Moto X to launch in select European countries starting with February

by: Chris SmithJanuary 14, 2014


Motorola on Tuesday announced that the Moto X will launch in select European markets starting with February, just as previously rumored.

The phone will be available in the UK, France and Germany, although it’s not clear whether other EU countries will get the handset or not. The Moto X will cost €429 (around $586) in France, while UK buyers will pay anywhere from £0 (with new contract purchases) to £380 ($624) off-contract.

The Moto X is already listed on the UK and German Motorola online stores (see Source links below,) although the company is not taking orders yet in any of these countries.

The phone was launched in the USA in late summer 2013, where it was initially priced at $599 unlocked. Since then, the unlocked price of the handset has come down to $399, although it’s not clear whether the handset will see a similar price reduction in Europe as well.

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside said in a statement that “when we priced Moto X at $399 in the U.S. as a promotion, we sold tens of thousands of units in a matter of eight minutes.”

As for customizing features, the European Moto X doesn’t appear to come with Moto Maker support yet, or at least it’s not listed on the UK and German online pages for the product.

Are you buying a Moto X, European readers, or will you rather get the Moto G instead?

  • Valtheus

    I already got my Moto G. I would love a Moto X but won’t go for it now.

  • Jeff Moreira

    Hmm, thanks but no thanks!
    Late release, no maker, this sounds like they are re-packing the left over from US and sending it to Europe to try to get rid of.

    • thartist

      Yeah well who cares. Do you actually want it or not? What if the price is the lastest, low one?

    • Dieudo

      This. Keep the cold dishes for yourself, Unitedstatians.
      Not gonna be treated like a 2nd rate customer.

      • apianist16

        Does everybody dislike the U.S.?

  • Ris

    To expensive for old phone. Better choice and lower price is G2 or Nexus 5. Motorola did a great job with price point for Moto G, and total fail with price for Euro Moto X.

  • Mike Bastable

    Agreed again a case of Europeans being asked to pay more than americans…epic fail

  • gdfg

    so we get less for more in the EU? what a ripoff! just once again proves that google and motorola think of us as 2nd class customers.

    production process and logistics must be much more easy, so why a higher price for us? should be the other way around.

  • Stefan

    Just 7 month to late.. German price is ok. (399 Euro incl. VAT and 2 year warranty) But without Motomaker i won´t buy it. Dosent look very special in white or black. I think instead i will import a Meizu MX3 64G version from HK for the same price..

  • Paul K Deuster

    I am really excited about the Moto X. The moto g I bought for my girlfriend and it totally fits her needs. I am thinking about getting a moto x but there is still my Nexus 5 which is still new. It’s difficult but I know I would love it. Hope this line continues and maybe the next generation of moto x will replace my Nexus 5

  • Marko

    Europe is so much more than UK, Germany and France…I hope to see Moto X in the Balkan countries too.

    • panagiώtis

      why you need an expensive phone with last year spec?

      • Marko

        It’s good to have a choice. I personally like the design of it

        • panagiώtis


  • So much hate towards Motorola and US. I agree I hate how they have released the phone, but I for one are really looking forward to the release. Have wanted to buy one since the released, and tried to find a way to get it to EU, but now it is released in EU with EU radios, so LTE will work here aswell. That is just amazing. I’m not gonna buy one asap though, since I want a 32gb version, so might wait a little and see how this circus plays out. If they release Motomaker and 32gb versions in a couple of months, I can wait for that. All the talk about last years models are soo stupid, and can only be spoken by people that haven’t looked closer to the Moto X. The phone doesn’t need the most insane quad-core cpu, because it has a killer GPU, and dedicated cores to handle different jobs. For running Kitkat 4.4 and most tasks, it is lightspeed fast. It is way faster than LG G2 and GS4 in regular use, multitasking, opening apps and other stuff. Nuff said :) Bring 32gb versions and motomaker and I’m game.. Moto X has everything I need.