Moto X off-contract price drops down to $399, includes Moto Maker customization

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 1, 2014

moto x vs nexus 4 aa display active notifications

Back in November, Motorola ran a major off-contract sale for the Moto X, originally as part of a Cyber Monday promotion. Despite a few hiccups that caused them to delay and reschedule the event for two more dates, Motorola learned there really was a strong demand for a solid off-contract handset, as long as the pricing was more in-line with Nexus devices.

With that in mind, Motorola is bringing in the New Year by slashing down the price of the 16GB Moto X to just $399, and $449 for the 32GB model. This includes both customized Moto Maker handsets and even the developer edition (at $449). For those looking for a wood back however, you’ll still need to pay an extra $100.

While $399 isn’t as cheap as the $349 pricing we saw during their Moto X sale, it’s still a considerably lower price than most other similarly-equipped flagship devices out there in the Android world. For those looking for an even-cheaper off contract experience, you can always pick up the Nexus 5 for $349, or the Moto G for as little as $179 — or even perhaps as low as $100 on Verizon.

What do you think, planning on picking up the Moto X now that the off-contract price has dropped down?

  • Luka Mlinar

    This is what it was worth in the first place. Can you imagine some fools bought it for 630$ or even more if they went with 200$ +contract.

  • Spencer_B

    Any idea if they’d be willing to refund a little of peoples money who upgraded when the phone was $200? I got my 16GB for 199.99 with a damn two year contract.

    • MadCowOnAStick

      you gotta wait till price drops, like the S3 was once $650 and now $300

      • Spencer_B

        But how long did that take? Its barely been three months since I upgraded and that was fairly soon after the phone released.

        • MadCowOnAStick

          well that’s just kinda bad luck… buying a phone before the price drops

    • SOMFW

      it’s 2013 not 1973! Anybody buying consumer Electronics should know they are Market place obsolete the day you buy them and will drop in price continually and almost daily until the next latest and greatest thing appears. Nobody should EVER buy an Electronic device when it first comes out. They will always over pay, just so they can say – Look at Me!

  • Guest123

    They needed to get that first adopter cash :)

    I hope they are smart enough to continue this device for a long time and drop the price on it continually till it becomes sub $200. . . I don’t see a reason to come out with a newly designed low end device when you can continue a well designed device into the future and lower its price — aka apple.

  • guest321

    There are too many new phones just over the horizon. I think this may trick a few people, but the tech savvy are waiting for leaks from the next flagship flood.

    • SOMFW

      It’s not a trick, They have to move enormous amounts of unsold units. Wait until you see what Apple does with pricing on phones they sell in China. Google needs every market now more than ever,and they need to keep Google on the phones in those markets otherwise it;s game over.

  • Shark Bait

    Correct price this time! Good job moto. I wonder how many of these they’ve actually sold?? Couldn’t hurt to start selling internationally either right?

  • AndroidBoss

    Now this phone can compete with the Nexus 5; however there are many things better in the Nexus 5. So in my opinion N5 is a better deal.


    It’s Still at least $100 over priced. Googlerola set the Market at $349 with the 32GB Nexus 5, Even a penny mire is a Rip-Off. Add to that the Moto G at $99 off contract and you have a company that is confused about which day it is.
    All sources indicate Moto X sales have been dismal at best and they are still playing games. Better to unload what they have and rethink the whole, Lower specs for the same price strategy.
    Those who will argue that the G should be cheaper because of it’s lower specs, smaller screen etc, Don’t! you are the same people saying the X shouldn’t be less then the 5 because the component don’t really matter in pricing

    • apianist16

      Sorry to disagree, man, but I think you need to understand that the Nexus 5 and the Moto X are aimed at two completely opposite categories of consumers. The Nexus 5 is for the techies who want to crush benchmarks and play demanding games at solid framerates, whereas the Moto X is designed to be hassle-free, innovative, and just work. For the majority of people, the latter is what they are looking for, and they may be prepared to pay more for that. It’s the way the market works. A phone’s price doesn’t have t be dependent on specs alone.

