Moto X press image, mid-range specs and features presented in new reports

by: Chris SmithJuly 20, 2013

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Scheduled to be officially unveiled on August 1, the Moto X is still the star of a few fresh reports that present an alleged Moto X press image as well as more details about the device’s specs and features.

The unsurprising press image

Trusted leakster @evleaks has published what looks like the press renders of the Moto X. Considering his track record, but especially the recent leaks showing the handset in the hands of Eric Schmidt, not to mention the leaked Rogers video, we’d say that the images look pretty convincing.

On the front side, we’re looking at an edge-to-edge display with small bezels, which is pretty much in line with the purported Sprint, Verizon and AT&T Moto X versions that were seen in previous leaks.

The handset appears to run a stock Android version, which may pack some “irregular” features including a transparent navigation bar that has also been noticed in previous reports.

Moto X press image

Purported Moto X press image | Image credit @evleaks

The backside looks identical to the back of the phone used by Schmidt, and is very similar to some Moto X leaks dating back to mid March.

Specs and features are still “mid-range”

The Verge was apparently in contact with a Moto X tester who used a CDMA version of the device and was able to confirm some of the specs and features for the publication. Just like with previous such reports – including ours – we’re still looking at a mid-range Moto X, at least by 2013 standards.

According to the publication, the phone will feature a display “4.5 inches, a dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon MSM8960T processor, 2GB of RAM, and a removable Kevlar rear shell.”

The unit tested by the tipster runs a “near stock” Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and the “always-on” listening mode is confirmed. As one would assume, the always-on mode can apparently be enabled or disabled from the settings menu, as the handset won’t be listening by default. Commands will be given preceded by a hotword, namely “OK Google Now.”

The Moto X will apparently be able to recognize the voice of their “master,” a feature that seems to back up previous reports that claimed the phone will come with advanced voice-recognition technology.

Rogers Moto X video leak

Furthermore, Leo Laporte sort of touched on this subject in his most recent “This week in Google” show, in which he mysteriously revealed that the Moto X won’t have a problem that affects Google Glass users. While not being specific about it, he seemed to refer to the Google Glass voice recognition software that would allow non-users that are in the vicinity of the Glass owner to activate features by voice after saying the “ok, glass” hotword. Apparently that won’t happen with the Moto X.

The photo-taking gesture revealed in the Rogers video has also been confirmed, and the camera apparently features an “Auto HDR” mode.

The Moto X will apparently also display a summary of notifications when picked up after prolonged idle time.

Finally, the publication also said that the handset could pack a 1500mAh battery, at least according to what the software of the device reports, although The Verge mentioned that the source did not actually inspect the battery itself. We previously heard the device would pack a 2000mAh battery.

That said, we’re certainly curious to see if there are any Moto X surprises – Laporte did say that there’s a feature in this device that hasn’t been leaked so far, so we’re certainly waiting to see Google properly unveil the phone.

  • Anders Svensson

    Oh no Motorola and Google! what are you doing? I want a high end phone, not this crap!

    • DefaultUser


  • Amsakanna

    ”OK Google Now” is really a phrase. Probably they would change it in the near future (like the origin of “hello” in telephone)

  • Sylvester

    If its priced properly and the build is good and the price is low then baa m it will be a hot seller

  • Tamadrummer94

    Not sold on this yet. Truthfully, some of that sounds gimmicky, like that awful wrist gesture to launch the camera or saying a phrase to do a voice search (how many people even use voice commands?). I don’t understand why there couldn’t just be a camera button on the actual device. The only thing that would save this for me is great battery life and a low price.

    • najiy91


    • Luka Mlinar

      This is so true. S4 already went down that gimmick road :/

    • Alu Zeros

      Voice command hands free is nice but would be better if google added better functions to android with headphone mic controls for hands free like ios

  • Clarkkent113

    I just wish they could have dropped a quad-core in there.

    • Luka Mlinar

      Did u see that thing benchmark? Thing blew away a bunch of quad cores.

  • TheP

    if it will be cheaper than Nexus 4, im in!

    • Luka Mlinar

      Isn’t the Nexus 4 cheap enough? Anyhoo this phone should be so much more.

      • jose Gonzalez

        I think google is trying to appeal to 3 world countries. as far as i know that’s where the phone market is growing the most. they might have multiple options of hardware. either way will have to wait and see.

  • mike

    I wouldn’t believe anything the verge leaks!

    • bozzykid

      What? They aren’t like most android sites that leak all kinds of wrong info. I would trust them before most news sites.

