moto x vs nexus 4 aa design x back

Motorola has officially opened their Ft. Worth, Texas assembly facility for business, even though the building has been pumping out custom (and standard) Moto X’s for a few weeks now. In a blog post on the Motorola site, Dennis Woodside notes the challenges they faced in bringing assembly stateside.

“Conventional wisdom said it wasn’t possible” Woodside said, pointing out the facility is generating 100,000 devices weekly, but that’s not close to where they want to be. In an interview with Reuters, Woodside notes that the first stage of Motorola’s larger plan for the plant is currently in effect, and the 100,000 devices is right in their wheelhouse, for now.

While the cost of assembling devices in the USA is much higher, there are other benefits, like faster shipping. A device can be ordered, assembled, and shipped same-day, as blogger Mike Elgan recently found. Producing the device stateside also brings jobs, and Motorola is proud to note they’ve created more than 2,000 jobs, and are continually hiring.

As for the facility itself, you can view it inside and out on Google Maps. Street View offers an inside look at the facility, as Google does with many of their data centers and offices. Unfortunately, they haven’t set up real-time video so you can watch yours being assembled. That’s too bad; I was really hoping to see the look on their faces when they saw my color combination.

  • wric01

    You asked for made in usa cellphone, now you got it. I don’t hear anyone dropping their chinese made iphones and Galaxy phones for the Moto X. you Hypocrites.

    • gommer strike

      Sorry guys. But he’s right.

      BUT – Motorola messed it up. The price is way too high for a phone with mid-range specs, competing against the latest and greatest today – competing directly against the iPhone 5C.

      Lower the price Motorola. Allow customization from for ALL customers across the world, AND all carriers. And then maybe we can talk.

      • T.J.

        You talk about specs then compare it to the iphone. This has better specs than the iphone.

        • Topcat488

          Yeah, and it’s not just a Apps Launcher. It can do way more than the iphone. But people are use to a “handout” price from Google, low welfare priced. But the xphone is better the the iphone.

          • gommer strike

            In the end – if we really say that we want to bring jobs back onshore – then we need to make that very clear with our wallets. If there is no net change, then it vindicates all the more to smartphone makers, to just keep doing, what they’re doing.

      • MotoFail

        If it Outright Price was $150 Less and Customization was available to all Carriers, they would have Shipped 1M Handsets a week. They had opportunity to get Market Share and they Failed..

        • gommer strike

          That’s what I just don’t understand – why did they go about doing things, the way they did? They can’t tell me, that someone on their advisory board didn’t say “isn’t that price a little high?” I mean what’s going on? Did some non-techie big wig up top decide on the price, and then everyone downward had to be a “Yes man” or else their jobs are on the line?

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      Who asked?
      Look what was turned out… the hands down best phone…of early 2012!