • CStyles!

      No it’s not the same phone. The new “Samsung Galaxy S2″ aka the “Samsung Seine I9100″ has either an ARM Cortex A9 Dual-Core 1GHz Orion (Exynos 4210) CPU with a Mali-T604 Quad-Core GPU. An ARM Cortex A9 Dual-Core 1GHz AP20H CPU with a NVIDIA Tegra 2 ULP GeForce GPU powered Galaxy S II Smartphone may only be available in non-critical markets. The use of two different chipsets, although from the same ARM family with the same specs, is perhaps the reason why Samsung had been vague about the CPU specs of the device at its unveiling at Mobile World Congress. Official launch is in March give or take a few weeks between phone vendors. Don’t buy the updated Samsung Galaxy S with 4G if you want the Samsung Seine I9100 (Samsung Galaxy S2). Patients will prove reality from the two devices.

    • james

      Actually the galaxy s2 is a different machine. The galaxy s 4g is nearly identicle to the regular galaxy s but with added hspa+ chip in it to grab that “4G” signal and I cannot aware to it but it may also include a forward facing camera

  • pq

    i think hands down the samsung galaxy s2 -not only is it a better phone but also because of the carriers and the prices. for the atrix if you havent noticed is way too expensive !! its as though your buying a computer – expensive. which to me is ridiculous. also the motorola atrix is an att phone – and their data plans hve only 2- 4gbs with tethering available for their consumers- data price $25-$45. for me its too expensive – because i use more than 2 gbs and dont want to have to pay overages nor do i want to pay for 4gb which is $20 addtional. maybe if the phone would have a lower price with the dock — which is around $400 ( and thats with a contract !!!- and if the service provider offered unl data then i would consider the phone.

  • anita

    With my experience with the Galaxy S i would definitely go for the Galaxy S2. There is a reason why google chose samsung for their new prototype. great article. I would like to share a very good site with tons of apps and games for android

    • The REAL Joe Blow

      Your recommended site autodownloads a bunch of HTML Injector viruses, users without good real-time virus scanners be warned!

      Your IP address should be banned from these forums.

    • dboy


  • danko

    I have a friend who had a samsung galaxy s. The costumer support at samsung it’s a disaster. Galaxy s has big problems with lag, you have to download some programs (normal user have made this programs, not samsung), to become root and to fix this problems. I don’t suggest anyone to buy samsung, because if some bug comes up, they will never fix it…they really don’t care.

    • vali.barbu

      That’s true, the factory settings for Samsung Galaxy S are absolutely rubish, non-optimized and a lot of lags and flaws (in a heavy multi-tasking use).

      BUT, if you do apply those fixes that you’re talking about, taken from sites like (e.g.: Darky’s ROM), then.. well… man…. I tell you.. Nothing will compare to those performances on that phone. I mean nothing!

      Plus, Samsung is aware of these flaws and I do expect S2 not to contain them anymore.

      Long story short, we are talking about software issues – which can always be changed.

      • danko

        I understand your point of view, but i didn’t bought the phone from the xda-developers…i have bought the phone from samsung and i expect from them to fix all the software bugs. The think is that they are selling a broken phone. Maybe you and i and some other users know how to search and fix this problems. The other 90% of the users how will they fix the software bugs? Tell to some usual costumer to become root and fix the lag problems, see what they will tell you.

  • DD

    OH, BTW, Sent from my Galaxy Tab. I haven’t turned my desktop on for over a month

  • sina

    samsung galaxy 2 have 1.2 gb cpu
    galaxy is best

    • Joseph0258190

      even though the galaxy 2 has a 1.2 gig processor, the atrix has nvidia graphics technology and the gs2 has a generic graphics rendering chip so in essence when it comes to graphics performance, the atrix surpasses the gs2

  • mrhassell

    Galaxy S GT i9000 is my primary 1st generation, Android device. 16GB internal and 32GB on external SDcard, gives me enough storage to entertain and to do the job of a really excellent smart phone. Why would I need to go for a SGS 2, that is just a more powerful version, running Gingerbread by default when the one I have is perfectly adequate for this role?

    Atrix is a totally different device. Webtop and the use of Ubuntu Linux, makes the Motorola Atrix an entirely different device. Being Motorola, it lacks the appeal Samsung devices have created and maintain. This bias is easily understood but to compete with Netbooks, this is something that the Galaxy S II is simply not able to boast.

