More Moto X leaks from the guy who got them right so far

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 25, 2013

Moto X dual LTE antenna

Yesterday, we went a full day without any Moto X leaks and rumors. Thanks Google! But now that we know everything about the Nexus 7 2013 and Android 4.3, we can go back to normal, so here’s the latest batch of rumors/leaks about world’s worst kept secret.

You may know that Taylor Wimberly, the former owner of Android and Me, has so far provided a fair share of info on the new Moto X that ultimately proved accurate. For instance, he correctly reported that the device would come in multiple colors (though his multiple materials report isn’t confirmed yet) and he also leaked the 8-core processor that Motorola uses on the new Droid series. According to Wimberly, the source of the reports is someone at Motorola, and the info could actually have been leaked on purpose.

Taylor is back with a couple of reports worth mentioning:

  • Moto Magic Glass: the Moto X will supposedly feature a slab of Gorilla glass molded to a polymer, resulting in a gap-free surface that wraps on the sides of the phone. There’s no gap between the glass-polymer ensemble and the back.
  • xWATCH/Google smartwatch: remember when we reported exclusively on a smartwatch being in the works at Google? xWATCH might be the codename of the device, and the smartwatch might be launched on August 1 along with the phone. There’s supposedly some sort authentication-related integration between the two devices.
  • Standalone dual-LTE antennas: Taylor says that the Moto X will feature a standalone dual LTE MIMO antenna, as well as a separate antenna for 2G/3G. Most devices have one antenna for both standards.

We’re less than a week away from the launch of the Moto X, and even with all the leaks and rumors, there still might be some new stuff to discover till then. Stay tuned.

  • phathands

    I’m most interested by the stand alone antennas. What benefit would that bring?

    The idea of all that glass is terrifying. One drop and it’s done for.

    • MasterMuffin

      The Ubuntu guys said (when marketing their Ubuntu Edge), that dual-LTE antennas give the possibility to use ‘murican AND European LTE networks (?). Also the signal is probably clearer and stronger

      • Rabid Rotty

        Really? Slang American? How about Assapean? For those east of the pond.

        • MasterMuffin

          Sorry, I just like the word ‘murican :)

    • kstagg

      Don’t drop it. =]

      Also, hopefully the rumors of multiple materials reports is true. I’d hate to put a case on this beautiful phone unless I had to. And I would. My GS3 from a year ago which I have in my hand now is mint, and I have a very minimalistic case on this thing.

      • phathands

        My GNex is naked and it’s been dropped multiple times w/o issues (lucky, I know!). I just prefer to see and feel the hardware.

        It does sound sexy with the wrap around glass, I’d hate to have to wrap it up.

        • Rabid Rotty

          My nexus 4 is naked I’ve dropped it plenty of times, not one chip, not one crack. Consider that luck. My gnex I thew against a concrete wall and its still Tickety boo as well

          • Kris_pacific

            nexus 4 “naked and dropped” i consider u the luckiest guy using N4. I cracked mine with slight bump….

      • Rabid Rotty

        For those that want wooden backs, how does dropping it in the sink work for ya?

        • Matatat

          At least it will float!

  • Cao Meo

    This phone looks like the one Eric Schmidt used and different from @evleaks leaks.

    I like this phone much better, looks very elegant.

    • Jacob Buys

      I think they look pretty similar, but if you look at Eric’s x phone, you can see the curved glass, not sure if thats a good thing

      • Cao Meo

        @evleaks showed very different profile: thick on top and thin on the bottom. I guess this is customizability that Motorola talked about thanks to the molded glass.

        • needa

          looks like this one is thin on bottom and thick up top also. notice how the phone south of the battery curves down and then comes the bulk of the battery. and then its bent upwards north of the camera. you can also see it in the back casing pic.

    • Rabid Rotty

      Uhm because it is. Just saying

  • JTrip

    Is the phone pictured above supposed to be a new leaked photo or is that a different phone just for show?

    • needa

      looking at the back… its definitely the x. and the placement of the antennas are the same as the fcc filings. id say we are looking at a pic the will be shown at the keynote.

      • Jacob Buys

        So does that mean the battery is removable then?

        • needa

          if you can remove the zero gapped back. one thing this blog does bring to mind… is there probably will not be any room to stick a fingernail in and remove it. which is something i was looking forward too.

          • Jacob Buys

            OK so ive never had a phone with a nonremovable battery, what do you guys do when your phone freezes, or do only samsung phones freeze?

          • needa

            phones without a removable battery can be reset by holding in the power button for a few secs. but freezing really isnt an issue anymore, at least it hasnt been for me for well over a year on my galaxy s2. but the occasional reset is always welcomed when things start ‘gumming’ up a bit.

          • Jacob Buys

            Thank you so much, i think you probably just saved my life in the future

          • Free thinking person

            On Moto phones, hold power and volume down for 5 seconds = pulling the battery.

          • Jacob Buys

            Isnt that screen shot?

          • Free thinking person

            The 5 seconds is the key for a reset. Screenshot wouldnt take more than 2 seconds, but are you sure thats Motorolla?

