MotoMaker Moto X orders now open for both on-contract and off-contract AT&T models

by: Chris SmithAugust 27, 2013

Moto X

Moto X buyers that want to purchase a custom version of the handset can now order theirs, as the MotoMaker application is finally open for business.

As you may already know, the MotoMaker is an AT&T exclusive order option for now, with all other U.S. carriers carrying only white and black versions of the handset.

Motorola’s “design studio” lets you pick the color of the handset and accents, the color of the front side (black or white), memory (16GB or 32GB), power on message, wallpaper and even Google sync setup.

When it comes to on-contract pricing, the AT&T Moto X purchased via the MotoMaker costs $199.99 or $249.99 depending on your memory choice.

In case you don’t want to ink a new two-year deal with AT&T, you can also order the Moto X for full price, which means you’ll have to pay $579.99 or $629.99, respectively.

Moto X

Unfortunately, shipping times are currently at 8 days instead the initially advertised 4-day shipping for such custom Moot X orders. For what it’s worth, Motorola did say that it expects huge demand at launch, advising that some delays will be expected.

In addition to AT&T, the Moto X is available from Rogers in Canada, and will be launched by other U.S. carriers in the following days/weeks, including Verizon (August 29), Sprint and U.S. Cellular. A Moto X Developer Edition will also be available to order soon.

Have you ordered your custom AT&T Moto X unit yet?

  • Edgar Oliveira

    what about unlock codes for moto x?

  • So can I use an off-contract phone with any carrier?

    • weed


  • Alu Zeros

    i thought about getting an moto x, till i knew its locked down, not even android 4.3 on launch, crappy camera (maybe fix later in software update), updates not controlled straight from google, no google wallet.

    Google your confusing me, and I’m an Android fan. When will Google take control of all updates? Also, Google Wallet, if the carriers won’t allow it, then make a new deal or meet carriers half or something.

    Also here’s what I find irritated, moto x will come with headphones with physical volume controls, now I’m not sure if it’s one button and it’s software controlled for the actual volume. However, dear Google, why can’t we get physical inline volume controls on headsets for android. Seems like Apple has done a lot borrowing features from Google. Holy crap, can we get this one for Apple. I would like to enjoy listening to music, talking on the phone, and the ability to do it without having to actually take my phone out of my pocket.