  • bsk0519

    The Galaxy S2 is one of the stupid-phone in the World. Usally The Samsung spread to their money for an exaggerative advertisement. They use electronic components in the Galaxy S2 so that stupid-phone has lots of equipment-faults. In Korea there are lot’s of communication blog about consumer’s discussion. there is Lot’s of Q&A about the Galaxy S2’s faults in every 7 or 9 min. First of all it’s miss-design. This phone has a plenty of bugs. Do you really want to buy a hot water pack. The Galaxy S2 can help your hand at cold winter because it generates heat every 20 min.

  • Mason

    so im new to smart phones, i got an LG SHine from 3 yrs ago and its just dieing now i was going to get a moto atrix but now idk! but i do have a question. whats the diffrence between the diffrent android versions? real question ..whats the big diferance? also wtf is super amoled plus? i know what gorilla glass is but the amoled no idea all i know is its aparently relay good but how good? is the amoled screen with lower pix beat the atrix’s screen with higher pix?

    • Darcy Alexander

      Hi there Mason,

      The Atrix is a stellar phone, and has a higher resolution screen, that is no doubt. Plus, it’s got Android 2.2, but is supposed to be receiving the update to Android 2.3 very soon. The difference between Android 2.2 and 2.3 is pretty significant in terms of speed and look, and of course, Android 2.3 Gingerbread The Samsung Galaxy SII does have a lower res screeen, the Super AMOLED Plus is too good to ignore. It’s really a matter of personal taste – both are incredible phones. Our hat goes off to Samsung however, for making the SGS II.

  • Brenda


    I am about to upgrade my cell phone in two months. I’ve had a Blackberry for awhile and am very frustrated at trying to use the internet on it – it is SO SLOW it’s painful.

    I realize I’m going to have to go to a touchscreen and am trying to figure out which browses fastest. I really don’t care much about most of the other features – I use my phone for calls, SMS, email and doing a few things online. That’s what matters to me.

    Without all the hype and bull, anyone actually KNOW which one is FASTEST and most reliable???

    P.S. I’m in eastern Canada on Bell and staying with Bell. Does 4G actually work???

    • Leo

      @ Brenda I’d wait for the Samsung Galaxy S2. I had the Galaxy S Vibrant and it was very nice. I am on Bell myself and I got the Galaxy S Vibrant last summer and then I was hyped about the Motorola Atrix. I did get it and gave my Galaxy S Vibrant to my niece since her palm pre died. I ended up not liking the Atrix, it is powerful but the screen is not very responsive compared to the Samsung screen. Samsung kept the Android interface, well not all of it but pretty good. One upside to the Atrix is that you can buy a laptop dock if you travel a lot.The Atrix has Motoblur!! (ughhh, the one major downfall for me is the motoblur. Hope this helps.
      Personally I am going to get the Samsung Galaxy S2 if Bell Mobility picks it up! ;)

  • Jacob

    Guys, don’t think about the operating system, software, interface, or really anything but the hardware. If the interface is bad, swap with a custom ROM. If the software is outdated, try CynogenMOD. This can all be done with a little research and helpful guides. Their lack of good customer relations is apparent just by how badly they handled the phones release and I have no faith in them. However, the hardware is all that really matters, and speaking from the that standpoint, Samsung Galaxy S2 wins hands down. GS2 Screen has worse resolution but better quality (contrast ratio, color gambit), updated hardware all around (USB 3.0, Bluetooth 3.0), better camera and video recorder by far, faster cpu/gpu no matter what model, etc. Buy the machine, not the company. The only appeal for the Atrix to me would be for business reasons: longer battery (although a more efficient processor and good battery puts the GS2 pretty close), docking features, noise cancellation, and possibly better reception/reliability. But then again, these features have not been proved lacking in the GS2, at least not enough to make a much of a difference, and reviews have been all fantastic. I don’t see reason to get yesterday’s phone.

    You will be happy with either phone you get since they are both great either way, so also don’t kill yourselves over the choice.

    • Jake

      i agree i have had my GS2 for about a month and it is way better than any other smartphone across the globe.

  • steve

    Too much focus on hardware specs here. Apart from a few fractions they are pretty identical. Both devices are fantastic and if you want just a phone then I’m sure you would be happy with which ever way you go.
    I personally went towards the Atrix. The docking stations really does set Motorola apart. Otherwise whats the point of having a dual core processor if you cant do anything with it (as supposed to playing angry birds faster). HD cradle dock and webtop application allows you to turn your HD TV into a full media centre, gives you full web browser through firefox, and access to files etc. Personally using it has really empowed me to use my phone for more than just a phone. Sitting at home with my wireless keyboard doing full web browsing on my TV just blows me away. And with the Lapdock has really allowed me to use the one device for my day to day life (good bye PC and Laptop). I believe Motorola are taking the right steps and actually coming up with good ideas to put all the functionalities to good use.

