Five and a half thoughts on the recent Moto “leaks”

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 13, 2013

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Moto X is coming. Over the past few days, we had leak, after leak, after leak. Or should I say “leak”?

Here are some of my thoughts on the (over-) hyping campaign that’s been going on.

1. Some (most?) of the leaks were controlled

I am almost positive that, when that Motorola SVP whipped his Moto X to film Google Plus sensation Daria Musk, he was pretty sure that the video would end up on tech sites. Heck, you can almost see it on his face. Don’t get me started on Eric Schmidt, casually talking on his Moto X at a public event teeming with professional photographers. I can only speculate on leaks from other sources, but supplying insider info to friendly sites is standard procedure.

2. The launch of the device is imminent

I think that the Moto X is going to be made official in a matter of days or a couple of weeks at most. Motorola is actively hyping it at this point, and its PR experts know that a good publicity campaign should not drag so long that it bores people. The private event from this week, that luminaries of the tech press attended to see the device ahead of launch, is another clue that the Moto X should hit the markets soon.

3. Motorola really wants the Moto X to succeed

After months of self-imposed silence, the Google-owned company wants to come back with a bang. Remember that we’re talking about the proud company that has shaped the telecom industry for decades. Motorola doesn’t need to succeed yet, thanks to Google’s benevolent protection, but it certainly wants to make it big. The hype building, the huge marketing budget, the rumored international roll out, they all paint the image of a company that put all its weight behind one goal.

4. The hype building works!

People are genuinely excited over the Moto X, more than they’ve been over any other device in the last year or so. Just skim the comments sections of Moto X articles on AA and other sites. Sure, there are some who declare themselves disappointed with the mid-range specs of the phone. But many others say they can’t wait for the phone or that they’re going to ditch their current device for the Moto X, “if the leaks pan out”. Which takes me to the next point…

5. It may be too much

I sure hope Motorola did a wonderful job with the Moto X. If the rumored customization options are just gimmickry or if the awareness that Motorola is said to have built into the Moto X fails to impress, people will be disappointed. Experience has taught me that expectations are almost always higher than the reality, and the bigger the discrepancy, the harder the backlash is. Will the Moto X be an exception?

5.5 What hasn’t leaked?

Any magician knows that the secret of the perfect trick is to distract the attention of spectators, while the real magic happens where they least expect it. This is just speculation on my side, but what else is Motorola preparing besides the Moto X? What if the controlled leaks were also meant to conceal other surprises that Motorola may have in store?

Again, these are just a few thoughts and educated guesses. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

  • xfactor

    An American company building solid affordable phones IN America is something I can get behind. I believe the RGBC camera is going the be the last leak to shock and awe. Still waiting on some benchmarked image samples, but my mind is already made up. My nexus 4 has thought me that specs aren’t everything, and if its running stock with timely updates I’m sold.

    • Terry

      I really hope so. This is one thing I’m thankful Apple did. They made people realize how good a phone camera could be and made including a sub par camera completely unacceptable.

  • whywhywhy

    All I want is a good soc and good battery.

  • 0.8ight

    What hasn’t leaked?

    Moto Watch.

    • needa

      and they are 100% going to be building wearables out of the same plant. according to the ‘foreign trade agreement’ filed by flextronics.

      i dunno if i need a watch. but if its priced right or discounted while i order my custom phone… i guess i will have too. and i would assume that you can get the watch customized to match the phone also.

  • najiy91

    true.maybe control and plan opinion is, users want long battery life. can’t wait for MAXX!

  • S.L Jones

    1 thought on the moto x phone: meh

  • RaptorOO7

    But why bother making a 720p device as your first major foray back into across the board carrier launches. IT sounded like a great device UNTIL it was confirmed with 720p. Still I will check it out just to see what it’s got.

    • Ibrahim Jadoon

      I think you’re getting caught into the distracting web (or war?) of specifications : resolution is primarily about clarity. The Moto X is most probably smaller than 4.7″ and ~ 1280×720 is more than enough PPI (@ 4.7 -> 4.3, it’s 312PPI -> 341PPI). As a quick example (can’t think of any Android ones right now), the iPhone 5 has a PPI of 326 and people love its screen.

      Why is too much PPI bad? It is more taxing on your GPU, decreasing battery life OR your GPU isn’t strong enough, so you lag.

      Give this a read:

      • Magnetic1

        I agree to disagree that thinking like it’s good enough is just not being very competitive. Ask Bill Parcells, if you want to be the best I think you need to think a few steps ahead. I remember google nexus phone coming out with updated bluetooth. But it wasn’t 4.0. Today I think development needs to be flexible and adaptive enough to put the latest and greatest into the product by launch date. But then if you know a guy who knows the guy who gots your back. Does it really matter what the product or idea is as long as the credit goes where it goes?

    • Terry

      So agree with Ibrahim. It appears from the rumors that the Moto X is about user experience. 300ish ppi is enough. Why make the GPU move 2.5 times more data, use more battery, and make it less responsive when the vast majority of the human population can not tell the difference between 720 & 1080 on a sub 5″ screen. I’ll take the bigger pixels I can’t see over smaller pixels I can’t see to have a better over all “experience” any day.

