Possible Moto X+1 preproduction model leaks out

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 25, 2014

moto x+1 leak  (2)

Don’t take it without a serving of salt just yet, but we may be looking at the first actual image of the Moto X+1.

These photos hit the inbox of folks over at Android Police, allegedly showing the successor of the Moto X sporting a metal (possibly aluminum) frame and a wooden backplate. Even if the images are real, we may be looking at a preproduction model or a prototype, as the rather unpolished M logo on the back seems to suggest.

The pictured phone retains the general form of the Moto X, in a larger format. That’s not a bad thing, since the X was widely praised for its easy to handle rounded shape, and hopefully the X+1 will retain the usability, even if it’s going to be bigger, at 5.2 inches across. Motorola seems to have moved the main speaker to the front of the device (it was near the rear camera on the Moto X), and the large grill at the top belongs to the earpiece.

moto x+1 leak  (1)

On the back, the ring around the camera seems to incorporate two LEDs for the flash. The Motorola logo is a bit incongruous with the rest of the design, but it’s possible that it’s just a placeholder.

The leaker told Android Police that the device does not feature a microSD card slot, which contradicts a recent credible report out of Brazil. Moreover, both the Moto E and the LTE version of the Moto G feature microSD support, and its absence would be a step back for the X+1.

Other specs rumored in the past for the Moto X+1 include a Snapdragon 800 processor, a Full HD display, 32GB of storage, a 12MP rear camera, and a 2,900 mAh battery. According to @evleaks, Motorola is going to expand the range of natural materials for the X+1 backplate to include several leather options, in addition to wood and bamboo.

What do you think of these images? Would you like the Moto X+1 to look like this?

  • Rohan Kale

    It looks ugly when compared with moto x. I will still prefer moto x than this if this comes to real.

  • Daniel Denney

    If this is Motorola’s next flagship then I think that I’ll keep my Moto X

  • TechyMe

    ugly is the right word to describe this device…

    • MasterMuffin

      If the words ugly and awful had a child, it would be called Moto X+1 ;D

  • Technician

    I can’t say I like those big ugly grills in the front, other than that the rest seems pretty solid just like the moto x is

  • Clint Siebert

    Id jump with this if it still had the always on mic.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      It does.

  • I hope this isn’t true. Or this time Lenovo will be selling Motorola to another company :P

  • Shark Bait

    Oooooo big lenses, let’s hope there’s a great camera in there somewhere

    • Crutchcorn

      Saw that too.. Was about to comment that

  • These ads, wow. Seriously?

  • Fauzan Adhi Rachman

    Looks like Lenovo start to do their Job
    Still Love my moto x

  • Android123

    that’s a Photoshoped note 2.

  • Anothermuse

    Just release the daggone thing…Not a fan of this look, but I also don’t really think this is the real thing.

  • Gonçalo Borges

    It won’t have a snapdragon 800, lol. it’s too expensive for the price you pay for the moto X. OPO can do it because they did not advertise, create their own ui, develop anything, they just put the pieces together and sold it.

  • Luka Mlinar

    This thing is beyond ugly O.o

  • Marc Perrusquia

    I don’t know why people think it’s ugly, it looks gorgeous.

    • Da Fuq

      Yeah, it just needs some change of color. But that’s what Moto Maker is for ;)

  • T.J.

    Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

  • John M. Trefethen

    Hideous! Besides, the plastic Moto X has been my best phone ever. I was an iPhone junki until I got my hands on the Moto X. The white plastic is pure simple and has been dropped several times only to bounce without showing hardly a scuff.

    The big question for me is, will the Moto X +1 have all of the same deep Google Integration as it’s predecessor now that Google no longer owns the hardware division of Motorola? If not, I’ll look into another manufacturer.

  • insider

    The one I held in my hands did not have the wood grain back and the m was a power button as well as having a power button. Obviously preproduction. It was nice though. Similar design for the battery but thinner around the edges then the previous. Perfect size.

  • Darrin Ramlochan

    The front facing speakers are really interesting and what if they possibly pack another X8 like system into this? Maybe an X10 computing system? Quad core CPU, quad GPU, single core speech recognition and single core gesture. Might actually be the case considering they’re using the Snapdragon 800 and not the 801 or 805. Most people have a gripe with the design but honestly I can relate. The original X was gorgeous, and the dual led on the X+1 is kinda odd to look at. Plus the much larger Motorola symbol but that can be accepted if the phone feels great in the hand.

    I’m concerned bout bleeding into photos by those dual led photos. They might really be good or bad.

  • John Wang

    back is so ugly,I can stand T-T,
    tell me this is not the final version