Moto X official image gallery

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 1, 2013


Few devices in living memory have been so hyped and so thoroughly leaked ahead of launch like the Moto X. Motorola pegs the new smartphone as revolutionary, but now it’s time for the buying public to decide if the wait was really worth it.

A controversial topic for months now, the Moto X comes with a series of features that Motorola hopes will differentiate it from the pack of high-end competitors. The Moto X’ official specs may not be as impressive as those of rivals from Samsung and HTC, but Motorola says that deep software optimization and custom chips should make the Moto X stand out in the crowd.

How about the design? The phone comes in a variety of colors and buyers can choose a custom text to be engraved on the back of the device. Perhaps the most striking thing about it is how compact it actually is. Remember, the Moto X has the same display size as the much larger HTC One!

Here’s a gallery of Motorola Moto X images. We’ll update it as soon as we get more hands-on images and video.

For all the details on the Moto X price and availability, check out roundup here.

So, how does the Moto X look to you? Worth the wait?

  • ddpacino

    Cant wait to get this.

  • Seeing that color wheel of awesome just pisses me off.

  • App8ite

    Color choices remind me of my old Dell Laptop

  • That Royal Blue one looks uber sexy

  • number29

    I thought Android devices were supposed to look as dull as dishwater because… you know… people buy Android devices for their amazing functionality and not how they look?


  • Rauel Crespo

    Is it possible to make a phone that DOESN’T look like the Galaxy Nexus?