      • SOMFW

        First you people all claim the Moto x is basically stock Android aka Nexus 5, Now it’s something different and worth more? LMFAO
        Sorry to be the one to break it to you, They are both the same thing – a phone! with a bunch of other gimmicks thrown in. If anything the Moto X is more complicated to work with all it’s carrier bloat and the fact that you have to say “OK Google Now” instead of “OK Google”
        As to you assertion that people are willing to pay more, Really? Then why are the Moto X’s sales figure on life support? Better yet, why have they steadily reduced the price and had Fire sale sale’s on it 4 times now? Sorry mate your theories don’t jive with reality

        The way the USA market works is: Start high and Finish low or Sell it on contract and let the Good old American dependency on Credit soften the blow.

        • apianist16

          Hey man, could you read my comment in-depth before posting a firestorm? I never said the Nexus 5 was aimed at developers but rather power users (i.e. most of the people who read this site). The Moto X has superior battery life, better voice support (on-chip is always better) and active notifications (which is only really possible with an AMOLED screen). Those features are the defining points of the phone and something that I, for one, would be willing to pay more for.

          As for why it’s on sale? C’mon man, the Moto G is being sold for $99 bucks right now. Moto is losing big money on that deal. THEY ARE TRYING TO GET A LITTLE BRAND RECOGNITION BACK, that’s all. And Moto hasn’t released a definitive report on sales, so we don’t really know how well or not they are selling.

          • SOMFW

            Like I said all you Fanboys / Reviewers and Googlerola are the ones claiming the Moto X is the be all to End All – Specs don’t matter, the phone is just as good etc.. If it is aimed at a different crowd – it’s Not – the price should be the exact same or less – It’s not!
            You can’t have it both ways.

            The Moto G is not being sold for $99 (yet) it is $179 or $199 from Googlerola, the $99 you are referring to is a subsidy from Verizon to lock you into their $70 per month plan with limited data, you must stay with them for at least 6 months at that price – sounds like a contract to me. Also sounds like a last ditch effort to move what they are committed to, since they claim to be eliminating 3G in the future, at which point the phone will cease to function for data purposes on Verizon. And Googlerola is not losing anything on it. They are just not making huge profits on it. You people miss Googles Goal in all of this, which is to have as many Android units out there as possible. They make 99% if their money on advertising. The more hits they generate, the more they make. Selling phones at or near cost is Genius on their part, The more they sell the more $ they make. They are not Apple, they are not, until they acquired Motorola, a hardware company. They are an advertising company. Buying Motorola for the insane 12,5 Billion was done for two reasons: getting more Units in peoples hands and Patents. Although their recent and never ending legal setbacks, seem to negate the Patent part of the equation.
            You will see the Moto X and G continue to drop in price, They have to. It costs Google nothing to do so. Not selling units is far worse then selling units at or near cost Become a stock holder and you can get sales figures, they are Bad!

            As to who the N5 is for, you are still confused. It is not for techies or power users, Its to compete with every other current flagship phone of which it still fairs poorly. Only it’s price and the fact that it is stock android save it from being a has been at birth. Not to mention whats coming in the next few weeks.

            Finally, so the Moto x has superior battery life? To what?
            The battery on the Moto x is the same as every Android to date = Pathetic, 2 to 4 hours max of screen on time. Except for those with extra large batteries. You have once again showed that you rely on marketing rather than facts .The “24 Hours of Mixed use” Googlerola claimed was a Madison Avenue marketing masterpiece, which was later dismissed by even the most devout fan boys – Reality was “24 hours of mixed use as long as, 21 of those hours had the phone in standby”

          • apianist16

            1. The Moto G is being sold “over the counter” as it were, with absolutely no agreement. The only hitch is that it is locked to Verizon only.

            2. The Moto G is being sold for $99 because Verizon wants to push more units? I’m sorry, but Moto has nowhere near the brand recognition as Samsung or Apple, and thus Verizon would be stupid to sell a handset below cost that probably won’t be recognized by the general public (again, average consumers, not AA members). This is a simple marketing move by Motorola to capitalize on the rapidly growing prepaid market of the biggest U.S. carrier.