          • Jacob Buys

            XD im sorry i have to hold down the buttons for 5 seconds+ because my infuse 4g is so slow on jelly bean

          • Free thinking person

            Yeah, it sure is a long 5 seconds. Like counting 5 Mississippi while constipated. They might as well call it 10 seconds.

          • needa

            Lmao. Just read that while on the pooper after a day or three of lortabs. I wish the laugh I got gave me a little push.
            And no… Its not too much info.

          • dragunbayne

            You hold the power button and it performs a hard reboot.

  • Doug

    From a features standpoint, this phone is amazing. I love Samsung devices, but they have many “features” that are quite gimmicky and waste storage. Moto X runs what appears to be an AOSP-based rom, with USEFUL features! I must admit, I wish it had better specs because high-end games may catch up with the hardware in a year or two. As long as Motorola manages to give timely updates, this phone is going to be a killer device. It may even surpass the upcoming Nexus phone. Despite probably having a higher version of Android, it may be worth being a little out of date for all these great features!

    I remember early rumors stating that models with better specs may come out later in the year. If that’s true, I’ll save up a little more cash for a Snapdragon 800 model!

    • udazavlanje

      It might be on the contrary. Just check out some hands on videos GPU benchmarks provided by 4 cores for graphics. This could be the number 1 gaming phone for 2013 beating both exynos octa and snapdragon 800.

    • needa

      lol. you didnt actually believe bionic and his hoop-lah over at droid-life did you? think about it. this snap 800 device is supposed to be out in october. just two months after the release of the moto x. built in the same factory as the moto x. it is supposed to be broadly distributed like the moto x. this factory is also the same factory that will be producing the rumored wearables. we have yet to see a single substantiated rumor on this phone.

      with all of that in mind… how can it possibly happen? the moto x will still be expanding into new markets. it took two lg factories to keep up with the demand of the nexus 4.

      conservative and realistic guess says… next spring at the earliest.

    • alano_mauri

      Samsung software is gimmicky. I agree

  • Al

    Is it me or does this phone look like the HTC One?

    • perfectlyreasonabletoo

      All phones look pretty similar. I think there might’ve been a lawsuit at some point…

  • liquid150

    I’m still not so sure about the hardware specs. 1.7 Ghz dual core? 16 GB? Where’s the pizazz?

    • turdbogls

      A. its a mid range phone probably being sold at a rediculously low price
      b. that, coupled with 2GB of ram is going to be a very enjoyable experience with stock-ish android 4.2.2. even my ol’ galaxy nexus runs 4.2.2 like a champ.
      c. if you want Pizazz, wait a couple months for the nexus 5. should be top of the line specs that you want along with android 5.0.

      • liquid150

        Yeah, I have a Gnex too. I don’t pay my cellular bill so I’m married to AT&T and have a subsidized upgrade hanging out there, being paid for but not being used. I’d like to use it and was waiting for this phone. I guess if it’s free with a contract resub then that’s not a big deal.

        • JonShipman

          Use you subsidy and sell the phone and pocket the cash. Even if you get the free iPhone 4, you can turn that around for $300.

          • liquid150

            I was going to do that for the Nexus 4, but it turned me off because of the lack of LTE and internal storage so I abandoned the prospect. I might go back to that plan depending on what I see coming up. Thanks for the reminder.

            Aren’t immediately purchased phones locked to the carrier? I know I can still sell a locked phone. It’s just that last time I sold a subsidized phone I was able to get it unlocked by AT&T before the sale.

          • JonShipman

            You can sell a locked phone.

            Think of it this way. Subsidies are baked into the contract price. By sitting on one you’re giving money to the carrier as your carrier doesn’t have to fork over the full price of the phone.

          • liquid150

            I know all of that. That’s why I said it was being paid for and sitting unused. ;)

      • LiterofCola

        Nexus phones are never known to have top of the line specs.

        • turdbogls

          in the past, no. but the Nexus 4 was top of the line when it was released. the N5 is probably going to be based off the LG G2, which is supposed to be top of the line as well. I think they are leaning more and more towards top end specs for the nexus phones.

  • Still 2200 mah?

    • Steve

      But that looks to be 32 hours of life. Definitely tops everything else out there.

      • But I don’t trust it’d be better than a 3,300 mah Droid Maxx.. How could it?

        • LiterofCola

          3,500 mah actually

  • Nihilist


  • ballsack

    i thought it would be made of sapphire? Eric Schmidt complained about smartphone screens and their propensity to crack and there were a lot of rumors about that…does anyone know? also if it will be waterproof? id really like to see a phone like that on verizon.

  • Ruel

    If the rumors are right on the specs then for the first time I AM GOING TO HATE GOOGLE. I mean, OH-MY-GOD, Google what have you done to Motorola??!! Motorola is so great in engineering both in tech and in form factor (Yes! Remember StarTAC? Remember RAZR? Even the Maxx HD is amazing!) and this is the best that Google can offer?? This is an insult to the legacy of Motorola! It felt like Motorola is being trampled to trash. If I’m an engineer in Motorola – I’D WALK OUT!!

    And even without mentioning Motorola, the fantasy that we built on Moto X for the past year where we set its standard so high has just been dampened so bad that a lot of people will be angry and frustrated. I AM ANGRY!

  • Booyabobby

    This phone better be spectacular because i need to upgrade my Gnex real soon.