Moto X, a Rogers exclusive in Canada, to sell for $189.99 with two-year contracts

by: Chris SmithAugust 1, 2013

Moto X

The Moto X will be a Rogers exclusive in Canada, which is exactly what one rumor said well ahead of the phone’s official announcement.

The mobile operator has officially confirmed the arrival of the Moto X, but didn’t mention launch details for the handset. The Rogers Moto X will ship at some point in August and will be available in black or white. The phone will cost $189.99 (that’s Canadian Dollars) with new two-year contracts.

These happen to be the same details we have first seen in a leaked Rogers Moto X video a few weeks ago, and it looks like nothing has changed in the meantime.

Rogers subscribers will apparently be able to only pick the black or white version of the handset – so no customizations will be available to them.

Existing customers can already reserve their Moto X unit, while new subscribers can sign up to be notified about the handset’s availability.

Let’s hear it from our Canadian readers, are you buying the Moto X?

  • Alain Lafond

    Hi, I’m not on the Rogers network… But with specs like those, the Moto ain’t good reason to sell my Nexus 4.
    I believe that once you tasted the Nexus taste, it’s quite hard to come back to others crap loaded phone, or so called Google Edition phones.
    Yes, the HTC One seem to be a very good phone, if it was a Nexus would be very hard not to switch.
    There’s people that goes to casino or do drugs.
    I have always the ultimate Nexus phone and tablet…
    In short, no…lol

    • TRSHD

      Hmmm, maybe you haven’t seen it yet Alain, but the HTC One is also available as a “Nexus” device. They call it the Google Play edition…

    • Martin Deschambault

      Lol, “goes to casino or do drugs” YOU are a model citizen, sir.

  • thereasoner

    2 year? I know the CRTC has pushed for better deals for Canadian smart phone subscribers but my understanding is that Rogers,Bell and Telus have launched an appeal process. It would be nice to do away with the 3 year commitment!
    As far as the phone go’s, I like it. I’m not to hung up on the specs, I’m much more interested in it’s performance. Looking forward to the reviews, hopefully this phone does well. The stronger the competition the better it is for consumers!

    • Martin Deschambault

      @thereasoner:disqus the new 2 year contract rule will only force prices higher to compensate for a shorter time to pay off a subsidized phone. Why aren’t people understanding this? If you buy a car and ask to have payments divided equally over 5 years instead of spreading it out over 6 or 7, you’re obviously going to pay a lot more per month if you go with a shorter repayment plan. COME ON PEOPLE!!! It’s a terrible deal for consumers.

      What would be beneficial, is a deal where buying your own phone will provide you with a discount on your monthly service. If you own your own phone there isn’t a subsidy to pay off, so why isn’t the service fee discounted to reflect a non subsidized phone? This would also allow you to use your phone anywhere without having to pay $50 to have it unlocked by your carrier. Plus, they should force the carriers to stop charging for unlock fees. It’s my phone and there shouldn’t be any restrictions on my use or customization of that phone if I’ve agreed to pay for it until the end of the contract.

  • CeeDee Nairn

    … ! * BOOOOOOOM * ! …

  • Gabriel Lawrence

    Why only Rogers? Has Motorola not figured out that exclusive deals don’t work anymore? Doesn’t seem to be Google’s style, go for mass adoption.

  • dean

    want the phone,just will not deal with rogers