            3. You claim horrible sales. Are you a stockholder? Do you have verified sales figures?

            4. Have you ever used the Moto X for an extended period of time? Can you verify these people who admitted to exaggerating the battery life?

            5. There are many people who slammed Moto for pricing the Moto X too high “for the specs”. My argument is that I would rather have a phone that runs smooth, doesn’t crash, has nifty and useful features, and has excellent battery life as opposed to the opposite. I would pay a higher price for lower specs for a phone that meets those standards.

            6. As for accusing me of being a “fanboy”, I would argue that I’m not, and that I merely try to see both sides of the issue.

          • SOMFW

            The $99 Verizon offer has an agreement – Go read it – 6 months at the $60 per month price

            Motorola has strong brand recognition, they were around ages before Samsung, they invented Mobile. You are confusing a two year period of lagging sales and thinking that’s where it all starts and ends. They are not selling units at cost. They are locking people in to a “Contract” which recoups all the discount and then some Verizon’s prepaid market is tiny compared to everyone else s and that’s because of their rates, Googlerola is Not chasing that market with the Moto G they are chasing the markets outside the USA.. In 6 months look at the sales figures for domestic and over seas and you will see that.

            Yes I am a shareholder, yes the numbers are verified. Call your broker, get a perspective on Google / Motorola. Ask for last quarters P&L statements and sales figures – Motorola is bleeding Money.

            Yes I used it for an extended period. The battery was no where near the claimed “24 hours of Mixed use” they claim. I got 2 and 1/2 and 3 and 1/4 Hours of screen on time every day for a week – Unimpressive. Go back over every review that came out after the Googlerola paid for first look and first few days ones. They all claim the battery is much less then expected and advertised. Do your own homework.

            If you over paid for the Moto x and are happy, good for you. Seems to me, you have buyers remorse. I said on day one it will drop before Halloween and again before the end of the year. I was right on both. Google has set the market with the N5 and anybody who pays one penny more for any phone off contract should have their head examined. this recent drop is a last ditch effort before they drop their pants on it. they know a 32GB X must be $349 or less, But there are always people like you who will over pay. Trust me it will be that price in short order.

            You are a fan-boy, deal with it. Anyone who defends over priced mediocre product with statements like yours, is 100% fan-boy. The Moto x was a flop with two semi unique features which really aren’t that unique or original. Always listening is a parlor trick and does nothing but drains the battery. Active notifications are nothing special. People love them or hate them. I found them redundant and not very useful to the way and what I use the phone for – Phone, Email, Navigation, Web. The first two give me audible notifications which are much more useful to me.

          • apianist16

            1. For starters, you can walk into Best Buy and buy one off the shelf so I don’t get where you got this “contract” deal.

            2. It is possible to lose brand recognition. Please. Everyone thinks of Samsung when they think of Android. Especially AVERAGE people, not people who read AA.

            3. I asked for figures, not for a homework assignment.

            4. I don’t read hands-on or first day reports, I read indepth reviews that get into the nitty-gritty, and the Moto X excelled in the battery life tests.

            5. I don’t own the Moto X, never have, so I don’t have “buyer’s remorse”, as you put it.

            6. Just because the price dropped doesn’t mean it’s a good piece of hardware, i.e. take the LG G2. It’s on huge sale.

            7. What you thought of a phone is not the end all. Have you ever considered that some features may be more helpful to some than others? It’s all about you and your opinions, man.

          • SOMFW

            1. No you Can’t – Better do the homework you hate – The verizon Moto G must be on the $60 or more plan for a minimum of 6 Months – Per Verizon and everyone who can read – Apparently you cant.

            2. Everyone who? You? or Apple Lemmings that don’t know any better. Everyone thinks of Google when they think of Android, do some research. This is a reoccurring theme with you.

            3. Get your own figures, Call your Broker, Contact Google or Motorola they. It is a publicly traded Co. All information is public knowledge.

            4. You can’t read then – 1. Then compare it to the most recent – dig deep to find the X on the list
            another –

            Another –

            5. then Stop defending it – Its an over priced mid range phone. Period!