      • lil bit

        Maybe you, but it’s proven that people below 30 can notice the difference between 500 and 600 ppi, and that is also true for older people who are nearsighted (able to focus on a shorter distance, therefore able to resolve more resolution). And this you translate into “vast majority cannot tell the difference between 300 and higher ppi”.

        You are using your own shortcomings as a reason to restrict other people. If you were impotent you would probably support a sex ban.

        Off contract price is the only really valid argument to support the moto x, but since Americans rarely buy off contract anyway I don’t think it will make much of a difference.

        • Steve
        • Terry

          “You are using your own shortcomings as a reason to restrict other people. If you were impotent you would probably support a sex ban.”

          When did I say no one should make a product? If Moto, Sammy, LG, HTC, Nokia… can convince everyone that a 1000ppi screen is what they need and it will make their mom love them more then I’m all for them making it. I don’t think I called for a ban on >300 ppi screens. I just don’t see any proof that a 400 ppi screen increases the usability of the device. Even if you can see the difference does that really decrease the performance of the device for most people? If my car can do 220 mph but the max I drive is 80 mph does it do me any good to have all that extra top end while having a less fuel efficient engine design? It’s not about restrictions. It’s about market reality and customer needs.

          We are entering into that nice area of product maturity in the phone market where in some aspects just good enough really is good enough. PCs have been there for a while now. Even the cheapest PC will do all the common task most people perform satisfactorily on their computers. I think screen resolution is starting to be one of those aspects…now if we could just get battery life there.

          There will always be a desire and market for more and more but there is a reason why the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are some of the top selling cars in the US. They are not the fastest, nicest, biggest, …. They are not the best at anything. They are just good enough for the money you pay. I think this is the market Moto is trying to hit. It may not be sexy but it puts money in peoples pockets.

          Now if you will excuse me I have to find two popsicle sticks and some tape. I have a hot date tonight.

  • Locutus

    What hasn’t leaked?

    The Price – I was disappointed with the Nexus 4 rumours in the lead up to the end of October, most people knew the specs of the phone but what shocked people when it was unveiled was the price.

  • Mike Bastable

    another good article, there is definitely a suprise in tore with the moto x….intrigued to see what it is…i still think that the real suprise will be that Key Lime Pie will be installable on every Android phone, unrooted, and that it will be launched to adress the fragmentation issues in Android.
    Moto x…why that bump in the middle, what is it hiding from us? (i can have a damn good guess!)

  • lil bit

    There is no moto x hype among the average enthusiasts, just a few tech site writers had gone off the shaft to make us exited, and so far they mostly failed, maybe a few has bitten on the “experience” argument but not many.

    Specs don’t lie, full HD, quadcore, whatever, these are things we notice and willing to pay for. Sure there is a market for midrange devices but no one is going crazy over them.

  • Jillxz

    But why oh why would they put mid-range specs on the Moto X . I will never buy one that has mid range specs. To compete with Samsung , HTC One , iPhone , why do they not put high end specs ? Looks like that would be to defeat their purpose of competition. Makes me mad as h–ll at Google. I really think in the end , Google is going to destroy this great brand. And that is a shame . So sorry that greedy Google bought it.

    • Terry

      Because I think the point is to make a great phone that most people can afford. I’ve spent a lot of screen time in front of an S4 and while its a better phone than my GNex it’s not $600 better.

      If you want a great phone with spec then that phone exist. It’s the S4 and soon the G2.

      I think Google is going to make a once great brand great again. Not great like Ferrari where only the elite get to experience it but great like Honda where the masses get to experience quality product.

      • Jillxz

        Thank you. But I rather that they make Moto X phones to be high end . Not only the “so-called elites buy high end phones. I am just your avarage female and I would never buy a phone that wasn’t a high end phone with top of the line specs. I want Mote to be equal to all the other high end manufacturers

        • Terry

          I was making a car analogy which in my industry we are prone to do. :) In this analogy the elite would be the buyers in a market that can afford / or are willing buy the most expensive products in that market. Right now that’s around 550 for the One and 600 for the S4 and Xperia Z. I did not go hard core digging here so I could be very wrong on these. If you are willing to spend this much on a phone you are part of the elite. In a market like mobile phones the “elite” market is much bigger than the “elite” market for cars.

          Of course both our biases are showing through. Your willing to pay top dollar to have an S600 and 1080p. These are important to you. I’ve spent a good number of hours with an S4 and it’s not $600 better than my GNex…to me. To me I just want my GNex to have a better battery life, better camera, and a ringer you can hear (sigh). I’m willing to pay about $300 for that phone which is what I hope the X comes in at.

          I get the disappointment but this is the fist Google/Moto phone. I personally think it is going to be a winner. If it is then that will facilitate them making the S800 450ppi beast you are seeking.

          • Jillxz

            Thank you . I hope it will be a winner too. I remember when the Motorola Flip phone was so sought after. I had one and loved it. Although I no longer have a Motorola phone , I always want them to be a winner . It’s a great brand and hope it will be in the future as well.

  • lyu334