Motorola Atrix 2 getting official Ice Cream Sandwich update

by: Kristofer WoukSeptember 27, 2012

Two days ago, we mentioned that Motorola was starting a soak test for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Motorola Atrix 2. It must have gone well, because starting today, the update is rolling out for all Atrix 2 users.

Motorola announced the update on their website today, noting that this update is indeed available for all users of the Atrix 2. The specific Android version is 4.0.4, build number 67.21.125.


Included in the update is Motorola’s SMARTACTIONS app, which automates tasks by allowing you to set up rules. You can use this app to help save battery life, for example, or send a text to someone when you miss a call from them. Motorola has also replaced the standard Contacts app with People, which includes larger pictures and more profile information. Other more standard ICS features like Face Unlock are, of course, also included.

While the update mostly adds features, a few things have been removed. Adobe Flash is no longer installed by default. Users can still download Flash themselves, but it may not work correctly. Motorola has also removed a number of widgets and its social networking apps. A full list of the changes made with this update is available on the Motorola website.

How to Update

If you haven’t yet been notified that the update is available, you can check manually by going to “Settings” > “About Phone” > “System Updates.” Motorola says to make sure that your Atrix 2 is connected to Wi-Fi before attempting to install the update. It isn’t clear if you will be notified of the availability of the update if you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi. Motorola also mentions to make sure that your battery is more than 50% charged before starting installation of the update.

Have you got the Motorola Atrix 2 ICS update installed yet? How does it seem to be working?


  • Erik Amador

    No biggie, but just wanted to point out that the phone pictured in your article is actually the OG Moto Atrix 4G, which I own and is STILL an awesome phone. :D

    • Kristofer Wouk

      Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Cool_Windows_Baby

    Thanks GOD I’m getting ICS. What a fast update! Only 11 months!

    (The full source code was available to anyone in the world as of Oct 19, 2011.)

  • cloudedhopes

    no update available yet on at&t, just checked…


      None here yet either…

    • Im on AT&T and I’m getting it check agaun if still no they may be putting it out in batches.

      • cloudedhopes

        Ive been hitting the button since this article came out :)

  • matb

    AA might have dropped ball on this one.

    • I don’t think so because I’m getting it now.

      • Idahomegrown

        Are you in the Eastern time zone? Would that have anything to do with it?

        • cloudedhopes

          i’m on eastern time – nothing yet… maybe aa wasn’t talking about at&t…

  • I am using my atrix2 in Ghana, West Africa and I am on Ginger Bread. When I check for the update over wifi I am told that my system is up to date.
    The ICS is yet to be available for my phone I guess

  • Harleen

    Why aren’t some of us getting it?

  • Scorp

    I am pretty sure its still in soak test. The soak test was only released to select users yesterday usually takes about a week. probably will be seeing opened ota early next week

  • I don’t have it yet either… come on Motorola/AT&T it’s only been almost a year!

  • Idahomegrown

    I just did a tech chat w/ AT&T and apparently Motorola hasn’t informed them of any updates…

    • tell AT&T to get on board ive been waiting for this

  • im guessin since the soak test was just yesterday the full update wont be available until next week sometime…
    Patience is Virtue

  • matb

    I call bs

  • ganesh sha

    Then what about Photon4G users?

    • mat

      Photon 4g and OG Atrix users might be S.O.L. but nobody knows yet.

  • ranova

    pretty sure this is INTERNATIONAL Atrix 2 phones only. It was released in India a couple weeks ago, and they are probably rolling it out to the rest of the world, all except AT&T.

    So don’t get your hopes up, it may be a few more months…

    • Idahomegrown

      The link provided to Moto’s update announcement clearly shows that it is an AT&T, U.S. update: 67.21.125.MB865.ATT.en.US
      But according to AT&T they know nothing about it. Something isn’t right. Call AT&T and demand answers.

  • abun

    why is’t my papago m9 is not working after this upgrading ????
    need help …..anybody …

  • WTF-ICS???!!!

