Rumor: Moto X phone announcement coming on July 11

by: Chris SmithJuly 5, 2013
Moto X ad

Section from the first Moto X ad showing two people jumping in the water.

The proper Moto X announcement is now rumored to take place on July 11, via an official Motorola press event, although press invites aren’t exactly available at this time.

The handset has already been confirmed during the D11 conference in May, where Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside mentioned its commercial name and some of its features. But the company did not reveal all the specs and features, nor did it show an official image of the device.

Phone Arena reports that journalist “Leo Laporte has said that he was invited by new Motorola employee Guy Kawasaki to an event at Motorola on July 10th and 11th.” Apparently Kawasaki told him that the event will be held for “select tech journalists,” and that the event is about “something quite important.”

On top of this, the first Moto X ad that we’ve seen a couple of days ago and which has already been published by major newspapers on July 4, seems to indicate that 11 may be an important number for the company. The body shapes of the two people jumping into the water (image above) seem to form to roman numerals, X and I, which stand for 10 and 1, respectively.

Together they form 11. While there’s no indication we’re talking about July 11, when paired with Kawasaki’s reported press invitation they make more sense. Since we’re speculating, we could always split the two numerals. The “X” could always stand for Moto X, while the “I” may indicate that it’s the first Moto X generation that’s coming soon.

That said, we’ll keep an eye on more Moto X details for you – and we’ve had plenty of those in the past few days – as we approach the official announcement and launch of the device.

  • christopher

    I’ll be waiting.
    just sitting here.
    until the 11th.

    • Luka Mlinar

      I might join you :D

  • Mike Bastable

    where is Nate’s Samsung loving post on their profit report?

    Surely he can spin this into the positive somehow? shares now down 5%….

    • Fred

      It’s android at the end of the day, when one falls, the one that brings in all the cash revenue and awareness of the OS then IOS gains. Don’t see why there isn’t resentment toward Apple and Windows as opposed to this fanboy in fighting between Android OEMs.

    • OMGgary

      Aah just go back to playing with your soon to be abandoned soda can

      • Mike Bastable

        ERM, u probably understand your comment, well done!, very funny. Probably.

  • Luka Mlinar

    My guess is we will see more then one phone.

  • Joachim Nilsson

    “The Moto X and I … ”
    “X and I … going swimming”

    • OMGgary

      I think you may be onto something there.
      The Moto X might be waterproof. It would be great if the pictures of the back shells that have leaked in recent days were all part of a disinformation campaign, because I reckon they didn’t look like they belonged on a waterproof phone.

  • Guessing

    why not october 1st ??

  • NateCress

    The XI interpretation is interesting, but I think the people are supposed to represent “X!” You’ll notice the shadow of the woman forming the exclamation point on the original ad.

    • dogulas

      Why can’t it be both? If I were the cryptic market king director, I would love making multi-meaning teasers like this.

  • Rosnal

    las noticas van y viene, mi conclusion es la siguiente: Google eliminara los Nexus y entrara en una nueva fase con lo Moto X. lo podemos ver en la desaparicion del nexus 4 de google play. eso nos da pensar de que esta abriendo un nuevo camino para consagrar este nuevo dispositivo.