  • Luka Mlinar

    How the hell did we get from 4,7″ to 4.5″. Hmm this is a bit strange. Either someone is wrong or we will see a full pallet of different phones. Considering the announcement Woodside made at D11 we should see the launch of not one but a “handful of phones”.

    • Luka Mlinar

      Ok so i took the phone from the video and blew it up to match the width of the phones. It made the one from the video longer. So what you have in your image might as well be 4,5 but that one and the one from the video are not the same.

      • OMGgary

        I wonder could that discrepancy be caused by the girl in the video not holding the phone perfectly vertical in relation to the camera recording her, so I did a bit of testing in Photoshop myself.

        Both parts of the image here are the same, taken from the press image leak. There was no resizing done, but the semi-transparent part of the image was produced by titling it backwards +15 vertically in Photoshop’s Lens Correction, to simulate the effect of a person holding the phone with the top tilted slightly backward.

        • Luka Mlinar

          Not holding is perfectly flat is a good argument but i don’t buy it. It still wouldn’t show such a discrepancy.
          Btw the width of the phones on your image is not the same. 312px vs 324px

          • OMGgary

            I know, that is part of what tilting the image does in Photoshop. But this is also how it works in real world situation. Tilting the top away from the viewpoint makes it seem a bit smaller (and thus narrower) because distant objects seem smaller, so the PS Lens Correction filter factors this in. Also I tilted the image a good bit more in PS than the girl in the Rogers video, just to emphasise the elongation effect.

          • Luka Mlinar

            Well if Motorola rolls out a 4,5″ and a 4,7″ on the 1st ill be back to post “CALLED IT!” :D

    • tsonga

      display size (total) is 4.7 inches. When you take out the navigation bar on the bottom, the actual useable space is only 4.5 inches

  • jjordan

    The more we hear about this jandset the more I am not impressed…how can this thing have amazing battery life with a 2000mah battery let alone a 1500mah battery…I just dont know what to think

  • End in sight

    Well I don’t really like that wrist flick to activate camera. Wouldn’t it be better to let me set my own custom movement that turns on the camera? And the same should go for the words used to activate the phone. And the only way I will buy this is if they sell it in wood (dark wood I might add).

    • emanuele_zanetti

      It may not be a default option but, if you would, you just would have to disable the default action, download a third party app that lets you program action based on the movement of your smartphone and then set your own movement to activate the camera (and, if you want, every other application)

  • Rogeross Beraña

    still, i want them to build a high end phone.. an iphone killer..

    • aaron

      An affordable phone can be an iphone killer, though I’m sure the iphone isn’t going anywhere, a high end device would be nice. Still, I am very much looking forward to what this phone brings to the table. Plus, I think “Made in the USA” makes a pretty significant statement against any other phone on the market.

      • aaron

        Unless you’re not in the US :) and I am saying this strictly for environmental and economical reasons, other countries obviously make quality hardware.

        • g0vt_h00ker

          Other countries who manufacture electronic goods on a mass scale are not known for quality material.

    • Kash Gummaraju

      HTC, LG, Sony, Samsung have already built iphone killers, they’ve all but destroyed the apple fanbase due to apple’s patent trolling and devices such as the S3,S4,One,Z,and G

  • keeley991

    If the price isn’t right,it may not sell that great. And before anyone says the nexus 4 is a good, cheep phone people like me who are on Verizon wouldn’t know.

  • palindrome

    not good enough for me. at least for now.
    waiting for further details

  • Mike

    I think the phone is not a high end Device because google wants to dominate Mid range phones wish super low afortable phones posibly $300 half the price of HTC and Samsung been competetive offering similarities in spects and Half the price. I think I would buy it.

  • antwuan

    There’s still a lot to learn of device most of it is leaks & rumors

  • anonymous-x

    As long as we have waited & the more we hear, this 1st -mid-range – phone is making me say, sadly, ” I don’t think this is going to work”. The more I guess I’ll continue to wait for the Ultra Z & then I’ll have to change carrier too.
    I’m so mad these makers refuse to make a phone we want, when we ‘know’ they can.
    You know, maybe I’ll just get a landline instead & forget about giving these foreign people all my money & never getting what I need & want…
    & Google ~I’m really getting mad at you, some friend you are. Geesh!

  • Alvaro Cabrera

    Why Wednesday September 25 on the pic? What that means?

  • aaron

    I’m excited for it’s release, even with the leaked specs, maybe the best of the best internals won’t matter? I have a case of SoC lust myself, but affordability and real world usability may change that. The only thing I wish it had is physical buttons, I don’t like how the onscreen buttons take away screen real estate, just personal preference not a deal breaker.