Moto X Lazy Phone ads

If you’re on T-Mobile and you’ve been waiting for the Moto X, your waiting is now over. Today, Motorola has launched the device on T-Mobile and it’s available immediately for sale. You can pick it up in black or white and for the price of $599.99. So far, there has been no announcement on when the Moto X will make it to retail stores. For those who are wondering, the customizations are still an AT&T exclusive so white and black are your only options.

In addition to the exciting announcement for T-Mobile customers, Motorol has also released a new ad campaign for the Moto X. Dubbed “Lazy Phone”, Motorola hopes to showcase the more unique features of the Moto X. They take a fairly comical approach and a couple are genuinely funny.

The features mentioned are Touchless Control, Active Notifications, and Quick Capture. All three feature comedian TJ Miller portraying a smartphone that doesn’t have these features. Thankfully, they don’t follow the overtly sexual nature of the prior ad campaign. If you’d like to view them, we’ve embedded the videos below.

Will anyone be picking up the phone on T-Mobile? Also, what did you think of the ads?

Joe Hindy
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  • $600 is too expensive. I’m not willing to pay that for any of the phones T-Mobile offers at that price. HTC One, Galaxy S4, Xperia Z, iPhone 5, Moto X.

    I’ll stick with the Nexus phones – here’s hoping the Nexus 5 is a nice phone. I’d also love to see a 4″ Nexus too.

    Does the Motorola-direct Moto X for T-Mobile even have the 1700 MHz HSPA+ band on its radio? Can’t tell from any of the specs I can find online.

  • Michael Rankin

    I’m not interested in the phone for my own personal use, but damn this is funny marketing.

  • brendan soliwoda

    As much as I don’t like the Moto X, I have to say those commercials were frickin hilarious. Nice job motorola.

  • smokebomb

    600 is an insult. Im waiting for the nexus 5.

  • Aziz

    why I pay 600 $ for this phone It is very expensive.