    • chris

      What you fail to realise is that the s2 doesnt need to dock as it can do nearly everything wireless, docking is old school mate.

      • steve

        Full firefox web browsing? Atrix and other much older handsets can also share media wirelessly – nothing new there champ. I haven’t seen any hdmi docking stations from any other manufacture (ever). The future of television these days is ‘Smart Television’. Atrix ‘hdmi multimedia dock’ effectively turns any tv with a hdmi port into a smart tv. Have a look into it.

        Anything new or different that the S2 can do?

  • chris

    I got the s2 and its everything i hoped it would be plus more. i’ve just seen a advert on tv saying the motorola atrix is the most powerfull smartphone, how can this be true when we know its clearly not. How can they be allowed to do this???

    • Pete

      Is called marketing!!! World’s faster smartphone, world’s fastest laptop, …, If you wait long enough (6 months) the so called fastest smartphone will be on second or third place. I may get the Atrix just because I have 1+ years left n my contract and an unlocked version of the S2 will be ridiculously expensive =(

    • Brent

      If the add was in the US then they can say that because the S2 isn’t officially available here.

  • brandon

    motorola atrix also comes with special software to put media on your phone that is really good. it’s not some junk software, and it’s really useful. it works well with itunes (the best music player in my opinion) and you can put in all of your playlists from it no problem. only advantage i see in the S2 is android 2.3 which is a lot better. i heard the atrix is getting an update to 2.3 but it doesn’t run as well as 2.2 on it so…

  • Tyler

    I am new to smart phones, so I just want to know which is better overall, or what I should buy. All I really need is something fast, and reliable. I want to get the nicest one I can. I currently have a htc Mytouch 3G and it sucks. I don’t want anything that will be T-Mobile, cause I get horrible service with it, I want something with either Verizon or AT&T. Any ideas?

  • Sabboyjon

    I think the motorola atrix is better. First of all, if you don’t like motoblur, you can get apps that can make you have a different home launcher. For example, I have go launcher ex, and it is great! I also think the motorola atrix 4G is better because it is very fast.

    • Saynotostupid

      Better because it’s fast??? Lololol. You obviously haven’t seen the side by side comparisons on speed. Search YouTube. Also, motorila has a locked boot rom. Samsung’s rom is changeable. And Samsung’s touchwiz kills motoblur. Oh and the bigger battery of Atrix is because of the power hungry qHD screen and heat of motorola parts will eat that up. ohhh and another thing. Check out the weight and thickness comparison. Atrix is a brick compared to GS2 lolol

  • Gman_uk

    How can the samsung have better battery life when motorola has much bigger battery I really don’t understand that

    • Beth

      The motorola’s inferior screen takes up much more battery life than the GS2’s Super AMOLED Plus screen.

  • Zatoitche

    First i would like to apologise in case my opinion seemed a little subjective, but I will do my best to convey an opinion that will aid in making the proper decision. Samsung is a company that entered this field with strength and ambition, updates are slow, but they are there and will come in time. Device quality is superb, from performance to ruggedness to class. Other than the android market,users have access to Samsung apps as well. Motorola is A company that is a legend in many aspects, the atrix is sooooo sexy, from finger print scan to a high res. screen. Yet from my previous experience I had this infatuation and i was utterly disappointed 4 times. Every time i swore upon the holiest of holys that i will never buy a Motorola, yet those burgers seduce me again. The last time was when I got my wife the xt720…ARRRH.but really this the last time. But why?… You May ask. Motorola has 0 support and only cares about profit over customer satisfaction. To those who will buy the atrix or any other Motorola device: when the new baby comes along, no body will knowledge you and your device will be stuck in its then dinosaur state…good luck to all from the heart of my bottom

  • Pavanteja1

    Motorola atrix is better on battery wise and durability wise

  • ravi srivastava

    You have to be kidding, Motorola has a history of promising Android updates to their customers and then announcing after everyone has being hanging out for them, that they are not coming. For example, the Dext and Backflip never received updates, they were promised in all geographies and the Cliq 2 wasn’t any better.

    Motorola Atrix- 117.8×63.5×10.1mm, 135g
    Samsung Galaxy S II – 125.3×66.1×8.5mm, 116g

    The Samsung Galaxy S II comes in two flavours of internal storage capacity, namely 16 GB and 32 GB and has 1 GB of RAM. The S II also supports Micro SD cards up to 32 GB.

