Moto X pre-order open at Best Buy for Verizon, AT&T and Sprint models

August 3, 2013

    Moto X hands on

    Best Buy is already taking Moto X pre-orders for some versions of the phone, although the retailer is not saying when the orders will be shipped.

    Currently, Best Buy only lists the 16GB Moto X version only, which can be purchased for $199.99 with new two-year contracts from either Verizon, AT&T or Sprint. The handset is available in either black and white – so customizations won’t be available for the Moto X in this case.

    The three carriers have not started taking Moto X pre-orders yet, but they have all announced that the device will be available soon.

    U.S. Cellular is the first carrier in the region to have started taking pre-orders for the handset, and the mobile operator already has a couple of promotions going on for the Moto X – $75 discount for new subscribers and free Motorola headsets for pre-orders (while supply lasts).

    Notably, the T-Mobile Moto X is missing in action at this point, with the carrier having confirmed that the T-Mobile-compatible Moto X version will be initially available only directly from Motorola.

    The full price for the Moto X is listed as $699.99 by Best Buy.

    Are you buying a Moto X?


    • Calamity Sam


    • Peter Blanco

      Is there really not going to be a 32gb Verizon version? I expect them to be ass holes and jack the price up, but to not even have it?

      • Nickan Fayyazi

        It’s because of an exclusivity deal with AT&T. It’s very surprising, but this time Verizon’s not really to blame.

        • Peter Blanco

          I was really looking forward to this phone too but I just can’t pay that price when something like the One is 32gb for the same price, assuming they ever get it -_-

    • Wazzifer

      $699? You got to be fucking kidding me. To hell with that.

      • Psybuster

        Best Buy always inflates the price for off-contract phones and never lowers them. The GS3 is still $699.99 for an “unactivated device” in their stores.

        • Wazzifer

          Yeah I see your point, but T-Mobile is currently listing HTC One and GS4 for $600, this should be lower than that…but sadly I can see it being sold for more than that.

    • Luka


    • Valtheus

      Ahem… 700 bucks for this one? Why not get a nexus 4 for $349 instead? No thx!

      • Ian Case

        If the Nex4 had ATT LTE bands, they would have sold even more. Heck, I have a GS3 and I’m still thinking of getting a Nex4 in the off chance the brand new LTE deployments by me MIGHT be 1700mhz AWS so I could use it.

    • AndroidBrian

      If Google didn’t buy Motorola, would we even be talking about this phone? At this price why would anybody buy this phone?

      • Luka Mlinar

        Maybe and they wouldn’t.

    • J. Williams

      No one is gonna buy this, no one.

    • Buzz Buzzard Jr.

      Do not go crazy over Best Buys prices. They are always a lot higher then any where else. I guess it makes it seem like a better deal if they sell a $700 phone for $199. They would probably list the Nexus 4 for the same price or higher. Every where else lists the phone for $525 (or maybe it was $575) to start. I would be surprised to see this phone stay at this price for long.

    • Funes Bubble

      700$? this is ridiculous.

    • nebsif

      Sincerely hope it fails and they learn a lesson aboutlocked bootloaders and prices.
      The option to order a white front + mudshitbrown back + pink camera ring isnt worth the price 600$ price for a dualcore S4.

      ..and dont start the “innovative” bs, shake ur device to turn camera on like uve got Parkinson disease? how about a dedicated camera button? :/