New Moto X leak could show finished press images

by: Kristofer WoukJuly 26, 2013

Rogers Moto X video leak

While we’re all starting to wonder what more could possibly be leaked about the Moto X, they keep coming. This time it’s an image courtesy of evleaks showing what could very well be the final press artwork for the X, featuring both black and white models.

While black or white may seem like a fairly limited choice, keep in mind that Motorola has made a big deal of the Moto X’s customization features. We’ve heard that Moto X users will have a lot of choices to make when picking a phone, including the colors of the backplates or even patterns or material used.


Looking at recent reports of possible specs, we’re thinking the Moto X will likely be using the X8 Mobile Computing System that Motorola was showing off earlier this week in its new suite of DROID phones, with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB internal storage, just like those phones. We’re sure that the Clear Pixel RGBC camera will be in use here, and it looks like the megapixel count in the cameras will be similar as well.

We’ll be in New York City on August 1st when the Moto X is unveiled, bringing you everything you need to know, so stay tuned.

Do you think the Moto X is going to be a hit, or a disappointment? Let us know!

  • josh

    Nothing new here. I really wanna like the droid maxx I mean that battery life must be amazing. I just don’t understand why they couldn’t put a 1080p screen on this or the droid maxx… it makes a difference on a five inch screen it really does. Motorola is the only android OEM that hasn’t released a full HD display on any of their phones

    • Misti curia

      Get a s4 and buy a zero lemon battery

    • Luka Mlinar

      It’s simple. At some point cramming high resolution in a small format makes the screen worse.

  • Shaun Chaudoin

    It’ll be a hit! It already is with me and many others… just waiting!!!

    • Luka Mlinar

      I can’t wait for this thing to launch.



  • aholsteinson

    I hope they change that wallpaper.

    • Andreas Mikarlsen

      made by motorola texas. even when im im from norway can think of this. really hope you are not from america.

      • aholsteinson

        Not sure what your point is but my point with regards to the wallpaper is that it doesn’t looks good and in particular the icons and the clock get kind of lost with it, they don’t pop out.

        • Andreas Mikarlsen

          the whole point is that its the texas flag its not a set wallpaper for sure

          • aholsteinson

            Yes, that much is know but the issue is not what it is but how it looks as a wallpaper. The wood texture along with the lack of contrast between the wallpapers and the icon doesn’t really makes the front side of the phone pop out.

          • Andreas Mikarlsen

            i can only say happy easter

          • needa

            i highly doubt that you knew from the start that that was the texas flag. either you watch sheldon cooper’s ‘fun with flags’, or you have seen the many other comments around these sites saying that its the texas flag. my vote…. is on the latter.

          • Luka Mlinar

            Sheldon Cooper’s ‘fun with flags’ FTW!

  • E. Tasche

    I really hope they didn’t go back to sacrificing battery size for a slim slanted appearance. Or ditch the proper HDMI port…

  • asane

    The phone looks sexy and the microphone hole looks like a beauty spot

    • Luka Mlinar

      Like Madonna back in the day :D

  • xtriker360

    I’m not getting a 16 GB phone, not even crazy, they really need to stop the 16 gb bull shit

  • Dusan

    A bit too fat bezel on top and bottom. But let’s see what the officials have to say about the final product and what makes it special.
    It better be special and unique else this will be a huge flop.

  • cretinick

    If motorola can ensure quick updates like the Nexus, will be a phenomenal success.

    If we look at the icons, are the same as the Nexus, different from those used in the Razr line.

  • Noel

    A HIT for sure…better than average specs fully optimized to run close to stock Android and at abt half the cost of the quad cores. Essentially the Moto X will be more than capable of doing everything the quad cores like HTC One, Galaxy S4, N4, Optimus G, Xperia Z etc can do for half the price. Google is really out to disrupt the cellphone/Tablet huge pricing by a lot of these OEMs. Eventually this will force OEMs to drop these high end devices to under $500 full price.

  • Richard Borkovec

    If it’s as good as they’re hyping it, it might actually lead me back to getting a white phone. It just looks awesome!

  • Ender

    if this is $300 ill be super happy and get 2 of them lol

  • Kevin Jung Hwang

    will there be a root for this?

  • Jillxz

    It will be a disappointment for me if it does not include a 32 and 64 GB storage.