Another rumor about Moto X materials: plastic, wood at launch, more in the future?

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 12, 2013

Eric Schmidt talking on Moto X

The founder of Android and Me, Taylor Wimberly, has been providing a steady stream of tidbits about the hotly anticipated Moto X for the past few weeks, and some of them have been confirmed from other sources. The confirmations lend credibility to his words, so our interest was piqued when Taylor posted (again) that users will get to choose the material of the Moto X’s back plate.

Here’s Taylor Wimberly post on Google Plus:

[quote qtext=”People keep asking for Moto X leaks, so here is another tidbit. Moto X features a curved design engineered from ground up for personalization. As I reported awhile back, users will be able to pick the material for the backplate. Plastic is the default material, but wood is also an option that should be available at launch. Other materials like metals, ceramics, and fabrics should become available after the August 23rd launch. AT&T has some kind of exclusive thing for the Moto X launch, but I don’t know if it’s an exclusive material/color or something else completely different.” qperson=”Taylor Wimberly” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

This isn’t the first time we hear about customizable materials in connection with the Moto X. Taylor has previously claimed in two occasions that users will get to choose between plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, and other materials for the back plate of the Moto X.

However, two separate reports from the WSJ and ABC News failed to mention optional materials, suggesting that users would only get to choose the color of the device and the text of an inscription etched on the back plate.

How credible is this report? With the avalanche of Moto X leaks in the past few weeks, it’s strange that no other source has mentioned customizable materials for the Moto X. Several leaks mentioned multiple colors, but all the leaked images show plastic cases. And there’s the fact that WSJ, a very reputable source that quoted people close to the matter, said nothing about customizable materials.

Bottom line, this is very much a rumor and not a plausible one for the matter. We may be wrong (hell, we hope we’re wrong), but until we get solid confirmation, we’ll file this in the crazy stories folder.

Meanwhile, Eric Schmidt just happened to let himself photographed using the Moto X, so yeah, the hypetrain is in full speed.

  • Tony Hoffman

    One word still comes to mind here..

    Mid range

    • whocares

      At $300-$400 MSRP, I don’t think anyone is arguing what segment this device falls in. If they shock everyone and pack an S600 instead of the S4 Pro, it will redefine the mid-range market just like the nexus 4 did.

      • Ian Dimare

        Nexus 4 is mid-range?! What?! It’s made from better materials and it lags less even than SGS4..

    • Fawoo

      Mid-range with a hefty price tag.

      You can’t seriously expect all that customization such as wood-material back without it being expensive. If it’s coming packed with competitive internals, you can expect a $400-$500 price.

      At this point if it miraculously launches worldwide at a lower price (with competitive internals) at $349 or less (without cutting down on the customization), then it’s an absolute steal.

      • Marsg

        It’s rumored to be using a dual core s4 pro, it hardly has competitive internals

    • S.L Jones

      Yea… Just not excited about this phone at all

    • Casin

      That’s 2 words.

  • Ruz

    Why wood? Do we have plenty of wood to be axed? Is our world environment friendly enuf? Why the hell companies promoting so much wood stuffs and not avoiding it for global warming reasons.. this is pathetic and should be banned

    • MasterMuffin

      Wow, go back at bounding yourself to a tree. “Pathetic and should be banned” WUT.

    • My wood is regenerable, don’t know about yours.

    • Nick Dion

      Not only are trees a rengerative resource, we can freaking clone trees.

  • Mike Bastable

    The shape reminds me of the Samsung Beam…that was less than exciting, this seems to be less than less than exciting.

  • Endinsight

    D.a.m.n. I want wood on my phone. Can I please have oak with a deep red wood stain?