    The Atrix is a little less fancy in this regard as it is only available with the lesser 16 GB of internal storage but it still supports up to 32 GB on Micro SD and likewise sports 1 GB of RAM.

    It’s an odd decision on Motorola’s part not to develop a 32 GB version considering it seems to be becoming fairly typical from manufacturers and for this comparison it means the Atrix takes a back seat despite being equal to the Galaxy in other ways.

    These phones are both Android based, the Galaxy S II runs the latest mobile platform of 2.3 Gingerbread and is at an advantage over the Atrix which is still on 2.2 Froyo, though a 2.3 update for the Atrix sometime this year seems likely.

    It’s a surprising decision on Motorola’s part to have used Froyo on such a powerful new handset which could be much better on Gingerbread.

    The Atrix has a 5-megapixel primary camera capturing images and video at 2592х1944 and 720p, though allegedly this will be improved to 1080p in a future update.

    Features include geo-tagging, image stabilisation, autofocus and LED flash, plus there’s also a secondary VGA camera.

    The Galaxy S II has an 8-megapixel primary camera at 3264×2448 resolution and 1080p and a 2-megapixel secondary. It has a similar set of features to the Atrix with geo-tagging, autofocus, image stabilisation and LED flash but also has face and smile recognition built in.

    As both handsets are Android phones running similarly powerful processor and graphics arrangements they’re going to be fairly competitive on apps.

    The 2.2 Froyo operating system on the Atrix puts it behind slightly at the moment but if it does receive and update it will be back in the game but at the moment it’s not going to have quite the same choice of useable apps as the Galaxy simply through OS compatibility even though it is probably more than capable of running the same stuff in terms of power.

    It’s worth noting that with the Atrix’s smaller internal memory you’re not going to be able to install as many apps as you could on the Galaxy so this is another more permanent setback for Motorola’s offering.

    On the plus side the Atrix’s 1930 mAh LiPo (Lithium-ion polymer) battery is a bit better than the Samsung’s 1650 mAh Lithium-ion battery so there might be something of a trade off if the Atrix can use fewer apps but for longer.

    Ultimately though, we think that having the 2.3 version of Android immediately available and a larger memory for apps pushes the Samsung ahead of the Motorola in this area of the comparison.

    Winner – Samsung Galaxy S II

    However, we can’t ignore that the Samsung did rack up more wins overall and it is down to things like the feature-packed 8-megapixel camera, the superior Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and bigger storage capacity which mark it out as being that much more forward-thinking than the Atrix which, while a sterling effort from Motorola is, sadly, a little bit behind.

  • “in history”…. really? come on. 4 years just aint all that historic.
    As for the review… thanks for cutting and pasting the specs off the manu websites moron.
    We read “vs” as in you had them and set them against eachother. This is by far one of the worst NON reviews I have ever had the misfortune of wasting whatever amount of my download quota (albeit small, still useless).
    I got better info from a comment than your whole pathetic waste of an article.

    Lacouvee… Ah, ur french. You just surrendered too soon. As per the usual. Go find some cheese to review.

  • Brquakballplayer

    Its funny we talk about hardware specs and utilization when I uploaded Quake 3, Counter Strike 1.6, the original Half-Life, and Starcraft onto my Atrix with no more than a little time and hard work. People say that the docking station has become old school but for me its perfect. My phone is a mobile computer that executes application that I desire, when I desire. The wireless keyboard and mouse turn gaming-on-the-fly into something that WAS a dream into REALITY. Honestly, I lean HEAVILY towards the Atrix because I can utilize every function its Dual-core 1Ghz processor and 1G ram can handle. If you want a phone, computer, portable gaming system, as well as a digital camera/video recorder, go for the Atrix. You wont be sorry.

  • Fwilt Jim

    Ok it’s now May 2012 and my wife has galaxy, and I have the ATRIX. Our conclusion is if you live in an urban area and have easy access to rechargi g go for the Galaxy. If in semi rural or rural and need range and go for more than a day power the ATRIX is the go.
    The Galaxy is a bit friendlier for a new user, but the ATRIX as an extend able and powerful media and gps centre is a better bet for a user with needs beyond phone and social media. The ATRIX seems more rugged and its battery and data manager really extends battery life.
    Disappointments with Galaxy are range and power usage. With ATRIX the lack of a really friendly intuitive feel.
    My wife likes the Galaxy, I love the ATRIX and the gps and laptop dock accessories, bought cheaply from USA.