Moto X event denied by Motorola, apparently nothing scheduled for July 11

by: Chris SmithJuly 9, 2013

Motorola X Phone Ad

Rumored to be officially unveiled on July 11, the Moto X will not be the star of that particular event, as Motorola apparently denied the meeting with the press.

A few days ago we heard that a Moto X announcement could arrive on July 10-11, which is when select media members will attend some sort of special gathering. Then, we heard that the Moto X will not attend the event, and that instead Motorola will announce something else – presumably the other three Android handsets is rumored to launch.

Now, it looks like said event doesn’t exist at all, as the company confirmed that much to Android Community. Instead, Guy Kawasaki is hosting his own “private gathering with friends and no products will be revealed or launched.”

We’ll remind you that speculation surrounding this purported event started when the media got wind about a supposed invitation Leo Laporte received from Kawasaki for a July 10-11 event.

The rumor was further fueled by an interpretation of Motorola’s first Moto X print ad that features two people jumping in a lake, with their body shapes forming an 11 (XI in roman numerals means 11).

Even if Android Community says it’s able to deny the rumor, one reader commenting on the news said that apparently Laporte received an email with details about what’s happening later this week and a non-disclosure agreement – or at least that’s what Laporte supposedly said on TWiT.

There’s hardly any smoke without some fire, so even if none of the new Motorola Android handsets get official this week, they still must be arriving soon. After all, we’re seeing too many leaked pictures starring these unreleased devices, including the Moto X, the Droid Ultra or the Droid Maxx.

We’ll be back with more details about Motorola’s upcoming Android plans as soon as we have them.

  • Mike Bastable

    Is it possible for the x phone to be less,exciting now? The ” born in the USA” overtones are irritating too. An American phone chock full of new sensors, always on functions etc should really be called the PRISM…

    • Oh you’re so clever! *pats on back*

      • Mike Bastable

        Sorry Matt, i couldn’t resist

    • mark

      I agree. The weird thing is that Apple are running their “Designed in California” ads in the UK – in the US it’s annoyingly patriotic; over here, it’s downright racist (especially given their major non-US competition is Samsung – it comes across as “You don’t want to buy anything from Koreans”).

      • Mike Bastable

        Good point…designed in California, made in China, awful Customer service from Ireland, Taxes paid in….well that is a good question for Apple.

  • adron

    people misread the Moto X ad in the first place.. the guy denotes “X” and the girl denotes “T” .. it’s the Moto X model number series XT.. XT1060, XT1058, XT1056, XT1055 etc.. :-)

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Those arms are way up towards the sky, no way that’s a “T”. But I choose not to read much into the ads. Looks to me like 2 ppl jumping on a lake