Moto X release date and price official – $199 on contract starting with late August

by: Chris SmithAugust 1, 2013
Moto X

Moto X in Wood

The Moto X is finally official, and after looking at specs and features for the handset it’s time to check out availability details. The phone will be available later this summer from Google/Motorola but also from a variety of carriers in North and South America.


The phone will cost $199 or $299 with new two-year agreements (for the 16GB and 32GB version, respectively) and will be available from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular in late August / early September – FCC has already revealed a distinct Moto X version for each of those carriers.

The base colors are Woven Black and Woven White, as seen in the recently leaked press shots of the handset.

The company has specifically named Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and U.S. Cellular as its carrier partners, but AT&T is receiving a sort-of exclusivity: AT&T buyers will be the first to access to Moto Maker customization option for the handset.

Buyers will be able to order the device directly from Motorola, which is where T-Mobile subscribers interested in the phone are encouraged to get their device from – it looks like that rumor saying T-Mobile won’t be stocking the handset was also kind of right.

A Google Edition version of the Moto X is apparently also in the works.

Other retailers will also have the handset in stock, with Best Buy being mentioned so far. The full price for the device is not available at this time $575 or $625, depending on capacity chosen, according to PhoneScoop’s Eric Zeman.


As we have already heard from a leaked Rogers video, the carrier will be the exclusive mobile operator in Canada to sell Motorola’s flagship handset. Motorola has not confirmed as much yet, but it did say the device is coming to Canada around the same time it hits the U.S. Pricing details aren’t available for the region at this time.

South America

We have recently seen speculation that the handset will hit two other markets, but not in Europe as one would have expected. Instead we were looking at Brazil and Argentina, with local Motorola websites having already posted Moto X teasers before the event.

Motorola confirmed that Latin American markets will get the phone starting with late August / early September, without actually naming specific markets.


  • Nickan Fayyazi

    32GB version is $249 on AT&T.

  • andersonq

    the price point is ridiculous…we were expecting $300 to $400 outright and $199 on contract…I can get Z10, HTC One, Iphone…with some at higher resolution. FAIL!

    • jackjiarocks

      Short of Google Stock, because if this thing doesnt crash and burn…I dont know what will.

    • Marcus Harmon

      What are you talking about? Most flagship phones are at this price point. Even if the specs are not the same as the other high-end smartphones, the Moto X has features that differentiate itself from the others. It is too early to call this phone a fail unless you actually tested it.

  • Jack Parker

    What so this isnt international!?

  • Jack Parker

    What so this isnt international!?

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    this price will be higher in Europe + we wont see colours + there is no wooden options or anything – fail.

    • kEiThZ

      You won’t see this phone in Europe. Period.

  • Jack of All Tirades

    What if you want to buy it outright? Is that not available now? Should I just by the Nexus 4 now? Seriously, WTF.

  • Mark-Anthony

    Dude that pricepoint is a massive massive fail. They just undercut one of the prime selling points of the phone.

    It was assumed that part of the reason this device would be revolutionary is because it would be an awesome phone that cost $199-$299 (at most) off-contract.

    I was seriously considering selling my Note 2 and picking this up, but after hearing this pricepoint I probably won’t be.

    Not a good look Google.

  • Jean-Claude

    The only “killer” feature about this phone was its rumored price off-contract, aaaand they blew it…

    I’m just gonna go and buy the Butterfly S or the Xperia Z or even wait for the N5.

    Good job Google, nice one motorola. You both failed

    • alan b

      hello moto… goodbye moto!!

  • jay flores

    Off contract pricing hasn’t been announced. Remember these are on-contract pricings where carriers have to make their money somehow. The Nexus 4 was 200 on-contract with TMO and the “average” person paid that price

  • hasopinions


    I was expecting this phone to have a cut throat price for features, but I’m going to get a Lumia 925 instead.

  • jay flores

    I feel the real kicker for the Moto X will be the Google Edition. I think it’ll be subsidized through Google

    • OMGgary

      I dunno. I think the same situation as with the Galaxy S4 GPE and HTC One GPE may apply here. Namely that it won’t be subsidised and will probably be sold from the Play Store for at least $550. Crazy price I know, but that is what I now suspect they will do.

  • End in sight

    Fail. I was ready to buy and now, no way. I am going to get a Sony instead. What a terrible move by Motorola. Just plain sad.

  • Rauel Crespo

    Those on contract prices, should be off-contract prices. Considering the Hardware is basically a year old(Similar S4 to the one in the HTC One S and Galaxy S III. Not to mention the 720p screen!) I like the “stock” android, but it’s not enough. For the same Money I could get the HTC One Unlocked from HTC or the Google Play Store. The Moto-X will be a titanic failure due to the price, the carriers should have either charged $0 or $100, and sell Unlocked ones for $300 or $400. That would have been a revolutionary HIT….Right now Motorola is sending this thing down the river….This is definitely NOT streets ahead.

  • Moto Fail

    Disappointed with Price and not available in Google Play store. If the price in Google Play store is going to be >$575, my money is going to LG G2

  • Scott Niemczyk

    Very disappointed in the pricing. For those prices I might add well buy the droid max and have battery for days. I think they were scared to upset the other manufacturers. Which is the wrong approach for Google/Motorola

  • Rooney-

    are you kidding me? $575 / $625 off contract??!!! well no thanks moto. there are plenty others. Htc mini,s4 mini,SXP,Optimus F7 to name a few! BYe Moto!

  • Zach

    Ok, two things: Price) This was advertised as a MID-RANGE phone; therefore, one would reasonably expect a MID-RANGE price, it makes sense. Hardware) Being that it was advertised with midrange hardware (dual core and 720p, etc) then you expect to pay less. Features) I get that it was advertised as features being it’s selling point, but nonetheless, was still advertised as a MID-RANGE phone. Cool phone, but you won’t see me buying it for that price.

    • Zach

      Three things* lol