            6. I never said it was Good, Thats the whole point, It’s not very good and it’s overpriced as i keep saying. It will also continue to drop/ The LG sale and the many like it are carrier sales, They are meaningless. You are buying it on a term and are paying way more for it doing it that way even if it’s on sale for One penny. The only price that matters is the Off contract price – And the bar has been set with the N5 and the moto G

          • apianist16

            It has become exceedingly clear to me and probably everyone who reads this that you are a troll. I will point out some final flaws in what you are saying and then close this thread. If you want to keep trolling, go ahead. I will not be viewing this thread any longer.

            1. This 6 month period that you keep bringing up is this: If you want to buy the Moto G off-contract and then enter a 2-year contract, you have to be on prepaid for 6 months before they will allow you to do that. Standard policy. I don’t know how you could get that so confused.

            2. Where do you live? Anywhere I talk about Android, people say “You mean those Galaxy phones?” I am talking about the AVERAGE CONSUMER.

            3. If you are a shareholder and all, why can’t you just tell me what the figures are? Because you don’t know.

            4. Check out TechnoBuffalo and Engadget on what they have to say. Not everybody agrees, as you obviously have found out.

            5. Obviously you think the Moto X

          • SOMFW

            Yes, Please close this and stop replying. the only Troll is you. Calling you a Troll however, is an insult to real trolls. I think mental Midget is a far more accurate term.

            Go buy The Verizon Moto G for $99 then try and turn it on. You are just smart enough to be dangerous. Dangerous to any idiot who takes your advice and assessments as gospel that is. The phone must be activated on Verizon Prepay and must be kept on that for a 6 Month period “Contract” If you want to them use it on an existing line. which is why the phone is discounted! You cant be this stupid to not be able to understand that. but go ahead and buy one thinking you can add it to an existing line.

            Not sure who you talk to, Don’t care, but it’s obviously to other Mental midgets or iPhone Lemmings. Anytime I mention Android people say Google or the phones with the big screens. Never any mention of Samsung..

            Like I keep telling you Jagoff, Call your broker, do some research on your own. The reason I don’t give you specific numbers is simple. You a Moron who thinks you know everything. Any info given to you that doesn’t jive with your fan-boy pre-conceived ideas will be met with and distrust as you keep demonstrating. Moto X sales, and the new Droid Line have been dismal according to Google, The Motorola division is bleeding Money according to Google. That tells you all you need to know and where to find your answers. If you are to stupid or lazy to do your own research, it’s not my problem or concern. Maybe it is because People like you only think about samsung!

            I don’t need to check out any sites, I had the phone and saw for myself the battery life was nothing special, The advertised claims were “weasel worded” so they could get away with the lie.

            Yes, the moto x is over priced. Thats what i keep saying, thats what this article is about, You think it isnt. Go buy it already and STFU. I dont know, nor care why you think it is so drastically different then the N% or the iphone. To me and anybody who isnt a fan boy they are all the same, other than size and battery life. There is virtually nothing you can do on one and not the other two. For the one or two so called, exclusives features each phone has “in your mind”. there is always a work around or slightly different way of accomplishing the exact same thing.

            The silly always listening and always on screen notifications. That you think are so evolutionary have Both been proven to use more battery. Turn them both off and see how your battery life improves. The one or two seconds it takes to turn the screen on to check my notifications , in the long run, use less juice.

            Now go put your tail back between your legs and don’t reply. Better yet, go ask your mommy if she will give you money to buy this phone you want so badly, before it drops again in price

  • Andrew

    Now it would be REALLY nice if they also sold the pure black and white ones that don’t use Motomaker at around $349 or less so that it would really compete with the Nexus 5 :D

    • John

      You can buy a black or white Moto X from Republic Wireless off contract for $299. Their plans are really good too. $25 a month for unlimited text, talk, and 5 GB of 3G data. Or $40 a month for unlimited text, talk, and 5 GB of 4G data.

  • Yuriy Chernyavskyy

    For how long this promotion is valid?

    • SOMFW

      Permanent and expect another price drop in the next 4 to 6 weeks or sooner