    Here is the link that says AT&T US ICS Update,But I still havent been able to download it!! WTF???

  • WTF-ICS???!!!

    Here is the link that says AT&T US ICS Update,But I still havent been able to download it!! WTF???

  • Idahomegrown

    I called AT&T, they seemed to think I should be getting it and put the call through to Motorola. Moto-guy was a total dick about it. Said “You’ll get it when you get it, check again in a week or so…”

    • bob

      Good Job..

  • Roll ICS out already!!
  • JA

    Motorola Atrix 2 ICS update rolling out in Quarter 4

    • vn75loser

      It may be first week of October,2012.

  • Yea, I’m calling shenanigans on this. I’m still not getting it, and there’s no indication anywhere on any other site or Android community that it has begun it’s full roll-out. I’m not sure where AA got this, but I think it’s bogus info.

  • Yes there are several post with the same bs .. we won’t get it until probably end of the year …

  • Adam

    Yeah…wouldnt be surprised if they nixed the update. Already read on on site that Moto plans on now keeping atrix 2 on gingerbread…. has anyone with an att atrix 2 actually gotten the update? I check daily but i hve nothing…

  • Ronaldo

    Yay, my Atrix 2 update ICS 4.0.4….

  • kong

    it took away my phone portal!!!

  • ludachris01

    got my update this morning. phone seems faster now and like how it changed some things, no complaints here

  • jumbovinny

    Got my update. If you want to see the update in action. Head over to my Google plus account and look at all the pics and video I posted. Just search for Vicente Reyes on Google plus

  • Sharp

    Seems like we all got it by now :)

  • Ced

    I was shocked to get the update to ICS today.

  • DonJ

    Since updating, my email no longer ‘auto downloads’ messages. I can only manually get emails. This is a major drawback for me. Is it possible to go back to the previous os?

  • Don

    I am going to roll this back to GB as soon as I can. This is just more difficult to use. Why hide the GPS toggle? The only way to turn it on/off is in the location settings menu now, 3 layers deep. I use the GPS alot. The desktop is where it should be. The WIFI, bluetooth, and apm are also inside the settings now instead of on a desktop. My email is now only manual. Battery life has gotten shorter. Also bad is the alarm toggle. I use to be able to hit the screen anywhere to snooze. Now there is a small square that is half snooze and half dismiss. Better watch what your doing. WTF can people just leave things alone when they are working.
    Pluses include the speech to text. It works faster. Just make sure you turn it off or it keeps recording. No quck delete when it does so either. Backspace all the way.
    Also you can access text and camera right from the wake up screen. Not a biggie for me tho. It deleted the My ATT ap. I had to download it. I just would like to roll this back. I like the old way better.

    • Dude, relax. You can put the toggles back. Just add the power widget (it’s a stock Android widget). It adds a strip with toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, background data sync and brightness. I consider it essential.

    • goody

      how do you roll it back to previous version i hate this one with a passion

  • I’ve also been experiencing less battery lifetime in my motorola atrix 2. It lasts al least 20% less than with the previous version. Does anyone know if theres a way to extend the battery life? Even though i blocked the background data, i can still open the play store, and still get apps update notifications and other notifications such as Facebook. There are some things about this upgrade i don’t really get.

  • Bob Fischer

    Been dropping calls constantly since the update. Anyone else notice it

  • Harriet

    After ICS upgrade loaded itself without telling me in advance, my ATRIX 2 wifi disappeared. Rebooted, reset, removed battery & SD card, spoke to AT&T at least twice but wifi was not to stay connected. Then purely by accident I touched the AT&T wifi APP, saw that my wifi was locked and reset wifi from the app and not from menu/settings. My wifi has beamed blue ever since. I think at&t should credit us all with extra data. Not sure how to publicize this fix….please do.

  • Susan

    Don’t wish for somthing that does not wrk. Nothing but problems since the ics ownload. I lost all my apps tonight and after calling motorola a numberof times, they cannot even reset my phone– they said there is an error – they are replacing my phone now.Wish I could go back to gingebread.