Motorola may bring the Moto X to Europe and other regions, hints exec

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 15, 2013


For all the pre-launch hoopla, it didn’t take long for the excitement over the Moto X to fizzle out, and the fact that the device is only available in some markets in the Americas is one of the main reasons.

The good news is the Moto X may eventually make it to the rest of the world, as hinted by a Motorola marketing executive that talked to TechRadar.

[quote qtext=”The reception of Moto X has been fantastic and we’re continuously perusing opportunities in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region, so really watch this space. ” qperson=”Marcus Frost” qsource=”Motorola EMEA” qposition=”center”]

This is typical marketing doubletalk, that may or may not mean what we hope it means, so don’t make any plans just yet. But it’s an encouraging sign, nonetheless.

Motorola just opened the Moto Maker customization program to customers of Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, after months of AT&T exclusivity. Further aiding sales, the Moto X received a price cut to $99 on contract, while Verizon customers can grab it for just $49 until November 18.

The Google-owned company is assembling the Moto X in a Texas plant, though output has been relatively modest. According to Strategy Analytics, Motorola sold 500,000 Moto X units in Q3, a figure that some called disappointing. Note however that the Moto X was only available for the last few weeks of Q3, and only at some carriers. The wider availability, price drop, and opening of the Moto Maker program should give the X a real boost this quarter.

Even if the Moto X doesn’t make it to Europe, its smaller sibling Moto G certainly will: the powerful, yet very affordable device is already on sale in some markets in Europe, and more will follow over the next weeks.

  • Jeff Moreira

    Even if it hits Europe will a bit too late IMHO.
    The specs aren’t great already and if they decide to release it in Europe with this current specs it will be a joke, also if they release it just like they did in South America, where you don’t have the Moto Maker, it’s going to a DOA device.

    • anon

      tbh its not all about specs and motorola have proved that by producing an extremely fast device which is very highly regarded, you need to stop thinking of specs as being the be all and end all of a phone

    • I see where you’re coming from in regard to being late to the table with it’s specs. I’m thinking the Moto X as everyone knows it was just the first step in a long term plan. They made an amazing performer with great battery life while using mid range components and a relatively small capacity battery.

      The Moto X(current) probably will be released to the rest of the world, but I’m willing to bet the moto x will be a yearly device with better specs and pricing without carrier or regional exclusivity.

  • I would buy Moto X in Europe. But what about price? $700 unlocked – that is very expensive.

    • Luka Mlinar

      630$ but when you translate it to euros it’s more like 700$ if not more. Dude just guy a Nexus 5 or S4. This phone is not worth the cash.

      • Agree with you. Also, one can buy Nexus 5 in Google Play out of US, and through mediator ship it to Europe. It will cost 399$ for 32Gb plus mediator’s expense.

        • Shark Bait

          its cheper to just buy it from the uk play store

  • Cl3v3rNaMe

    bring the droid maxx too^^

  • yama

    Please throw this moto x thing in the trash…overpriced..overleaked…overattentioned..overpriced.

    Buy a note 3 and be happy, or get the nexus 5, s4, g2, z1 instead of that peace of crap.

    ( so fucking tired on this moto x shit over these sites)

    • gb

      your brain is piece of pure shit…

      what a moron!

      • yama

        Moron is ur mum, who gave born to such a qay moron like you.

        • gb

          Piece of shit trying say something…? No, just a fart from ass/mouth from just a piece of shit.

    • Jorge Vargas Almaguer

      Not everyone is into laggy tablet sized phones.

    • NeedName

      every review I’ve read on the Moto X has been positive. . .

      when I used the device in BB and compared it to the S4, One, G2, and Note3 the Moto X was smoother, faster, more comfortable to hold. In other words, for a smartphone it rocks however, I don’t think it is for everyone. . . BUT by no means is it a POS, and at $50 on contract. . . .

  • tonny

    Moto bring this beauty and first good experience smartphone to EU !!!

    We will be waiting. Moto X = best experience phone.

    Sorry only dumbass can’t understand it’s all about best expierience not a nothing saying shit on sheet/spec.

  • Luka Mlinar

    This phone will sell way less than it’s selling in the US and it’s not even selling there all that well. G will go like hot cakes but the X was a fail from the start.

  • Shark Bait

    do it moto! doesnt even have to be customisable over here, just dont price it at £600

  • Florin N

    If priced right, I will wait for the Moto X, but if not…I’ll still get the Moto G.
    I want battery life and my Nexus 4 doesn’t really provide that.I’m willing to “downgrade” for the Moto G, but the X is still my first choice.

    • Valtheus

      I already ordered the Moto G for 150 euro in Amazon. I think its an excellent choice and value for money. I am glad i didn’t jump on board for the Nexus 5. Even so, i can still buy another smartphone in a few months, cause i only spend 150 for this one.

      Personally i think that with the technology evolution every year, it ain’t worth it to spend so much money on a smartphone anymore. Motorola has shown the way.

  • Oversight68

    As well they should. They are not going to be successful if they make their best devices as carrier exclusives (aka Droid & Verizon) or limit distribution to only the United States.

    The Moto X & G are a great start, but they can do so much better.

  • Christo

    Would love the Moto X in Australia

  • $&#% it

    When is it supposed to come in to the uk because if it doesnt come soon im going to buy the moto g instead

  • $&#% it

    If the moto x comes in at a higher price than the nexus 5 then theres no point buying it

    • SamoScopom

      well Moto X has better curve on the back + better battery life

  • Midix

    Motorola, an improved Moto G version, please? I agree to sacrifice some screen area, 4″ would be fine for me. But please, give me a smartphone with a better camera and a microSD slot. Without it I don’t see a point upgrading from my old Neo V. My upgrade criteria – all the components must be better and the price must be not higher than that of my old phone.