Moto X and what Leo Laporte can’t reveal about it

by: Chris SmithJuly 18, 2013

Eric Schmidt talking on Moto X

In Twit’s latest “This Week in Google” episode, Leo Laporte talked about the unconfirmed Moto X, or at least he tried to talk about it as freely as possible without breaking the NDA he “foolishly” signed with Google.

Aptly titled “Silence of the Leo,” TwiG episode 207 features Laporte, Gina Trapani and Jeff Jarvis, with the Moto X being by far the most exciting topic to follow.

That Moto X event that wasn’t

Interestingly, the show features Android Authority‘s story on last week’s mysterious Motorola get-together, with Laporte confirming that he has attended said event and saying this fact can’t be denied exactly because Robert Scoble recorded a certain part of it using Google Glass.

Laporte also mentioned Motorola’s Rick Osterloh, as the “mystery guy holding a mystery device,” and said that he doesn’t know what he’s holding in his hand. In case you haven’t seen that particular video, you should know that Osterloh was likely using a Moto X to take a picture during the event, and everything was recorded on video (see following screenshot showing the Motorola exec in action).

moto x motorola exec Rick Osterloh

That same video showed some swag bags laying around, and during Twig 207 Laporte told the audience what’s inside one such bag, namely a couple of books (one of them related to NDAs), an external phone battery and earphones, but nothing else.

Speaking about the phone with Trapani and Jarvis, Laporte said that, when looking at the current leaks, “there’s really not much that [he] could add” about the phone, although he wasn’t able to confirm or deny any of the existing rumors and speculation.

There are 'features in this phone that no one has revealed.'

He did say that he was very excited about what he saw, and he initially described the product as a “thing:” “a very significant thing,” and a “non-trivial thing.” While he didn’t say it ways a phone at first, later during the show he said that there are “features in this phone that no one has revealed yet,” and that the Moto X is apparently “the first phone after Google really got in there” (therefore after Google purchased Motorola).

Moto X coming in early August?

When talking about potential launch dates and pricing for the device, Laporte said that he’s not able to reveal when the embargo on his NDA would be lifted – apparently that’s a detail that could be relevant for the crowds.

Android Authority on TwiG

Android Authority Moto X story featured on TwiG episode 207

But he did tell Trapani that she can safely return the HTC One Google Play edition she purchased in order to buy a Moto X, if the return window is of 30 days. When finding out that you have 15 days to return the phone, he told her that the return could be problematic, hinting that the handset could be unveiled and launched at some point in the first weeks of August.

He also said later during the show that from certain points of view, the HTC One may have certain features that can’t be found on the Moto X, so Trapani may want to hold on to her HTC handset.

However, no actual release dates were mentioned during the event. As for pricing goes, the Moto X should definitely be affordable, and the device may be sold directly from the Google Play Store – at least that could be the conclusion one could draw after hearing Laporte and Jarvis talk about the recent Google Play edition handsets that were added to the store, and their high prices.

Interestingly, Laporte said that he may have discussed Moto X availability at last week’s event – hinting that he may have talked about whether there will be any availability / shipping issues with the handset since it’s built in the U.S. – but he didn’t elaborate on the matter.

As you can see, the show (embedded above) was rather revealing, even though Laporte did not reveal any details about the phone, although he appeared eager to do so. We’ll get back to waiting then, as we expect the device to be unveiled in the following weeks.

  • jjordan

    I wish they would just announce this thing already…its getting annoying

  • needa

    too many adverts on twig. way too many adverts on twig. did i mention that there are more than enough adverts on twig?

    • prittjr

      I much prefer their embedded, native ads to the garbage I hear on other podcasts and live shows. At least they have a conversation about a product/service that is relevant to the audience

      • needa

        difference in opinion i guess. i see those conversations as further adverts and plugs for the ads. though admittedly… i have only managed to watch,skip,skim through one of his shows. and they arent all embedded.

    • Woody Hermey

      I am guessing that there are too many adverts!

  • Bobby Rouse

    That book wasn’t about NDA’s. It’s about influencing people’s decisions. I’m looking at it on my bookshelf.

  • Mgarnold86

    With all this talk anticipation and hype, I can’t help but get my hopes up for the Moto X. I along with many others have been burned before though, I am dubious as to weather this phone can live up to all the hype. I will be happy however if this phone ends up being a solid product at a low price point.

  • g0vt_h00ker

    who the fuck is this old bitch? they need more young people

  • SamsaraGuru

    Ok. Correct me where I go wrong here, but from everything I’ve had a chance to read nobody even has any idea what the phone’s specs are because it hasn’t been released – so how can they be advertising something that for all practical purposes doesn’t actually exist except as a “leak”?

    My feeling is that if it meets the quality of the S4 in terms of the S4’s specs and has a removable battery and SD card – then I will seriously consider it. If not, it will be relegated to the same – non-starter pile as the HTC One and Sony Xperia.

    But if it does meet or beat the S4 and has a removable battery and SD AND it is built in the U. S. as I heard then it will get my utmost attention.

    I hate buying things made in China (yeah, yeah I know – almost impossible not to) but one can do one’s best can’t one?