It’s been a long time coming, but it seems that for users of the Motorola Atrix 2, the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich may already be on its way. Users who are signed up for soak tests are beginning to receive the update today.

While just a few days ago, we were worried that the Motorola Atrix 2 wouldn’t be getting an update until next year, this soak test does bring some hope that the full roll-out may be sooner than we thought. While Motorola’s site still just says¬†“Further plans coming soon,” it’s possible that they simple haven’t updated yet.

Here is the text of the message that some users are receiving:

Thanks for signing up for the Atrix 2 software test. Our apologies for the delay in starting this test! The software will begin to be pushed out later this afternoon; however, it may take several hours for all targeted devices to receive the update.

We’re eager to hear your feedback. Please share your experience on the private community provided, and via the survey I will send out after you’ve had some time to work with the software.

To ensure we hear you, please follow these guidelines:

  • Please post all your feedback in our private community (link below). This also where you’ll find help during the soak.
  • Please do not call or contact Motorola, AT&T or your carrier support for help during the soak. Those teams are not yet ready to support this software.
  • I’m not able to check private messages on the forums during soaks, so if you need immediate help that’s not a good route to take. Post in the community instead.
  • If you have any problems accessing the private community, please click here for help.
  • Please do not post questions publicly, on our site or elsewhere.

Please start your visit to the private community here. You’ll find additional important information in the Welcome message as soon as you sign in. (Note that you will not be able to post in the public communities during the soak test.)

Thanks so much for your participation! We really appreciate your time and insights.

Are you signed up for soak tests from Motorola? If so, the update could be on its way soon. Have you got your update yet?

Kristofer Wouk
Kristofer Wouk is a tech writer, gadget reviewer, blogger, and whatever it's called when someone makes videos. In his free time, he likes to make music, read and write short fiction.
  • Tushar

    i am facing issue in Smart actions it doesnt work as it should, whenever i set custom rules to disable background sync and mobile data, it works only when the phone is locked and once i unlock the phone it agains shows the data download which it shouldnt unless i off the rule set it should always disable the sync.

  • Ics is great. But the phone keeps rebooting itself during usage of dataplans. Its trouble some.

  • Kevin Velazquez

    Theres no update for my atrix 2

    • You have to be randomly selected for the soak test.

  • The story is about the Atrix 2, the picture is of the Atrix 1.

  • Dwayne

    My Atrix 2 upgraded yesterday. Worked fine til today. When you click on the app button it only takes you to the att installed apps. Pics are gone from gallery and music also gone. I can locate on the sd card but can’t access any of my downloaded apps.

  • Junior Thompson

    Here’s a helpful tip. Download Motorola device manager, and backup your mobile device, once its done, take out your SD card, and go to the settings, privacy, and erase everything..once that’s done, your phone should reboot, in few seconds, and your update will pop up!!