Moto X Google Play edition coming “soon,” full price not available yet

by: Chris SmithAugust 1, 2013

Moto X

A new Google Play edition handset is coming and, as you may have guessed it, it’s going to be a version of the newly announced Moto X.

The handset will be available from U.S. carriers for $199 or $299 with new two-year contracts, depending on capacity, and will launch in late August/early September with a variety of U.S., Canadian and Latin American mobile operators.

The Moto X Google Play edition release date is not available just yet, but it’s supposedly coming “soon.” Its full retail price has not been made official either. However, considering that Motorola is a Google company, it makes plenty of sense to see the Moto X sell from the Play Store as well.

Unlike the versions that will be sold by carriers, the Moto X Google Play edition will be available unlocked and will ship with stock Android.

Some of the carrier editions will have certain bloatware installed, but at least they’ll run a close-to-stock Android version. However, it’s not clear how fast updates for the Moto X will be released by carriers.

It will be interesting to see whether the Google Play Store Moto X editions will be customizable, which is another detail left out by the company.

  • Jack Parker

    Its basically stock android anyway, and surely those optimizations they made will be lost in the google edition ?

    • Andrew Hrabowyj

      And we’s surely lose the color options, probably won’t even be able to choose between a white/black one when its main selling point is the customization.

  • Ares

    I think this is just plain stupid. I prefer this one than Stock Android.
    Same looks but lacks features and optimizations. Non-techy people would not see difference between Google play edition and stock Motorola skin. Wtf Google instead of making Google edition phones, add more features in stock android.

  • Alain Lafond

    Seem that Google Edition and “soon” will become synonym… lol

    • Rabid Rotty

      GES ?lol

  • keltypack

    I’m only interested in an unlocked, off-contract phone. Moto X is no good if it is controlled by the carriers. I want something that will get supported (unlike most Android phones — especially on VZW).

    • Cal Rankin

      I don’t know, Motorola always had some kind of special favor with Verizon. If Verizon treated the Droid RAZR like they did most of their other phones, like other Droids, and earlier Samsung Galaxy S phones, the RAZR would never have made the jump to Ice Cream Sandwich. Mine is currently running Android 4.1.2, and I have not rooted nor ROMed it. Maybe this phone will still get the same support.

  • 4ChanApologist

    If this ends up being available in Canada with the MotoMaker customizations, I’m in regardless of price. This looks awesome.

  • Phaze0085

    I have a few questions I am confused about. It was stated in this article that Motorola is a Google company. I do remember Google buying Motorola, but what I am confused about is: If Google and Android are basically the same thing, why is it that this phone isnt a Nexus device? I understand that even with 4.3 we’re not in Key lime Pie yet, but it doesnt make sense to me that google now owns Moto, but they wont be the ones making Nexus phones. It just seem redundant. Can anyone make sense of this to me?

    • Rabid Rotty

      Google essentially bought Moto for its patents but inherited the mobile division doing so. Not to piss off their OEM partners, Google created a firewall between Goog and Moto to show impartiality so OEMs like Sam, HTC and LG don’t dump Android and push other OS’s such as Windows or develop their own like Tizen. All in the name of AOSP.

  • Cal Rankin

    Why does it have to be based on the X? I WANT MY XPERIA Z GPE!!!!!!

  • Jlb128

    I didn’t think GPE phones would get popular so fast. I thought they were going to only release GPE phones for the most important flagships. Come on now Google! You’re trying to do too much